I just turned Windows off, and it's saying it's getting ready (to be turned off?), therefore not to turn if off.
is confusing…

Sealed sender is currently rolling out in production and already represents 45% of overall Signal messaging traffic. That percentage is growing fast as users update. Thanks to everyone who participated in the public beta.twitter.com/signalapp/status/1 …

I just tried for a minutes.
((Gosh) (that's a lot) (of parentheses))! 👾

Your web browser is the first line of defense against third-party trackers. That’s why it is essential to choose a browser with strong privacy protections. Check out our favorite browsers here: protonmail.com/blog/best-brows

Peertube has scripts that allows you to upload a complete YouTube-Channel to a desired peertube account.

That way, you can also automatically mirror YouTube-Channels to a PeerTube Channel, from e.g. your laptop.

You don't have to own the instance, you just need an account on that instance.

see github.com/Chocobozzz/PeerTube

Boost appreciated :) cc @Framasoft


Donc mon #FairPhone 1 a 5 ans, sa batterie est foutue (elle passe de soit disant 100% à 0% en environ 10 minutes) et plus de batteries de remplacement en vente sur le site de #FairPhone... Je suis hyper déçue, quand je l'avais acheté on nous avait vendu du "plus besoin de changer tous les x ans, on vous fournira des pièces pendant longtemps"... Justement, ça a pas duré longtemps :/

Because it's good to say when something nice is available–even from the GAFAM– material.io/ is a well written piece of doc 🔖

Do you agree these non existing conditions with no link, blank text and an empty scroll?
By @CoffeStartbuck

Mediapart recrute un/une mediapart recrute un·e administrateur·trice système à paris linuxjobs.fr/jobs/1344 #rt


> Le principe du droit à l’erreur repose sur un a priori de bonne foi et atteste de la possibilité pour chaque Français de se tromper dans ses déclarations à l’administration, sans risquer une sanction dès le premier manquement.

via @newick

« Ça va marcher me vidéo projecteur ? Avec ton ordi je veux dire... »
« Heu... j’ai beau être sous Linux, je suis confiant »
— suspens —
Résultat : présentation en cours

Update of my article "When Linux Finally Looks Beatutiful": fediverse.blog/~/Vinyll/when-l
In short: I'm in love with the interface. Installed on my MacBook Pro 2016, shines on a Retina screen, but stuck due tu hardware support.

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