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Tamilian. Living in Bangalore. Married to a Maharashtrian. Cross breed kiddo. 🤣

Other family members include 3 cats (Simba, Ozzy and Albie), and a doggo (Kuttinai). I'm here for some sensible discussion and less name calling and trolling!

Have a strange habit of sharing kiddy songs and boosting my old toots.

I toot about life with and try my best to help others going through problems.

Beer lover, rum+coke enthusiast and pizza addict.

What started off as a headache in the morning is now definitely a neck pain. Can't turn my neck left. Hope my spondylosis isn't back. ☹️

102 children dead! What the hell is going on!


Kota Infant Deaths Rise to 102; Gehlot Makes it 'Top Priority' as Sonia Seeks Details, Centre Looks to Step in - News18

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@wabbster @KayKap
Lookie there, someone is moving fast.. 😂
Shhmarrtt move 👍

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For lunch today was methi ki roti (besan and aataa mixed) tamatar and garlic chutney and aaloo chhole.

Looking forward to this!!


10 Upcoming Marvel Movies That Will Prove Endgame Was Just The Beginning Of Something Better

Why do people convert a perfectly usable Excel spreadsheet to PDF? One of life's great mysteries.

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Spotted a artist of a dying art, in Nizamuddin (West) Delhi. Issued in public interest, in case anyone needs some old vessels refurbished

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Ratna Pathak Shah four months before CAA even came into the picture. This is outright..loud.


Should I tattoo my Aadhar Number already or should I wait for round 2 of the Nuremberg Laws Desi Version?

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Admin announcement 

2019 has been blocked and defederated. It will not be bothering us again

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5 lakh people attended the protest rally at Marine Drive, Kochi..

Peaceful and powerful..not a single incident of violence!

A rally organised by Muslim organisations, with the support of other faiths and members of Civil society is one of the biggest rallies against #CAA

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Good morning Mastodoston! First working day of 2020 for me. Wishing you all the very best in whatever you do this year!

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they invented new years to sell more calendars

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@wabbster aur jab raaste me maamu license maange toh kehna "Hum Kagaz Nahi Dikhayenge!"


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