mechjeb is cheating, but writing your own autopilot routines? that's valid

writing javascript 40 hours a week has gotten me in the habit of reflexively writing "!==" instead of "!=" and it trips me up every time I write any other language

alternate design brief: imagine a CCG with three lanes but where each lane is three creatures wide, a creature can't be moved after it's played, and most creatures only attack forward

also I feel like having an overall "beat this clock or you're forced to resign" timer is a design smell for a video CCG

especially when you have a separate turn timer

("bottomless RNG" here meaning "RNG to choose randomly among large sets of outcomes")

sure you can do lots of coin-flip effects, "bottomless RNG", and a board that'd be awkwardly huge to physically manage, but you'd better have a damn good reason to

artifact sure seems like it chose a weird chunk of design space to explore after hearthstone proved it was possible

inspired by, announcing my new game that's skate or die meets farming simulator, "thresh to death"

got this quality ad placement when I was reading this article
RT perhaps the greatest privacy swindle in the era of surveillance capitalism was the idea that contextual advertising and targeted advertising are not that much different


currently idly wondering how much airline deregulation created “blue archipelago” politics

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and miss out on the timeless reference to that paper magazine cover from 4 years ago where kim kardashian poured champagne onto her own ass? never
RT WHY isn't it "Ralph Wrecks the Internet", though??? You get two in one there


you know your branding is great when you have to remind people what movie your sequel is a sequel to on the poster

*gets the third quest in a row where the quest interaction target doesn't show up on the minimap* I'm pretty sure they invented this feature post-2.0 and designed the main scenario while drunk with power

disclaimer: I've only gotten as far as the level 50 main scenario quests, but that being said there's been twenty-seven of them so far

every 50-60 quest in FFXIV: "please, speak to this character in another zone; as a reward, you will receive approximately no XP and a couple thousand gil, plus a piece of equipment which there's a 50% chance you won't be able to use at all"

I'm high as hell and it's dark in my room so long story short I just tried to wear a backpack as pants for a few seconds

I feel like this is how the fanny pack was invented

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