Am 26. September geht Deutschland wählen. Du kannst dich aber auch jetzt schon entscheiden. Für ein Smartphone mit Fokus auf Sicherheit und Privatsphäre. Und mit 5% Rabatt, wird die Entscheidung auch noch leichter. 👍 Code: VOLLAWAHL

👇Thank you for feedback!🙏 Its always great to hear some honest Feedback.


⁦⁩ I used my new Volla Phone X to go cycling during my holidays. Very reliable battery. I am getting used to the new phone, on the whole its got all the functions I need. And it offers substantially more privacy than conventional phones.


Election time in germany. No matter what you choose, we think choosing a is always a good thing. SO you get 5% off with code


The not only has 4.1 on aarch64, but the new community built encrypted /home support which offers stronger passwords than stock devices!



Das Volla Phone beschreitet etwas andere Wege als die üblichen Verdächtigen, die man so im Smartphone Segment kennt. Hier sollen Privatsphäre und Datenschutz großgeschrieben werden. Wie das genau umgesetzt wird, das erfahrt ihr im aktuellen Video:


Wir wollen, dass du nur Daten teilst, wenn du das wirklich willst. Daher brauchst du auch kein Konto, um das Volla Phone zu nutzen. Wann kaufst du dir deines?

Another (re)view on the Thank you for the honest words and reaction. Also mentioning and 💪🙏


von wird immer besser und intuitiver. Danke für das heutige Update des der nun noch besser konfigurierbar ist 😊👍


Latest nightly built (v.1.5.8) is out. Now you can add app-shortcuts to the red dot on our

Nice to hear! 🙏 Thank you!

RT None, but theres one i like most Is Volla. and Ubuntu Touch is for the 100% perfect combination.


What is your ?
Our customers say it feels different not to have many apps and focus more on an efficient workflow.

is an awesome way to start
- searching the web
- starting a call
- send messages

Tell me you don't need a big camera setup without telling me that you don't need a big camera setup 😉

Thank you for sharing!

RT shots of Volla X


Feels great to see first happy customers with their new We hope you will have a great time!

credits to Thank you for letting us share this!

Still a lot of improvements and new features coming up for our Feels good to take suggestions from the and implement them.

3 days left to claim your discount on your next Smartphone! Use Code VOLLA10 on checkout. 👍✅

Have an awesome evening. Germany is quite hot today. Time for a cold drink and a new smartphone?

You decide whether u answer a call or not. We think you should also decide if you share personal data.

Volla Phone gives you the opportunity to decide. When do you get yours?

Keep it simple. A phone next to a notebook seems unproductive? Not with our Volla Phone. Distraction free experience.
--> more on

still need to fix the subtitles (automatic ones are meh...) this is the start of a series of videos which will be available in german and English for the future.

Changing a theme has never been so easy. We love the "touch-drag-release" menus. Its a better way to do things with only one (1) fingertip.

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