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i needed a way to sample yarn and color combinations without the hassle and waste of warping my regular loom, AND i wanted to learn how to make 3d models for 3d printing... so i made my own little 3d printed frame loom! i designed the model in freecad and printed it with one of the ultimakers in my department's shop. the loom is so small that i didn't bother with a heddle—i wove "manually" using a long tapestry needle and beat the weft with a 99c hair pick from walgreens.

Pyp5js: Python im Browser mit Pyodide – Rethinking Trinket

Manchmal bringt auch das Stöbern auf fremden Webseiten neue und gewinnbringende Erkenntnisse. Da habe ich doch die Website von Alexandre B A Villares durchstöbert und dort auf der Seite sketch-a-day einen Hinweis auf pyp5js entdeckt, einen Python-nach-P5.js-Übersetzer, den ich bisher noch nicht kannte.

I posted the text of "Material Paratexts," my keynote talk for the International Conference on Computational Creativity

the talk begins with a field report of my own experience with making paratexts for computer-generated works (i.e., introductions, afterwords, blurbs). then I propose "cistextuality" as a concept to accompany Genette's "transtextuality," and apply this concept to various assumptions and techniques that are prevalent in computer-generated text

openstreetmap technical help wanted 

say i want to small scale render a tile map based on #OSM data (with local changes for temporary amenities).
what tools should i use?

Now that the video of my @pycon keynote has dropped, , I can add that the text of the talk is available online at if you're interested.

Demo of ’s new interactive Sketch Portal feature with a sketch and Jonathan Feinberg’s PeasyCam library. Try it yourself right now on a notebook!

Neue Py5-Version 0.8.0a0 ist draußen

Kaum hatte ich mich auf ein Thema eingeschossen, da erreichte mich die Meldung, daß von Py5, der CPython-Version von Processing ein neues Release 0.8.0a0 zur Installation bereitstünde. Das mußte ich natürlich sofort testen. Doch dazu mußte ich meinem Thonny nicht nur die neue Py5-Version bekanntmachen, sondern auch ein Update des Thonny-py5mode-Pugins von Tristan Bunn installieren.

Instruções passo a passo em português para instalar o py5 em um ambiente de desenvolvimento amistoso com Python 3 no!

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