Wasn't that a Chapo episode?

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dsa venom caucus


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Without using any gendered terms, what is your gender?

This is your brain on Rationalism

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Or at least, Scott thinks it's not wrong to say broke Berkeley grad student's class > Trump's class if the former likes Thai food and Hamilton, has never been married, has "cutesy pins about how cats are better than children", and has standard liberal politics.

the only war on drugs I support is a war on the hypodermic needle model


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@asanso@twitter.com @Leptan@twitter.com @real_or_random@twitter.com Plot twist: Schnorr now says that he uploaded the wrong version to ePrint and is working towards getting it updated.

Really enjoyed this @OffCourtPod@twitter.com episode about the history of hockey as it relates to Canadian nationalism and colonialism jrs-as.com/tmr/podcast/oc/OC_E

Just waking up so what did I miss 鈥 did we decide if RSA is dead or not?

I wouldn't be surprised if this was based on something that Scott Adams actually fell for

"we only had to [do] very basic optimization for the Rust version [for it to] outperform the hyper hand-tuned Go version... This is a testament to how easy it is to write efficient programs with Rust compared to the deep dive we had to do with Go" developers.slashdot.org/story/


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Researchers say 14 zero-days abused in real-world attacks in recent years have were created by private companies鈥攁 larger amount than any single nation state, by @campuscodi@twitter.com therecord.media/more-zero-days

also probably the last time anyone used the phrase "dirtbag left"

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Lol at the New York Times front page from exactly one year ago today

classic Cass Sunstein web.archive.org/web/2020040810

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28 February 2020

Cass Sunstein: The Cognitive Bias That Makes Us Panic About Coronavirus

"No one can specify the magnitude of the threat from the coronavirus. But one thing is clear: A lot of people are more scared than they have any reason to be."



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: 'until' is a keyword in the bourne shell, doing the opposite of 'while'; i.e., the following two are equivalent:

while ! my-command; do echo still trying; done

until my-command; do echo still trying; done

I didn't check POSIX, but it's in all implementations I tried.

Seeing the VR booths here is one of my earliest memories

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Forgotten Retail: Cybersmith (1995-1999)

One of those early internet/cafe retail experiments that popped up in the first web gold rush years, they had four locations (mainly in Mass.) before closing in 1999. (1/2)

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