A local JW bible-basher is posting hand-written letters about plague and pestilence to the surrounding area 🤡

Walking through the Newtown lanes, I passed a privet bush in full bloom. I hate that sickly sweet smell and it's a main contributor to my seasonal allergies - it's a weed that was everywhere when I was growing up in the country.

Masks are good, though. I could barely smell anything this time

The pineapple sage is in full bloom and the bees are happy

Help! I've fallen into a sea shanty rabbit hole and can't get out...

Guess who's just spent over 5 hours working because of DDOS attack on another customer of our hosting provider :blobugh:

I didn't push my chair in as I got up after lunch. When I was putting the plate in the sink, I heard a crash and turned around to see that Daisy had used the chair as a springboard to jump up onto the table. No food or anything breakable there, luckily...

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Family, MH 

I thought for a while that it might be possible to reconnect with my father after years of not speaking. However I just hung up on him mid-sentence through an anti-lockdown rant.

He kept repeating the same lies he's read in the Murdoch press, and refuses to accept that people might lie to put profits ahead of public health. I think I'm better off without him in my life

I'm cat-sitting again. After a couple if weeks, Pi is brave/bored/... enough to go exploring. Now he wants to go outside. Not a good idea, unfortunately

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where were you when you found out the UK's track and trace software (which cost 12 billion quid) has excel as a backing database

sadly there is a backlog of cases which were untracked because they exceeded the excel row limit

worry not, they have solved the problem and are now using two excel files to keep track of people

My brother caught the neighbour attempting to start work early by tearing down a shed on Sunday afternoon. He put a stop to that quick smart

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I'm babysitting my brother's cat for a week while their neighbour begins demolition for a rebuild. As per usual, Pi has gone to ground and only comes out to eat in the middle of the night. Maybe he'll be more sociable in a day or two. The ironic thing is that our council are going to be working outside on a footpath rebuild so we'll have noise as well, although hopefully not as much as at my brothers place

I just got a flier from the NSW Govt. in the mailbox. Apparently there's a "popup" cycleway from Petersham to Newtown coming soon. Because apparently creating proper permanent cycling resources is beyond the imagination of NSW public servants 😒

I've spent a few days binging October Faction and it's quite reasonable, although it doesn't take the genre anywhere too different. There's some good world building and character development and I quite like some of the special effects. Unfortunately it appears it's been cancelled.

One immediate impression when I started was that there was a big age difference between the parents. It turns out that they were both born in 1970 so I guess he just aged badly :)

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auspol, accc, FandG 

I blogged about the ACCC and Google/Facebook thing. It's long, about 5,500 words: eigenmagic.com/2020/09/07/a-de

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