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i'm Vivian (they/them)
• i'm an undergrad studying computer science and physics in Ohio.
• i'm postgenderist and anticapitalist.
• i like hacking.
• i sometimes make games and social media bots. you can see them at
• i like and .
• i love bugs. (cicadas, cockroaches, millipedes)

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Have you ever experienced a headache

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allegedly 5% of people have not. I doubt any of them are on this website. they’re all living blissful existences somewhere else

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i should go to bed soon but my thoughts are just "june egbert rose lalonde ascend descend rise up abscond"

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every time I take photos I end up feeling vain and gross bc dang I look gooooood but thinking that is illegal

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did you know that goodwill has a website? i didn't. i am tempted to buy a bunch of old goofy tech

i wish i was a little better at finding queer-owned shops to order stuff from online. i manage money for several student orgs on my campus so i often need to spend a lot of the college's money on stuff like, a few dozen cheap rainbow flags for gay club or some metal dice sets for dnd club. unfortunately i end up buying a lot of this stuff on amazon since the college's accounting departments make it way easier for me to do that, but i try to buy from better businesses when i can.

today at the blm protest some guy pulled a rifle out of his car and waved it out the window. we're pretty good at responding to hecklers but idk how to respond to that. everyone else was uncomfortable so we wrapped up early

i ordered parts for a new screen but idk if they'll arrive in time. i wanna make this thing easier to wear so i can walk around campus in it on halloween

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i don't wanna do physics anymore i just want hugs

blehhhh.. i'm frustrated with myself for making my crt helmet so heavy. it seems so easily avoidable in retrospect; why didn't i just use a thinner piece of plastic? it's so impractically heavy now, it hurts my back to wear :(
i guess i could replace the plastic but at that point maybe i should just make a whole new helmet. i don't have time for either of those before halloween, though.

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dysphoria joke 

@vivianrose @haskal head size dysphoria for what the smallest crt i can fit my head in is

my CRT helmet is all wired up and wearable! i put a water bottle in the back as a counterweight. the visibility and one-way mirror effect are both pretty good.

still don't know what to wear with it. might just go with a boring grey outfit? i'll try at least making a necklace out of a Mini Gender Changer adapter. looking forward to impressing people with this

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most interesting interaction at the blm protest today: someone yelled at us "Do you think white peoples' lives matter too?" and we yelled back like, yeah sure. so he thought about it for a second and then gave us a thumbs up
i can appreciate this because like, he wanted more information before making a judgement about us? a precious modicum of critical thinking in contrast to the people who just yell "ALL lives matter!!"

another thing: there was a trump parade one block away from us

bleh, went to the physics lab to solder some components for my costume and a classmate was in there listening to music. had to leave because it was too distracting. i don't like music..

stayed up late working on my costume with couch foam and hot glue.. i was thinking of washing my hair tonight but i don't think i'll bother since i plan on probably getting more couch foam in it tomorrow anyway.

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