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@rmdes @agektmr are you using a mastodon plugin on Known? I didn't realize one had been written yet.

@agektmr my pleasure :) I'm huge fan of the principles ! & this is how my Known dashboard look like :) mastodon.indie.host/media/U1gF

@agektmr Well...I guess I am :) when I #POSSE my blog post/status over here, I'm using Known with a "GNU social-compatible server" ie: Mastodon :)

@rmdes Ah, I meant to ask if Known has a feature to mention someone using OStatus :)
But apparently not. Thanks for the pointer.

hey #fediverse and #mastodon go follow my father @memexikon I think he needs some company...

I wanted to do this last year but never got around to it. An online collection of #pwoermds audio files pronounced by their creators. Let me know if you'd be interested in audiologizing yours. Question is where to host it, maybe bandcamp, maybe soundcloud.

@memexikon I think I am following too many people haha I just saw that you'e been posting here a bunch but I hadn't seen any of it.

I'm going to work on really knowing this admin stuff and writing up Rules/TOS/etc. Then I would potentially open for a few accounts.

Would like to lean very heavily on having input from PoC and LGBTQ communities/individuals. I don't by any means intend for this instance to add to my plate, but even a very small community will be better for thinking ahead.

Thanks to everyone who is helping me settle in to my new home here in Kitty.Town. 😽

Folks running your own instances of Mastodon via the Scalingo or Heroku installations, you’re going to start losing federation in ~30 days following your installation unless you run the rake tests mentioned here manually:


We’re going to need to raise some awareness about this if we want to avoid a possible #fedepocalypse (#f2k?) :)

(See mastodon.social/users/Gargron/)

@esdin federated timeline is for any account that has been interacted with between instances. so since yours is only you on your instance it will only be filled with people you have interacted with or searched for from your instance.

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Oh btw I gave a talk yesterday about the artistic possibilities of Mastodon called "Infrastructure as Shitpost"