Converting an old Duo core laptop to a server, to host a few docker containers for my own and family's use. No desktop environment will be installed. So, set it up with @ubuntu, @debian or @ManjaroLinux?

Today I released v2.0.3r2 not only for but also for for the first time. Go on, grab it and give it a try. It is awesome. You can find more info on this at

Like every Friday, join me today to see which graphics applications can be used with MorphOS and what are the options. We will see 68k classic software but also a few exclusives. My stream starts in an hour at See you all there.

The new iGame v2.1 just got released, with more fixes and more awesomeness. It is in the upload queues of Aminet and OS4Depot, but you can download it now from Have fun with it

Everyone needs to listen to a "Thank you" for what they are doing. It motivates a lot. For that reason, I and my supporters decided to thank @confusedbunny today with a small donation, for the tireless work he is doing for our community. More info at

Join me at 19:00 UTC / 20:00 CET on streaming about MorphOS, accessing the internet with this amazing operating system for fun

Join me at 19:00 UTC / 20:00 CET on streaming about MorphOS, where we will update to the latest 3.17 version and a lot more. Come over and let's discuss this amazing OS

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Good morning! I think I successfully uploaded my first video to @tilvids!

Just a simple port of my #QEMU/#KVM video from #YouTube to #Peertube. If you're a fan of #Linux content, you might enjoy!

"Flowing boxes" made with Cinema4D v4 for Amiga and ImageFX. That's part of the experimentations I keep doing. Hope you like it.

I am having fun experimenting with water effects the last few days, working with Cinema 4D v4 on AmigaOS. It is quite interesting the result you can get with this 20+ years old software.

Join me at 19:00 UTC / 20:00 CET on streaming about MorphOS 3.16, where we will check the preferences and how you can make it work as want to. Come over and let's discuss this amazing OS

Today I decided to support @Futaura
for the exceptional work he is doing for our community, by donating 50% of all the contributions I received in March. I do it every month, and if you want to learn more or be part of my awesome supporters, have a look at

Lately, I find Markdown quite useful for doing any kind of documentation. It's easy to format the text and create a hierarchy. And with the right tools, you can convert it to almost anything you need. Even to a very nice printable PDF file. Up for

Yesterday I had a great time on my stream, discussing MorphOS 3.16 for two hours. I would like to thank everyone who joined me and made it such fun. If you missed it you can always find the recording on

Join me at 19:00 UTC / 20:00 CET on streaming about MorphOS 3, which is going to be the second part of getting familiar with the system. Come over and let's discuss for this amazing OS

In one hour from now, I'll be streaming on about MorphOS. Starting my new series about this amazing OS, join me to discuss and learn more by running the very new MorphOS 3.16 version, released just a week ago

Join me tomorrow on my Friday stream, where I return to my beloved A1200 and try to make it glow with the Solas board by @daedalus2097. Together, we will install the board and set up the software. Lets have fun

As February went away, this time I doubled the contributions from my supporters and donated to the Ukrainian Red Cross to support the people in need My heart and my mind is with Ukrainian people and I wish this madness will stop soon

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