It says a lot about MSNBC's (lack of) progressive bona fides that Biden is disproportionately more popular among its viewers than Bernie

My favorite part about the whole Krassenstein brothers saga is that they spent thousands of dollars on bots and fake followers and yet barely managed to surpass a 1:1 follower to following ratio

"We are alarmed at the advent of proprietary network services as a proposed solution" to FOSS sustainability – @conservancy on GitHub's new "Sponsors" initiative

I'm not surprised that the guy who unironically wrote the line "first they came for the slavers" endorsed the candidate who bragged about his home state being a member of the Confederacy

Another year, another 13″ MacBook Pro revision without an option for a dedicated graphics card or more than 16GB of RAM

It sounds like Jared's "Middle East peace plan" is just going to turn out to be a Trump hotel in Ramallah

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OH: "The Clone Wars was the Phantom Menace of Star Wars prequels"

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