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i'm Vivian (they/them)
• i'm an undergrad studying computer science and physics in Ohio.
• i'm postgenderist and anticapitalist.
• i like hacking.
• i sometimes make games and social media bots. you can see them at
• i like and .
• i love bugs. (cicadas, cockroaches, millipedes)

once i get a paycheck or two i wanna get a roomba and give it a little maid costume

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it's like ur trained to be say, a weaver, right?? and u realize Hey Actually, i was meant to be a fisherman. nd as u attempt to break into the fishing business, every fisherman Properly Raised To Be A Fisher that u encounter goes "why would you want to not do the career u were raised for?? i was raised 2 b a fisherman and i LOVE it. seriously it's so cool" OR "why would you want to be a fisherman?? ive always fucking hated being a fisherman and wish i could be anything else"

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maybe @prumm or another shrike can tell what kind of bird this is, out of curiosity? i'm in Madison, Wisconsin. here's a tiny recording of it chirping in its nest. i haven't yet gotten a good photo of it from the side or above.

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my new apartment has a bird's nest right above my bedroom window, so my window is covered in bird poop. not sure how to solve this problem short of getting the landlord to evict them, which i don't want to do.

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"may 2021: it is the fourteenth month of the pandemic. i am triz, a transsexual who streams herself solving crossword puzzles to entertain people online. in four days, i will be undergoing a breast augmentation surgery, which the state of washington has mandated my insurance cover. i check my phone and see i have a simp request on" - some bullshit flash fiction on tumblr in 2011, probably

we replaced all the light bulbs in our new apartment from soft white to daylight bulbs. so now it doesn't look orange and dingy

everyone keeps saying that wisconsin has great cheese but i keep going to grocery stores and they just have normal fucking cheese

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so-called "free thinkers" when they're assigned a gender at birth

oh i guess we won't see them because we're on I-70 instead of I-71

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oh i've never seen my phone say 5G at the top before today

just passed through columbus. looking forward to the passing the hell is real sign and grandpa's cheese barn

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