When errors becomes new effects.

Latest update: GLES3, 525,9 kB project size, $10 GPU but Quadro ;)

100% made inside (exept MIDI tune)

Tried GLES 3.0 and it worked this time. Scene looks so much better. Especially those bio materials are awesome. (512kB)

p.s. Floppy drive is ordered and thanks to a kind coworker I have two FDD disks to test. Est. delivery is for tomorrow.

Fun fact: all the materials are made using the same noise texture :)

Super simple clouds and sandstorm.

I think that this is a perfect candidate for next (video) tutorial for VisualShaders in

Project size: 421,8 kB

Intro/main/end scenes. MIDI music added (our).
Size: 595,5 kB

Recorded on very low GPU.

Testing MIDI playing!
Now with intro and (sample) music:
- Total disk usage: 804,0 KiB
- Apparent size: 629,9 KiB

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