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Lets see if we can talk here about things other then the . I want to share with you a very personal

I want to live like I'm in 👩‍🚀🚀🌍❤️

Does that mean flying through space? Sure, why not, but what I actually mean is this…

In there is no hunger, no discrimination, no greed, no waste. Instead they have an absolute respect for live and the environment, and learned how to use technology for the better of humanity and at some point I want to live like this.

Great use case how and can help keep our cities clean!

But I can't help thinking if those would not be easier done on a mobile phone (which basically combines GPS, Data, Camera and GPU in a much smaller form factor)

Benchmarks by Hugging Face show that can achieve 2x the speed of the Python implementation.

Yet still JavaScript feels like a second class citizen.

Biggest challenge in being "documentation police" is making that team members are not feeling checked up on, or otherwise offended. I usually resolve these tensions in a 1:1, ensuring that this is about the documentation and not about reviewing the quality of work.

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Therefore I recommend everyone to add short comment covering the following whenever they close an Issue

- What was the outcome?
- Are there any links to results, documents etc you can add?
- Are there follow up tasks or open points that are being tracked in separate issues?

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It's also going to be a treasure trove of "undocumented behavior" as Repositories can grow to thousands of issues over the years.

Any old bug report, can either be a source of knowledge on what was tried to fix the bug and decisions on why a bug was "not fixed".

Or it can just be a "closed" ticket, leaving you puzzled about what happened and wondering if that's somehow related to your current task.

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Not documenting task results will have many negative consequences. Without Documentation, People not directly involved with the task will not know

- if the task got finished, aborted, skipped?
- where to find the results of the tasks?
- how it relates to other tasks?
- etc.

All of which is going to be very important to know as the team grows and will be collaborating with many people on multiple tasks at the same time.

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"Not Documented, not Done!"

This is probably my most used comment in Jira & GitHub as a and engineering leader 🙄

I hate writing it. But at the same time I'm absolutely convinced that documenting tasks results is amongst the most valuable documentation you can write.

@vsaw hello there! Love the idea. I’ll have to take a look.

I’ve been the of a few startups and teed up and ventures at BCGDV. Lots of Clojure, Python, AWS and GCP in past lives.

I’m still navigating my way around thr Fediverse and would love to find people with similar values.

Germany is rediscovering trains. Someone just seriously asked what the big 2 on the side of the Coach means. I see this as a positive signal It shows that the train is become a real alternative to people who never used one before!

“if they fail to raise privately, they can try to Emergency-IPO”

Is that a thing? To “Emergency-IPO”? 😂

What’s the most sustainable external hard drive you know?

I could not find anything with a particularly sustainable production, so my guess is buying a used HDD and a frame. At least this way you can repair/upgrade if necessary? 🤷‍♂️

Every time I come to Paris the city finds a new way to delight and surprise. Today I found a pop-up garden with built in nebulizer in front of Gare de l’Est 🤩

does not have to be high tech, it is enough to simply make a change for the better!

Interesting, most energy and CO2 was consumed by a Tab that I have mindlessly running on the background.

P.S. This was measured using

EU Ecodesign: The role of in

“current regulations […] do not include any criteria regarding the design and licensing of software […]. Software directly influences how long consumers can keep using their devices.”

#Obsolenz von Computern, Smartphone, Tablets liegt meist nicht an der Hardware, sondern an der #Software. Deshalb ist das Recht, jede Software auf jedem Gerät zu installieren und vollen Zugriff auf die Hardware zu haben, so wichtig für #Nachhaltigkeit.

Offener Brief von @fsfe , @nextcloud , @kde , @Fairphone und anderen an die #EU-Kommission.

#bitsundbäume #Konferenz #digitaleNachhaltigkeit

Die Bits & Bäume 2022 geht in die zweite Runde

– eure Mithilfe ist gefragt

Nach der erfolgreichen ersten Bits & Bäume-Konferenz 2018 sind die Themen Digitalisierung und Nachhaltigkeit heute in unserer Gesellschaft so präsent wie nie zuvor. Wir stehen vor großen gesellschaftlichen und globalen Herausforderungen für eine gerechte und nachhaltige Gestaltung unserer (Um-)Welt.


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