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i'm Vivian (they/them)
• i'm an undergrad studying computer science and physics in Ohio.
• i'm postgenderist and anticapitalist.
• i like hacking.
• i sometimes make games and social media bots. you can see them at
• i like and .
• i love bugs. (cicadas, cockroaches, millipedes)

oh i guess i need to update my pinned since i'm no longer an undergrad

why couldn't the search algorithm with halitosis find the shortest path between two nodes? 

it had chronic bad breadth

drank three small cups of half and half today

i should have kept a raspberry pi from my college's computer club. i wanna set up a pihole

i should get a t-shirt that says "t4t" so when i go to the grocery store and see the other cute androgynes they'll know what's up

saw an embroidery machine at the thrift store that takes floppy disks. i want it but it was $600

new cryptocurrency that you mine with proof-of-transition. every trans person gets one transgendercoin

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Maybe pictures the size of a single letter were a mistake

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oof, hrt was expensive today because i'm out of health insurance until i start my new job. i think i could have gotten it slightly cheaper from otokonoko pharmaceuticals

i go to the pharmacy and get a bottle of capers (extra-strength)

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void whyDoTheyCallItOvenWhenYouOf(in Food theFood, out Hot<Food> eatTheFood)

game idea: try to drive somewhere with gps navigation directions, but you're not allowed to take any of the turns that the gps recommends

picking an instance for my alt. might go with

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i have a list of inappropriate posts to make on my alt account once i make an alt account one day

got my face lasered. it felt different than i expected; more stingy than burny

i think i'm a nonbinary girl, whatever that means

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