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its the year 2030: is the website of an insurance company in new jersey usa

dammit I need to turn off cross posting its fucking confusing

wow the federated timeline on is filled with porn and basically more porn

woah the buttons on mastodon 3 have background hover rectangles

meet my new friend!

new features bring about some serious creative potential in the imagined faces realm of art making

ok goose game just made #1 in the US. I need to play it now.

had a great time last night hearing talk of their experiences with the floating cities project at and getting to see a gaggle of friends faces on the wall in berlin like those of @swoonhq, @__moreferalthan__,,…

Any recommendations for a twitter app for iOS that doesnt have ads?

What about doing a data dump of all google maps data and making a pirate version?

Pawoo says please continue to report spam accounts thanks

a pivotal moment in time when explained what virtue signaling was to me while riding on the M train

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