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Mmm. New instance about Architectural Design - social.archi.

@archadmin Welcome! 🥂 🏰

@saper +1. I've asked syuilo about making recaptcha optional and got the reply that so it will be soon. I think the project has not yet gotten as much exposure and contributors as, e.g., Mastodon. They seem to be open to new ideas, contributions and help. :)

To whom it may concern:

Anyone may help translate #Misskey here:


Please, join, etc etc 🐾 #fediverse

cc @saper @m4sk1n

@lightone @m4sk1n another call for help would be this:

1) help them to get out of mongo
2) make recaptcha optional
3) make loading stuff from CDN/googleapis optional

They have merged 3 my pull requests in like 5 minutes! \o/

#globaluprise !Antifa Teltow/Stahnsdorf/Kleinmachnow !anarchy #antifa #anarchy !Fediverse come on, be a part of the solution !

We are partisans of the real, bearers of new worlds.

New video from Woodbine: "Coordinates" - anarchistnews.org/content/new-…

some words that I submitted got accepted in the english translation of ! I think that actually makes it my first contribution to an project other then talking about stuff with people.

My #jekyll blog now has a working Mastodon share-button. It was really easy to implement. I basically just followed @Gargron's example.

Example: jsfiddle.net/pvyoof6L/3/
My blog: jonne.arjoranta.fi

Hi how are you? I have been busy running around hanging out with humans in the sun.

“the unforetold, the unproven, that is what life is based on. Ignorance is the ground of thought. Unproof is the ground of action.” -Faxe [from The Left Hand of Darkness by Ursula K. Le Guin]

The real benefit of GDPR is I get emails reminding me of all the sites I have to delete my account on.

@bob I tried, I created my own alternative from scratch. Way more performant.




“However, in a Marxist revolution, the proletariat will come together to overthrow the bourgeoisie and ultimately, win the class conflict by taking control over their work, or striking. And if such a revolution occured in Brunt’s classroom, his students would overthrow him as a teacher — and the principal, the superintendent, and so on.”

Tired: not putting pronouns in your profile
Wired: putting pronouns in your profile as an ally
Inspired: putting pronouns in your profile cuz it's normal
Fourth item: not putting pronouns in your profile because you don't know anymore