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its the year 2030: is the website of an insurance company in new jersey usa

something ironic about a Diaspora post on the front of hacker news pining about old office technology

Demo of viewing a non-pixelfed remote group.

We're almost there folks! 🚀

When fedi falls apart I vote we all head to the Neopets forums

I know this account is sorta dead but I can’t login to my real account from the new mastodon app for some reason so I thought I’d try from here.

Looking at ’s job list gives the impression that looking to launch a subscription service, and something about ? Payed Tumblr federated over matrix could be pretty interesting.

Then you can follow other accounts, on the same server or on other servers (more on federation later). Your can allow anyone to follow you, or approve each follower.

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should I start posting on mastodon dot social instead of my single user instance of @liaizon?

私のマストドンへの登録日は2016年10月25日(火) 15時49分00秒です。登録してから3年以上経過しました🎉

Hey, so, since Mastodon's been amazing to me and probably the main drive force behind the recent pin sales, I'd love to give back a little. I don't have a ton of money (shop/patreon are pretty much my only sources atm) but I'd like to donate $50 between, say, 5 servers that are struggling just as a test for now?
Paypal only, sorry i'm not one of the cool kids :( If you're an admin of a masto instance or would like to nominate one, DM me!
(got covered already, of course)

@tootapp BlurHash should be put into a client side XMPP extension!

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