Your periodic reminder that under capitalism you're the product regardless of whether or not you're paying for it

the real horseshoe theory is Analytical Marxism / Jordan Peterson-style Jungian psychology

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At community college my Latin American history prof (my favorite prof ever) was a Trot; after I transferred to Columbia, even after seeking out the only undergrad class on Marx offered, the prof was an "Analytical Marxist" who described his politics as to the right of Tony Blair


Did anyone actually have a Marxist professor in college?

@volt4ire That CVE was publicly announced April 3. The fact that it's still an issue for Pinephone users seems like a serious problem to me.

@volt4ire that's an issue with modern phone modems: they run their own operating systems. Most phones at this point are three separate computers (and subsequently OSs) in one: the main OS, the processor's secure boot, and the modem.

As you can tell, this isn't good for security or transparency since there is more of an attack surface and modern modems don't (to my knowledge) run a FOSS OS.

I can't believe I forgot about doing this


Old enough to remember 炉\_(銉)_/炉

This but unironically


A "7-Eleven" in 2018.

We used to be a country. A proper country.



Below is the traditional "lefty" media ecosystem's net worth. 馃

-Krystal Ball ~$44 million
-Cenk Uygur ~$5 Million
-Ana Kasparian ~$3 Million
-Hasan Piker ~$3 Million
-Kyle Kulinski ~$2 million
-David Pakman $1.5 Million
-Sam Seder/TMR ~$1.6 Million
-Ben Dixon ~$1 Million

Your periodic reminder that generational warfare is a socialism of fools


Millennials are criticised as entitled and self-indulgent. But these are the exact names Boomers were called by *their* elders!

Maybe the generation wars are just stupid. Maybe they're just a way to distract from what's really going on.

Listen now:

classic platypus


Kind of glad I rejected the request to write for this issue of Platypus.. how embarrassing to share journal space with Caleb Maupin and 鈥淏enedict Cryptofash鈥

Damn I forgot Merkel's been chancellor since 1999


Chancellor Merkel listening to 'Darude - Sandstorm' for her sendoff ceremony.

tbc Bill 21 was passed by the current CAQ government, but the prior PQ government attempted to pass a similar version and voted for the current one

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