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its the year 2030: is the website of an insurance company in new jersey usa

This article debacle vaguely reminds me of newbies coming into Occupy ICE camp and asking who's the one in charge of such-and-such. This space was absolutely anarchist by necessity. This space existed in everyone's spare moments and free time, so there couldn't be 'The Person In Charge Of Thing'. Often, the answer to the newbie's question was to bring them to the tent where such-and-such Was Done and then tell them to help themselves. It was a beautiful and odd dissonance of function for people looking for hierarchy where there isn't and couldn't be. It was overwhelming to a lot, I'm sure, especially near the end of the month-long run of the camp. There was plenty to do, and people were generally helpful in whatever direction was needed. So it often felt, to those that think in hierarchies, that they must become Person In Charge of Thing, when that would clearly be asking too much of one being, and also, no one was asking them to do it. They confuse decentralization with chaos.

My mind goes weird places when i'm stressed out and at a drink and draw. #mastoart

and to fellow marginalized people who maybe actually do feel the sting of some of the things that have happened, please consider that sticking it out, carving your own space out in the fediverse, and getting involved in some way in changing the things you don't like is going to be less dangerous and less taxing than going crawling back to corporate social media, most likely.

there's been a pretty stellar core group of marginalized/queer instance admins popping up in the last 6 months. id love to have more people help us build something better, for us.

@sophia Pleroma isn't FOSS though because it's not on Github like Mastodon is.

I am HURTED you have not been following me post pleroma transition @rw

I made a little thing on Glitch for making blackout poetry, so you can be emo on the internet faster and more efficiently

@KitRedgrave everything written in a language I can't read is probably a shitpost about me and everything I believe in

2020 lets all move back to gnu social just to freak eugene out

I want to see a dunk piece on the front page of some news website about how japanese misskey is. whats wrong with them! how dare they!

wait so if mastodon is crumbling does that mean its post apocalyptic cause I am so down

If I read one more piece about an internet space that doesn't mention that we are interacting on a global level with people speaking thousands of languages I... wont be surprised...

Why do people keep assuming Eugene is not queer? Has Eugene stated such?

Journalism about digital space is fucking hard. I have rarely read a single piece I could just nod my head to. We all have different reasons for using social media. Everything is experiential.

reading everyones hot takes about the daily dot piece. ugh. people are really forgetting how decentralization works. there is no "mastodon" culture. there are bubbles. failing to mention that over half the people on the fediverse don't speak english and live in countries that have their own politics and their own presidents and dictators to talk about.

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