wearing a weird mishmash of warlock gear rn but I'm feeling the look

me: [completes pursuit for finishing a strike with a full set of Vigil of Heroes equipped]
zavala: here you go, a nice new vigil of heroes robe
me: ... thanks zavala, you shouldn't have

uspol, 2020 primaries 

uspol, 2020 primaries 

at their best, the hawks are making people miserable and pretending that they have no way of knowing that they’ll eventually use their misery as a pretext to kill them

at their worst they’re consciously using it as a PR campaign

cf. the “mine” “iran” “planted” on an oil tanker and then came back and “removed” once it didn’t “explode” and all the videos of venezuelan opposition protestors blatantly hijacking government vehicles and running over people on their own side or setting fire to aid trucks

a good post except for the part where the backlash always turns out to be a CIA op the hawks organized and the backlash was their cover story

RT @DanielLarison@twitter.com

Hawks: We will force them to yield with our irresistible pressure campaign!

Everyone else: This will just cause a backlash and make war more likely

*Pressure causes backlash, makes war more likely*

Everyone: See what we mean?

Hawks: Why won't you support us? It's not fair!

🐦🔗: twitter.com/DanielLarison/stat

the 2019est mood is watching every independent digital artist you know get gigs doing guerrilla marketing gray-hat propaganda for multinational companies

the "DLS method" btw is when the game gets called early due to weather so instead of playing the rest of the game, the second team gets their score projected forward to what they would've theoretically scored if it hadn't

why is the scoring system in every sport from the commonwealth a nightmare

uspol, 2020 primaries 

uspol, 2020 primaries 

uspol, 2020 primaries 

this tweet brought to you by me reading a search column full of the word "sepsis" and lasting about 30 seconds before my brain gave up

someone should do a linguistic study of inter-reviewer variability in how quickly a given word causes semantic satiation, and also if it's sufficiently low, do a broad survey of which word features semantically satiate people fastest and slowest

it will always be funny to me that healthcare professionals are the last people who use hashtags like everyone did back in 2010, so the 2nd-place trending hashtag in seattle right now is the pacific northwest sepsis conference

master rahool here for cash4shaders dot com

we buy any shader and turn it into cold hard glimmer

watermelon? atlantis wash? one of the seven awful, indistinguishable crucible shaders? doesn't matter, we buy it

I really appreciate how tacky of a glimmer sink calus's pleasure barge full of gilt treasure chests full of imperial scrip is

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