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i'm Vivian (they/them)
• i'm an undergrad studying computer science and physics in Ohio.
• i'm postgenderist and anticapitalist.
• i like hacking.
• i sometimes make games and social media bots. you can see them at
• i like and .
• i love bugs. (cicadas, cockroaches, millipedes)

combination "women love me fish fear me" hat and "please be patient i have autism" hat

For office hours and location, press or say 1. To speak to the next available representative, press or say 2. If you only want to listen to our hold music, press or say 3.

you know what? fuck you *discretizes your spectrum*

i hear the nurse telling one of her coworkers that my hair is gorgeous

"in order to date me, you have to fuck my seven evil partners"

should i just buy a herman miller aeron. are they comfortable

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what do i do if my desk job makes my back hurt all the time? i can't focus at work and when i get home i have to just lay down for the rest of the day. it seems like there's conflicting information about posture and exercise, and nothing seems to help me. i have a physical scheduled later this month but i don't have much faith in doctors. i'd be willing to pay a lot of money to fix this if i found something i knew would work, but i'm skeptical of expensive chairs.

went to a great party last night. a trans board game meetup. had a lot of fun. the hosts have three bookshelves full of board games. one of them is named chessie which i think is a cute and appropriate name for someone who likes board games.

my back has been hurting more lately, i think because of my desk job. not sure how to mitigate this

just remembered that when i was a child i made up an extension of rock paper scissors lizard spock (an extension of rock paper scissors) called rock paper scissors lizard spock pirate hawk llama gun. i do not remember the rules

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I've had this account for about a year now. maybe it's time to actually use it?

buying morality offsets by donating money to animal shelters so i can run around kicking puppies whenever i see them and still be net virtuous


how do you feel about bugs? i think this was a good first impression

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a few weeks ago i met someone online, and today we met in person for the first time. within one minute of meeting, we found this cecropia moth and i had her take pics of me holding it. this is the best photo of me ever taken.

just try being a girl. i estradiol dog dare you

oh i guess i need to update my pinned since i'm no longer an undergrad

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