There's something deeply ironic about objecting to a Handmaid's Tale costume on the grounds that it doesn't adhere to puritanical dress codes

I love that thereโ€™s an entire podcast series devoted to each week's Ubuntu security updates

I hate when reviews for games come out before their release date โ€“ it makes waiting so much harder

I really hope they get Quad City DJ's to do the Space Jam 2 soundtrack

"For all the ranting about SJWs on Twitter and Reddit, things are quite calm on the LKML Itself. It's very telling that the people actually working on Linux are not freaking out about the new code of conduct."

Yet another reason to use Mastodon: it (kind of) has an edit button

Well this is one career fair booth I definitely wonโ€™t be going to

"Being a chief security officer is like being a CFO before accounting was invented" - on his time working for Facebook

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