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its the year 2030: twitter.com is the website of an insurance company in new jersey usa

didn't know you were here. you should at least turn on cross posting!

"The ultimate irony of course being that Electron was originally a Qt app. KHTML written against Qt by the KDE folks (some of whom turned into Qt folks) -> forked into WebKit by Apple when they needed a browser, using a shim layer to work on Cocoa, which grew into a platform abstraction framework -> forked into Blink, used in Electron. Qt begat its own competitor."

via news.ycombinator.com/item?id=1

Any geeks in Paris wanna get a coffee and talk about the internet? I know some things you probably don’t and visa versa.


tired: blog posts

wired: blob ghosts

What I really want to do is feel a bunch of mechanical keyboards. Where can I play with mechanical keyboards rn in Paris?!

If you say museums or the Eiffel Tower I’m gonna Block you.

Hey I’m in and have no plans today what should I do? Who should I meet? Have a bike to move about with.

Steve Jops founded Abble Computer

We tell each other to self host in order to escape the big corps. But when we die, all the self hosted stuff is going to get wiped and history will only remember the archives that got stored by the big corps. And you know how history is written by the winners. Do we need a way to automatically hand over our sites to archive.org or similar? Or send them disc images? Nobody expects to get run over by a car but some of us will, today. I made no plans for this.

@kensanata I've made plans with friends & family to - in case of my untimely demise - continue running my domains, and serve a static snapshot of contents. All the tools to do this are prepared, all passwords in a KeePassXC database, etc. I've written up instructions about what needs to be shut down and how, have a small amount of money set aside for a few years of hosting costs, so my content should be good for a decade or two after I'm gone. We should all be doing something similar.

@0x1C3B00DA shouldn't this possible with oauth or something like this, like the "Sign in with GitHub" buttons, just with "Sign in with: Enter fediverse name".
@hisham_hm that's why the fediverse needs an authentication solution. You should only need one account to access any of the federated services
@wakest i cant seem to get federation to happen with anyone other than you. not sure where to look or who to ask