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its the year 2030: is the website of an insurance company in new jersey usa

RT > Not even with the use of differential privacy and FHE?

If I could encrypt my body while walking around in public I would...

I excited about the possibility of deep learning making it insanely cheap to make movies to the point where solo artists can make successful ones.

Besides Twitter, you can now follow this account also on Mastodon:

logged into my older profile here to check the federated timeline and its all porn lol

So the new owner of Circle Foods is a reality TV house flipper who loves cops. I posted this on twitter and they liked it obviously not understanding my irony of why I was quoting their cop hugging photo.

RT by -- a browser extension that changes the reCaptcha "I'm not a robot" line to "I want to do unpaid image classification"

can you explain this three card spread to me? I found each card 10 feet apart yesterday in the parking lot of an abandoned powerplant.

Currently on my way to Detroit for a week! Who should I hang with?!

"I have absolutely nothing against male 'historians', as long as they don't skew everything towards men and men's history." Mary, proper historian

To all sportsboys. Don't be AFRAID of your abilities! It's OK to be a boy and sporty at the same time. Some women actually find it attractive.

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