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FLOPPINUX - 🐧Linux on a Single 💾Floppy

Short story why I decided to make my own one floppy distribution.

An extensive yet simple tutorial/workshop on how to make embedded Linux distribution under 1.44MB.

Read at (1481 words)

As a kid I wanted to draw 3D objects in ..

Finaly I did it! All the math is from the book. I just hack it togheter to get this ;)

It will be a nice reading! Alresy like the content :)
For Commodore 64 but BASIC is BASIC.

Original book (DE) 1984
Polish edition 1989

My Developer PC Software List (for Windows 10)

I try not to install anything beside this essential list. Hope you find something you don't know.

If you are interested in the demo scene there is a qbparty happening right now live! (online&offline).

I finally added a domain for my smallest server at

It still works without any crash for almost a year now!

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