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And the sad part is that NordVPN is one of the *least* shady VPN providers

@nolan Different tech (ActivityPub vs microformats and web mentions) and different ideology (individual and shared servers vs everyone hosts their own unique blog). Some IndieWeb people are on here, e.g. @aaronpk's blog supports ActivityPub, @jalcine is building IndieWeb software (Koype), but for the most part the communities are separate

Also interesting to hear his thoughts on why QT (ie: KDE Plasma Mobile and UBPorts) is a better-suited framework for mobile devices than GTK

This is a really damning indictment of Purism from its former CTO. While the majority of its employees are well-meaning FOSS advocates, they're hamstrung by the founder's toxicity, from withholding employees' salaries to regularly lying to customers

I finally got around to seeing Hustlers and it's every bit as good as critics say. J Lo definitely deserves an Oscar for it

why are gamers so mad at blizzard? they're just making sure there's no politics in their videogames

For its October releases Ubuntu should change its hosts file location to /etc/ghosts

Ugh Android's new version of Google Assistant will only work with gesture navigation enabled -- which means you won't be able to use it with third-party launchers

lol remember that time the washington post tried to make the natsec white lady "squad" a thing?

Google’s new auto-delete tool is practically worthless: "by the time three months rolls around, Google has already extracted nearly all the potential value from users' data"

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