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Stayed up till 7am so now 4pm is my morning.

RT @simulacraycray@twitter.com: New York City: if you can make it here, you can pretty much guarantee that your learned defense mechanisms will make you look like a psychopath anywhere else

RT @openbazaar@twitter.com: Translators, can you or someone you know help us finish these languages? OpenBazaar is VERY close to being complete in Arabic, Spanish, Dutch & Russian! Join the team on @transifex@twitter.com & receive a free tshirt when your language team reaches completion: transifex.com/ob1/openbazaar

RT @markpopham@twitter.com: so was Sesame Street a traditionally Muppet neighborhood that humans moved into or vice versa

RT @brianchoffman@twitter.com: Do not fear censorship. Do something about it. Contribute to a decentralized project. Write code. Tell a friend. Use the damn software. Get the word out. Centralized sites use your data until they’re at risk then throw you away.

RT @TorEkelandPC@twitter.com: List all the platforms you use on the internet daily and ask yourself, who owns them? Then ask yourself who's funding the "internet freedom" non-profits whose talking points you're uncritically parroting.

RT @BeffernieBlack@twitter.com: Bring facebook into public ownership? Are you... are you suggesting we [dramatic pause] seize the memes of production? twitter.com/paulmasonnews/stat

woah why did no one tell me has full federation with now!?

over 50 favs on an awoo, I think thats the most I've gotten on the

RT @baukevanderlaan@twitter.com: Lately I’m intrigued by decentralized publishing as explored by @neauoire@twitter.com, @jondashkyle@twitter.com and @BeakerBrowser@twitter.com.

I find it very elegant how appreciating information equals sustaining it. Traditional likes and retweets seem trivial in comparison.

RT @Cyclideon@twitter.com: Elon Musk supporting direct democracy in a hypothetical Martian society but preventing his workers from unionizing is peak liberalism.

is there any chrome extension for directly sharing a link from a site your on over to yet?

not layed out or typeset yet but if I made some t-shirts of this would anyone want one?

RT @MattCropp@twitter.com: JoinMastodon.org!

If you're a real co-op geek, join our co-opy instance. Otherwise, find an instance with an affinity that seems cool, or host your own! twitter.com/BoingBoing/status/