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"While the pursuit of a universal basic income (human stipend) isn’t as urgent as adoption of blockchain" - DIAF and take your blockchain with you!

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I've been wrestling with cults for decades, so I can tell you: Jordan Peterson is a cult leader.

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My review of Solo? It was a movie.

It wasn't worth $21, but no movie is. Still, Solo wasn't worth even half that much

This is hilarious 😂

The Incel Song of J. Alfred Prufrock

Let us go then, you and I, When the evening is spread out against the sky Like an equal redistribution of sexual resources. Let us go, through cert...

I got complimented on my old Critical Mass Sydney t-shirt today. .. knew I kept this ratty old thing around for a reason ☺

Hey, dude! I'm a cyclist too. I appreciate that it can be hard to take your hands off the brakes etc. to ding that bell the govt. requires we all have. You still have a voice, though, and calling "passing" or similar politely is easy 😑

A woman was jogging with her dog through the park, and it suddenly decided enough was enough and lay down, almost pulling her down with it

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If I could convince Mastodon at large of only one thing, it would be this:

if you see someone complaining, DO NOT give them advice.

If someone ASKS for advice, offer it.

But 90% of the time, someone complaining is just venting. They're not telling you the whole story, and they're not receptive to being given advice, because in that mental state, your "good-natured advice" is their "HERE'S HOW YOU'RE DOING THIS WRONG".

Do not respond with advice unless it's asked for.

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"Toward the aftermath, the main question is What will be left of advertising—and what it supports—after the adtech bubble pops?"

"Adtech is built to undermine the brand value of all the media it uses"

"Adtech spies on people and violates their privacy. By design."

Due to the headwind, I knew I was putting a lot of effort into keeping a decent pace. It turns out that for 50% of the ride my heart rate was above 150bpm and it was above 130bpm for over 90% of the time. I feel pleasantly exhausted now but not over-stressed, which is good.

Winter has hit Sydney this week. I went out for my morning ride today and it was 13 degrees with a blustery westerly and scattered showers. I felt virtuous for 5 minutes until I realised the amount of children playing sport with their parents shivering on the sideline.

My Velocio gilet has a broken zip and I had to drag out my old Team Matrix one. It's usable but hasn't got pockets or a long back and I'll have to go buy a new one while trying to avoid getting additional pretty but expensive kit

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How Google allows any websites to deanonymize you in one click

Team Hitec - one of the oldest teams in the womens' peleton, and a major incubator for international talent, has had a major sponsor pull out and is now looking for €50,000 in order to continue the 2018 racing program and to pay wages for riders and support staff.

If you're at all interested in watching and supporting professional cycling, please contribute at

I've signed up for this year's Gong Ride. I'm hoping that my brother and I can raise at least $500 to help the MS Society. You can donate at

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