edit: nm, they buried mention of a grant for < $62k a year housing in a chart, so this particular criticism is rescinded

if your affordable housing isn’t affordable to households making minimum wage it’s woke gentrification

“aimed at households making between $62,000 and $124,000 per year”

lmao fuck this

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Microsoft is pledging $500 million toward housing in the Seattle area, the biggest effort by a local tech company to try and alleviate the housing crisis they've helped create. They're also pushing local government for pro-housing zoning and law changes

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dracula radically simplifies his life by finally throwing away the chickens he's been hiding in the walls all these years, in castlevania: kondo of blood

I completely forgot that that last division was on amendment F and not the main motion so I was very surprised by it coming back 24-600

members of parliament fighting over who can scream "no" the loudest, until the speaker stands up and yells "clear the lobby", infuriating them all

the weirdest little thing I keep getting caught off-guard by in this debate is how the person with the floor has to sit down when the speaker calls order

john bercow is really good at the "I'm going to turn this car around" tone of delivery which I assume is about 90% of the job of being speaker

"there's a certain irony, mr. speaker, in the fact that today is the anniversary, in 1535, of henry VIII styling himself supreme head of the english church" is the worst intro to a speech in the brexit bill debate by miles

scott walker continued, "now imagine you did chores for your grandma and she made you a general partner in a limited partnership yielding $10 in carried interest, then your parents took $3.96 instead of $2"

a lot of the appeal of debates in the house of commons goes away when the camera zooms wide and you can see that 5/6 of the house is off getting coffee somewhere instead of listening

also "disclosure triangles" sounds like a fake name, it sounds like you're doing a homer simpson bit about the metal dealy you use to dig food

this is the first time I've ever seen someone use a formal name for this UI widget, I've always just called them "fold-outs"

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epic’s decentralized influencer payola system seems like a return to a nostalgic bygone era of cynicism when contrasted with steam’s “the only grassroots visibility you can get is through curators, who don’t get paid, but they might get exposure for their youtube videos” system

the real power behind the throne in american politics is prestige publishers signing book deals with presidential candidates for $40 hardcovers with an audience consisting solely of book reviewers and DC staffers

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