New profile photo thanks to Chris Salzman, haircut from Bill Stolberg, State Street Barber Shop, Ann Arbor.

It was about time to replace the old profile photo which was eight years old.

You know what? My inner critic is not a big jerk. My inner critic fucking rocks and holds me accountable and makes sure that I do the best work possible and not just put things out into the world that are 'good enough'. And yeah, I know that a lot of people do have jerky inner critics, but hot damn, I love mine.

@rey The sort of day when you have 8G of windows open on a 4G machine. Constant swapping for hours.

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DS-3 is sale of development rights for the Library Lot. Tune in to birdsite for real time details, I'm not going to try here.

A discussion of DS-1 and DS-2, a question of which company will handle recycling for the City of Ann Arbor.

The choices are "Recycle Ann Arbor", a local nonprofit with a lot of local political support, or "Waste Management of Michigan", a megacorp in the recycling business.

After discussion of whether the negotiations have identified all possible cost savings, and a discussion of a postponement of the decision, the council decides to postpone until June 5.

Before the council meeting, I spoke with City Administrator Howard Lazarus about his proposal to take additional public comment for the record in front of Ann Arbor City Council meetings. Members of the public would get 500 characters to express themselves in written format to be shared in the record.

As I've been able to see from Mastodon, there's a lot more that you can write in 500 characters than in 140. You do need a limit; perhaps 1000 would be better; but I like the idea.

The birdsite hashtag which you can view at is trending in my timeline there.

At a rate of about a tweet a minute, Ann Arbor has taken to watching and commenting on their local government via birdsite. While I admire this civic outpouring, I am concerned that birdsite's tinygrams sometimes don't always contribute to all of the discourse as they might best do.

OTOH, tt's a lot faster to type 140 than 500, and as such birdsite is nearly realtime.

May 4 2017 is a meeting of County government to discuss proposals for housing on the Platt Road site. Several of the proposals, but not all of them, include affordable housing, .

5:30pm is when supporters of affordable housing will gather in front of the county administration building in Ann Arbor, I think the meeting starts at 6:30pm. Details on the county meeting are at

Caleb from MISSION spoke on this in public comment at Ann Arbor City Council.

We join City Council already in progress. Big turnout tonight re the proposal to sell the development rights on top of the "Library Lot", an underground parking structure next to the downtown Ann Arbor District Library.

I was there in council chambers before the meeting, talking to staff and council members before it started. Chambers are full, standing room only, with the fire dep't there to make sure there's no overflow.

I'm listening on CTN on a big screen with a beer.

Ann Arbor City Council #a2council 

Agenda is at

Some highlights.

AC-2 Cronyism
INT-1 Budget
INT-2 Wurster Park Volunteers
CA-1 Ann Arbor Goddess 5K May 8
CA-3 Taste of Ann Arbor June 4
CA-5 Rock the District April 22
CA-7 $210K South U streetscape
CA-8 $2.06M Plymouth/Green water main
C-1 Water, sewer rates increase
DS-1, DS-2 MRF: Waste Mgt or Recycle A2

break for time

Thinking hard whether to live-toot this Monday's Ann Arbor City Council, or to keep connected to people via birdsite.

The hashtag is .

If I had a proper alt to put this on - one that I could use just for local politics - that would be perfect. AFAIK there are no Mastodon servers set up yet in Michigan, and I'm not sure yet that I have time between now and then to fire one up.

Also, members of City Council are known to follow Twitter, but not to use Mastodon.

decisions decisions.

You how this Mastodon thing feels like? A BBS network in the modem age!

@tek @sungo @maiyannah @munin 2k37 is less than 20 years away and I'm already counting on billable COBOL hours between now and then.

Inventory of active alts:

@emv - impressed with @rey running a small, fun instance.

@marshall has a cookbook that omits a taboo fifth glyph. calls CQ to mostly French radio amateurs. calls CQ to mostly Japanese radio amateurs. schreibt schreckliches Deutsch, damit ich besser verstehen kann.

As @vielmetti I will from time to time retweet myself.

"I contain multitudes" - Whitman

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