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छोटे मन से कोई बड़ा नहीं होता,
टूटे मन से कोई खड़ा नहीं होता।

~ अटल बिहारी बाजपेयी

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@Namrata_Joshi@twitter.com This is the best ever. Vishwatma has a great collection of unusual villain names: Azghar Jurhad, Tapasvi Gunjal, and three brothers called Bada Nilu, Majhla Nilu and Chhota Nilu.

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Dream11 Fantasy
Big Basket
Hike Messenger


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1.9 million Americans applied for unemployment last week. 42.6 million have filed jobless claims during the pandemic as extra unemployment benefits expire next month. politi.co/3dB1kUO

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RIP Basu Chatterjee

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Just heard that Director Basu Chatterjee, who made films like Rajnigandha, Chhoti Si Baat, Chitchor, Khatta Meetha & Baton Baton Mein is no more. He was the master of the gentle middle class urban story.
For another generation, he made the Byomkesh Bakshi series
RIP Basu Da

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Today's world cycle day 🚲
On this cycle day haryana atlas cycle factory is disclosed for indefinitely time
How worse day for workers which losses their jobs
Around 1000 workers lose their jobs
What a best gift was given by our gov for cycles company employes on

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How are Indian states doing?
1) Among major hotspots - DL still witnessing exponential growth of active cases.
2) GJ, MP, RJ - recording strong recovery, falling active cases
3) Big second wave in many states: TS, HR, KL...
4) UNKNOWN bigger than WB! @MoHFW_INDIA@twitter.com

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Just read this. This elephant grew up there, was known as good. Even after injury she didn’t crush a single house or human. She went to river & stood. They tried to rescue her with two elephants but couldn’t save. Read. Speechless.


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"The agency’s antiquated data systems ... rely on information assembled by or shared with local health officials through phone calls, faxes and thousands of spreadsheets attached to emails."


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People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA): Hang the culprits for killing the innocent Pregnant Elephant in Kerala - Sign the Petition! chng.it/d8wSDnjG via @ChangeOrg_India@twitter.com

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When👩🏽‍🍳 first told me about Hijan or Bejun decades ago, I was shocked how assorted veggies boiled in water with no oil or masalas as such be an edible dish. I WAS WRONG! 😔This is a magic portion from NE, her land of origin. 😁 is attached

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We are facing one more today. So let me remind you. ;

- acts as buffer & reduce impact of cyclones & surge.
- they break the force
- provide to during cyclone or otherwise
- they reduce .

We just need to protect them.

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