I certainly don't support restrictive zoning but the fact that Silicon Valley NIMBY-types are silent when it comes to public housing and regional inequalities tells you how little regard they should be given for solving the housing crisis

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In fact, the price will likely go up as construction will never meet market demand. The only counteracting force is state-built, rent controlled housing at below market rates. I'm all for rezoning if that's what gets built. It won't though.

Now if only we could get QT to stop gaslighting developers into purchasing its proprietary dual-licensed version

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Netfilter, iptables, and developers settle lawsuit against a former contributor who had been unilaterally enforcing GPL for monetary gain. Any enforcement will now require a decision by the then-current community. Read the community's statement here lore.kernel.org/netdev/Ye6jCQm

You'd have to read the game guide just to figure out how to remove the cartridge

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Vim, the editor.

I don't understand how it was possible to make a Will Ferrell movie about Eurovision that wasn't funny boxd.it/2vWGUr

lol joining the centr茫o was not on my Greenwald misdeeds bingo card

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Greenwald's husband Congressman David Miranda has left PSOL for the ideologically incoherent PDT - a party of loosely-connected local power coalitions ranging from center-right to center left. He attacked Lula, and announced he and Glen will support Ciro Gomes for President. +


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Twitter is spending engineering resources on this bs while crypto scammers are throwing a spambot block party in every thread!?

I would trust an r/SkincareAddiction commenter over an Orange Site one any day

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If you have a robust skincare routine you have demonstrated aptitude in many core skills of data science. I will not be taking criticism of this idea. Girls who have developed personalized skincare routines know more about multivariate causal inference than many engineers.

Going to tell my kids this was Project Chanology

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When it's 1999 and you really need to warn the world about Scientology...

I guess you author your bombshell report as a Winamp skin readme file?

RT 馃敀: I expected us to memory hole Afghanistan pretty quickly but this is a bit much

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Biden says a nuclear power 鈥 like Russia 鈥 invading another country 鈥渉asn鈥檛 happened since World War Two.鈥

Russia invaded Ukraine in 2014 while Biden was vice president鈥

They somehow managed to make Navalny look even more fascist

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The man Putin fears: an exclusive interview with Alexei Navalny, Russia's imprisoned dissident ti.me/3ryaitT

I can't believe I forgot to check if Charlie Brooker made an Annual Wipe this year

Spotted on the sidewalk: Jaron Lanier in the trash where he belongs

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