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Sensational batting. And if you consider it’s with a stump, it’s mind blowing! Via @gradecricketer@twitter.com

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People who are hoarding oxygen, medicines, blocking beds, making abnormal profits during this pandemic, special place in hell awaits you

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A Pakistani in Lahore started trying to troll , but I got the last laugh 😁 🇮🇳

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Heart touching scene of a patient going home by saluting the feet of doctors.

Only in India 🇮🇳♥️🙏

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WATCH: @Yogital@twitter.com “Those who are lucky will survive..whoever has to die will die”. We travel to rural Uttar Pradesh for our latest ground report. Warning - this is very distressing. . With Fred Scott & Sanjay Ganguly

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Navneet Kalra turned out be a real scamsters, first Nege & Ji Bar now Khan Chacha emerges as hub of hoarding and selling oxygen concentrators. Sad that he scammed the real Khan Chacha's family of the legitimate use of the name.

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Older people or technology challenged may not be able to schedule on App, they will still come for vaccination without registration. Either help register and schedule or introduce token for unregistered? Give specific tokens other can go home. Please do not deny.

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Chaos at vaccination centre in as no walk ins allowed, many citizens turned up not aware than it is mandatory to schedule an appointment now on

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“Respect the PM” term originated only after 2014.

Prior to that it was democratic and nationalist to question and criticise the chair.

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“One More Time" became Daft Punk’s biggest hit & first million-selling single, sampling Eddie Johns' 1979 song "More Spell on You.”

Though Daft Punk confirmed they have, for years, paid royalties to officially license the sample, he hasn’t seen a dime latimes.com/entertainment-arts

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@lukas_corso@twitter.com Morning and wonderful new day 🌹🌹🌹☺️👔

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We're thrilled to announce Rahul Dravid, @Athersmike@twitter.com, Anshu Jain will be joining us at - to help us raise much-needed funds to help people affected by Covid in India. Donate now & join us on May 8th from 1 PM BST | 5.30 PM IST. feelit.live/LiveAidIndia

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अल्लाह का शुक्र है सुबह तक बहुत कोशिश के बाद 7 बजे ananya को ICU बेड मिल गया , मेरी डॉक्टर से भी बात हो गई है , वो जल्द ठीक हो जाएगी सब उसके लिए दुआ कीजिए 🙏

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In Jammu Kashmir, we are looking for contact numbers of Nurses and Paramedics who can provide service to Covid patients especially elderly at home. If you have any info please text or WhatsApp on H N Wanchoo Trust numbers 9596008290, +91 96228 69295, 97976 66080. Pls share

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We are forming a dedicated team for .

If you're in or around Pune and want to people in distress. Dm us your number.

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Bought a house and renovated the entire place during 3 lockdowns. It’s the Luxe for me! t.co/rHSrog4U3M

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