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this is a really depressing read on the problems with Reddit (in particular, but social sites in general) that are created by focusing on growth above all else, and deliberately ignoring bad user behaviour

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I just finished reading "Weapons of Math Destruction" and highly recommend it. As it's US-centric, it doesn't give good examples of WMD algorithms and modelling from Aus. or elsewhere, but there are a lot - the Centrelink debacle has already been mentioned as an example of punishing the poor and vulnerable via such means.

One quote I like in the conclusion is "Big data processes codify the past. They do not invent the future." We need to stop reinventing prejudice in our software.

I wrote a sort of review for Love, Simon (go see it if you enjoy teen romantic comedies)

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Love, Simon is a gem of a movie and I highly recommend it. I have feels and will try and write a longer review later once I organise my thoughts

So I lost the argument about using self-signed certificates. Apparently pointing out that they have issues; that security is not something you can just throw a technical solution at, makes me a zealot spouting administration ideology. I guess I have a new job title, now ๐Ÿ˜’

I'm getting a developer at work asking about shipping a webapp secured with self-signed certificates. My expectation is that customers would have their own mandated policy on web security and they'd provide certs from LetsEncrypt etc. to us for post-install integration.Does anyone have any experiences to share? My instinct is to stomp hard on this idea but not if this is a reasonable thing to do

Given the large number of anecdotal reports I have read about people refusing to claim benefits that they're entitled to, just so they don't have to suffer abuse at the hands of the DHS, I guess it's job well done for the dept.'s apparent primary goal of spending as little as possible. Of course is the prime example of such abuse โ˜น

Just yesterday, I was reading about DHS staff in Aus. ignoring someone have a heart attack in their office because the thought he was faking ilness for benefits. Luckily he didn't die!

"Woman accused of faking illness to avoid UK deportation died five days later"

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I remember vaguely enjoying The Breakfast Club and the other Ringwald films. At the time I was just passed my teenage years so the immediacy of teenage experience was missing. There was also an "American-ness" to the films that was alienating for me but I agree with Molly's reasoning on why they were so important

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Iris Slappendel writes about sexism in pro cycling and the need for change

Op-Ed: The Institutional Sexism in Cycling Needs to End | Outside Online

I like this - a "bill of rights"/contract between management and software engineers.

OMFG whargarbble!!&@*(! ROFLMAO

Seriously, The Juice Media are great at satirising some fucking crazy shit that the Australian Govt. thinks is OK. You should all throw some love (or cash) their way