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i'm Vivian (they/them)
• i'm an undergrad studying computer science and physics in Ohio.
• i'm postgenderist and anticapitalist.
• i like hacking.
• i sometimes make games and social media bots. you can see them at
• i like and .
• i love bugs. (cicadas, cockroaches, millipedes)

second day today. i have Backstage Experience, physics research capstone, Linux, and computer science capstone.

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"most of you are probably familiar with X"
...not me

tomorrow is the first day of my last semester. i have Intro to World Politics and Web Design & Programming

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cis ppl....if u catch yourself thinking when around trans friends "man i wish i could change my name too": do that shit it automatically makes you at least 10% cooler

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turned out to be more like 75. still accepting suggestions for what to do with them. i think i'm gonna label them like floppy disks and just use them with usb-to-sata cables. raid arrays sound appealing but i doubt there's a good cost-effective way for me to get use out of these as a storage array.

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i got two more crts today! from the college's recycling cage again

selfie, ec 

got a new campus id card with my name on it! ^^

my favorite parts of life are the easy and simple ones.

@aeonlamb i mentioned this last night but at the time i didn't know that anyone else still cared about it

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my ~6 year old iphone 6 has developed poor battery life and its touch screen recently started to intermittently fail. anyone have phone recommendations? i don't really like iOS, i just use it because this phone was a gift. pinephone sounds cool but idk how practical it is.

just had another dream about cuddling and sleeping with a friend. it was the the third one this week. i want to hug my friends

our base in a duo world with my friend @mousetwink. used a camera mod to zoom out for this screenshot.

i'm glad that i decided to start hrt three/four years ago instead of killing myself. i am happier now

my avocadoes taste like garlic for some reason?

i need to make some positive posts to balance out the negative posts

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