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Be nice to people. This may be the most important life hack.

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There is more on early Hinduism & Buddhism in SE Asia in this 2015 piece I wrote in the New York Review:

The Great & Beautiful Lost Kingdoms


The Golden Road, my book on the diffusion of Indian civilization around Asia, will be published in Autumn 2023

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*!! ॐ साई राम !!*
*श्री साईबाबा संस्थान विश्वस्त व्यवस्था,शिर्डी*
*!! ॐ Sai Ram !!*
*Shri Saibaba Sansthan Trust, Shirdi*
*आरती :- शिर्डी माझे पंढरपूर*
*गुरुवार दिनांक ३० जून २०२२*
*Aarti : - Shirdi Majhe Pandharpur*
*Thursday 30 June 2022*

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Somewhere in Indian Railways this guy is so fast giving tickets to 3 passengers in 15 seconds.

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इन उम्र से लंबी सड़कों को
मंज़िल पे पहुँचते देखा नहीं,
बस दौड़ती-फिरती रहती हैं
हमने तो ठहरते देखा नहीं,

इस अजनबी से शहर में
जाना-पहचाना ढूँढता है,
एक अकेला इस शहर में
रात में और दोपहर में
आबोदाना ढूँढता है
आशियाना ढूँढता है

Bhupinder Singh

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What a fantastic picture of an elusive snow leopard in Ladakh, probably reacting to the shutter sound of the camera trap. saschafonseca.com/project/snow

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If Political parties had HR department they will ask 3 month notice period post resignation also he should give KT to the new joiner and maybe background check by ED or CBI on all new joiners.

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Interesting to see what happens. Nobody expected MVA govt to last even 100 days. They completed 2.5 years despite the worst machinations by BJP even during the pandemic! Shiv Sena @CMOMaharashtra@twitter.com and his communication skills was a positive surprise!

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