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@kevinmarks watching you get Leo to sign up for Fritter was funny.

RT @ManishEarth@twitter.com: Wonderful. Facebook has blocked the totally-legit non-crashy version of the original Telugu crasher (జ్ఞా), but not any of the thousands of crashy variants. Good job Facebook. A lack of జ్ఞానం on your part, both literally and figuratively. twitter.com/Kurmanath/status/9

RT @Eff__Jay@twitter.com: in the face of persistent commentary by my vile critics, I present the re-revamped horny-hungry-sad-angry diagram, also known as "Fig 2.1", now with FOUR corners

RT @patricktrack@twitter.com: @pieratt@twitter.com @robinsloan@twitter.com a resurgence of rss would be amazing

RT @pieratt@twitter.com: Medium articles feel instantly stale and corny. Indie blog posts feel static and calcified. - - Something new for longform must be right around the bend. What’s next? P2P publishing?

@nonphatic you just took 15 minutes from the end of my life.

@hluanvu somehow you just liked my post like 20 times in a row. how is this possible hmmm @Gargron mastodon.social/media/O32WP5e-

@Gargron might be nice to link the 'posted from client ...' text to the client its posted from. Or is this already possible? example: I have been using Mastodon Twitter Crossposter, heres a link to a post posted from it mastodon.social/@wakest/995611 shouldn't the text link to who ever is the client that has use of posting privileges?

"Marsh Chamberlain, a UI designer at Netscape from version 0 to 0.4, designed...the classic missing image icon."

via westies.co/products/the-broken

Software archivist people and metadata librarians: how to properly cite versioned and packaged software? Is there a winning provenance metadata standard? (Compiler and build environment information)