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Krzysztof Jankowski @w84death

Chatbot whiteboard for our team!

It will be hosted by hooked to a big monitor in the center of the office.

I found a nice tools to make my raspberry pi zero even more awesome project. It will combine: Pi0 + Python + urwid + SlackClient + optional screen and speaker.

I will write some admin panel using urwid to control Slack chatbot. And using the chat I will manage pi by text commands.
For example: "make photo" and bot will embed it in chat. Or writing text in admin and Pi will syntesize voice thru speaker.

Real IoT! :)

#LibreMonday with some libre #gaming!

Tanks of Freedom is a pretty rad pixel art isometric TBS game, developed by P1X under the MIT license.

It uses the similarly licensed #GodotEngine game engine and can therefore run on all mainstream platforms (desktop, mobile, web).

Source code (MIT and CC-BY-SA 3.0):

#gamedev #libre #FOSS #pixelart

@sphinxc0re Raspberry Pi Zero + NoIR Camera + Dot pHat screen in a rainbow case. It is designed to make photos each 10 sec. I added the screen today. It will show some useful stuff about timelapse progress :)

reverse drawing order implemented, now I can draw some elements around the road! 🏎

@akien Now I see. There was all capslock labels :) (I have to small monitor to get that). And I sit on stable branch so everything was a new UI for me.

To celebrate #CAPSLOCKDAY, #GodotEngine developers decided to tweak the editor a bit for the upcoming Godot 3.0. How do you like it?

#gamedev #FOSS

@akien Very nice!

Clear and smooth. Also I like center icons for 2D/3D/script/assets.

@akien @BryanLunduke
awesome way to write my name in english! yes, it's K'chichtoff ;)