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"you may be thinking" that's the first mistake. i've never had a thought in my life

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Looking for #artists, both #music and #sprites!

Anyone here make chiptune or DOS game style music?
Or perhaps sprite art? (Stuff like weapons from first person, enemies etc.)

I have an open source FPS project that could use some artistic help.

I can pay of course, but it will be included in MIT licensed project.

Here's a link:

(My budget isnt massive but i always pay for work well done!!!) #gamedev

someone complimented me a few days ago and left me speechless

i think i might chase the feeling of happiness from that moment for the rest of my life

...une loi de le discrimination raciale et la xénophobie
Adoption du projet de loi 96 – La langue française est le cœur d’une nation de tous les possibles. Il s'agit d'une loi de la fierté québécoise.

remember, borders are as much to keep you in as they are to keep others out

Marx: "Under no pretext should arms and ammunition be surrendered; any attempt to disarm the workers must be frustrated, by force if necessary"

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Here is the blunt reality .Nobody other than a soldier, some cops and rural hunters/ farmers NEEDS a gun, let alone a handgun or AK 47 . Life would move on just great without these mortal machines . Get another hobby . Video game . Reprise Elmer Fudd in virtual reality . Enough

the firearms problem in the US is cultural in large part

idk mate guns certainly don't fire themselves
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People don’t kill 21 people in an eyeblink. AR-15s do.

not like you can't put two and two together from reading my other thread though

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