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I thought I'd do a thread on and . But I think what I wrote almost 5 years ago is still the best explainer about my experience.

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4. The privileged middle class can take this hit - they can bargain better pay, but the daily-wage labourers and other members of the informal sector will be badly hit.

5. Of course, this government has no accountability and wastes our tax money of pointless things like statues and cow protection shelters, which makes us wonder why we pay taxes at all.

6. But paying tax is a duty, a patriotic duty, where we use our privilege to help build the lives of the not-so-fortunate.


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There's some discussion on doing away with Income Tax in India altogether. I think it's a bad idea. I'm not an expert but here's my take.

1. IT has been a way to subsidise goods and services for then poorest of poor. Through these subsidies, the economically backward section of our country make ends meet.

2. Removal of IT means the government cannot fund subsidies.

3. So they will go the indirect tax route. All goods and services will be more expensive - for everyone, including the poor.

Good morning Mastodoston! It's SHIT day - Sorry Honey, It's Thursday.

impeachment hearing, livetoot 

Which show's ending was the worst?

This is an incredibly long and painful (if you like me were an SC fan based on some the rulings) read on the unmaking of the SC under ex-CJI Gogoi. The Executive Court is an apt title

The loneliest people are the kindest. The saddest people smile the brightest. The most damaged people are the wisest. All because they do not wish to see anyone else suffer the way they do.

- Unknown

How Identity Politics works...

A: "We need to protest for higher wages!"

B:"Wait a minute, I'm Gay and oppressed. We have to fight for Gay rights first!"

C:"Bollocks! You're a white gay male. I'm a brown one so I'm more oppressed"

D:"FUCK U BOTH! I'm a lesbian sleeping with a black woman, im most oppressed"

A:"GUYS! This is about wages...please...focus"

B,C,D: "Oh my God, a straight white male is oppressing us with economic reductionism!"

It's not like I'm magically cured. I deal with it. I manage it. Sometimes well, sometimes not so well. I've gone through two breakdowns and one attempted suicide since writing that article. But I've survived. And I'm glad I have. 🙂

I thought I'd do a thread on and . But I think what I wrote almost 5 years ago is still the best explainer about my experience.

impeachment hearing, livetoot 

impeachment hearing, livetoot 

When my mum ran #windows, I regularly had tech support calls from her. In addition, I regularly had to run malwarebytes and av scans on her machine. Even still, she caught various malware, adware and got scammed in a TeamViewer "this is your ISP" call. That was the last straw and I gave her @ubuntumate #Ubuntu #mate LTS, firefox and ublock. The only tech call in two years was dead batteries in a wireless mouse, there's no spurious popups. And the PC is still as fast as day one. #justworks



I've written a letter to the Chief Justice, Jharkhand HC, against the shocking & arbitrary manner in which sedition charges have been applied against over 10,000 villagers in Khunti District of the adivasi community.

This is a clear violation of the SC's guidelines. (1/2)


Hey Mastodon. If you want to just vent and not get advice, use the content warning feature and type "no advice" in the text box. It's common practice on Mastodon servers. :)

We all have some aspects of it (gender, caste, region, language, sexuality, ableism, beauty, height, weight, colour, money, education). And the rest, we just have to negotiate, fight for or teach the world to not demand of us.

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