it turns out that "DMCA-free zone" is just as meaningless a marketing term as "Five Eyes-free jurisdiction"


馃嵖 "Popcorn Time VPN" and "DMCA Free Zone" are just some of the fiery marketing phrases that landed LiquidVPN in trouble, with movie studios demanding $10 million in damages.

But what precedent does this case set for honest users of "no-log" VPNs? 馃

If it wasn't for the blue checkmark I would be certain this was a parody account


I went to a movie tonight. At a theatre. What a miracle. It's been maybe two years. Free Guy. Fun. Smart. Creative. And a perfect archetypal structure. Persona. Shadow. Anima. Self. In that order. Perfect.

If it's anything like the movie, the Kate game adaptation would prob get banned from the Steam store for being too racist

(this tweet inspired by me explaining etrogs to a goyish friend as "the 'are you Jewish' fruit")

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Based on how often Chabad members are on the street promoting it, one could be forgiven for thinking Sukkot is the most important Jewish holiday

I love the fact that Phantom Phreak canonically wears a knockoff Rolex


Latest video is up!



"69th Parallel" hotel, Murmansk, USSR, 1970s

as a huge fan of the Foundation books I'll definitely be sticking with it though and am hoping it gets renewed. Even GoT/ASoIaF took a few seasons/books to flesh out its initially one-dimensional characters

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So far the Foundation tv adaption is visually stunning but feels soulless. Its plot mechanics are too contrived for the hard sci-fi source material and its characterization too soulless for prestige tv

This was by far the best part of Shang-Chi


people that choose to be on the bendy part of the bus are filled with so much chaos energy. I fully respect u

Use Signal, use TOR, free Britney!


Private intelligence & private security industry is full of outfits like this. The electronic manipulation & monitoring will have you saying... & installing iVerify on your iPhone.

"The Surveillance Apparatus That Surrounded Britney Spears"

ok so I just realized the Mario movie is going to be animated instead of live-action (and from the studio responsible for the Minions!) so now I've lost all faith in it

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I feel like Jack Black being the main villain in the new Mario movie almost makes up for the casting of Chris Pratt

I can't believe Apple didn't think to check for WebRTC leaks in its iCloud Private Relay, given it's probably the single most common VPN deanonymization technique



The presentation will be roughly 40 minutes long, and it will be the final presentation about Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.



The CDU/CSU has blown it. We would prefer the Social Democratic Party to lead Germany鈥檚 next coalition. One of our two covers this week

Whoa Epic Games just announced full Easy Anti-Cheat support for Linux (this will solve the few remaining games without native-quality Linux compatibility through Proton)

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