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One of the bad ads before Black Panther was for Audible. Apparently the type of person the company attracts, or wants to attract, is a white boomer hetro male who loves Foreigner or Bread, hates literature but needs to pretend that he reads just to fool his potential sexual conquests. The tagline is something like 'I said I read it but I lied' but sung by a old balding man with no shirt as an 80s stadium rock anthem. It's pathetic and only makes me hate Audible, not want to sign up.

Something I just recalled about going to see Black Panther yesterday - how incoherently the advertising was targeted. It appears, at least in Sydney, neither advertisers nor Hoyts know what the target audience is for such a movie. There were family and children targetted in some and white boomer men in others and the strategy appeared to be that they'd throw everything against the wall in the hope that something would stick. None of it did, IMO.

Black Panther is da bomb! Stellar work on all fronts. From the opening animation with the sand particle effects, I was captivated. I think I'll have to see it again to catch some of the detail I'm sure I missed this time.

I've been a bit worried about how the Victoria Park path renovation would end up, but it is turning out decently. They've planted trees which should restore shade before long, and added side paths to the university and City Road so that people needn't walk across and kill the grass.

What a load of absolute crap! We've always had, and known we've had, the right to judge politicians on their morals - and we've been doing that for as long as I recall. This is not profundity on Turnbull's part, it's a successful reframing of Barnaby's faults in terms of sex, not corruption, for the media. They might have fallen for it, but we haven't.

Thus is a good write-up of the latest incarnation of the Australian national women's cycling team and their approach to racing, winning and mentoring of up and coming talent over the summer. It was wonderful to see newcomer Brodie Chapman win and now also to see that Team Tibco has given her a contract.

Important IT safety information for Australians.

DHS has been forced, through a FOI request, to make public a document how there will be a 3 month window sometime this year in which you can opt out of Australia's e-health record scheme. Since the APS is colossally inept at IT, you should not trust them to keep your health data safe from hackers. Opt out as soon as you can!

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John Perry Barlow has died. He was a founding member of both the Electronic Frontier Foundation and the Freedom of the Press Foundation, and wrote the "Declaration of Cyberspace Independence", which begins...

> "Governments of the Industrial World, you weary giants of flesh and steel, I come from Cyberspace, the new home of Mind. On behalf of the future, I ask you of the past to leave us alone."

He was a visionary and it is our loss.

This is fascinatingly scary. There's no way I would ever want even half the crap mentioned in this article. My DVD players has internet connectivity but I've deliberately refused to connect to to any network because of privacy concerns as well as not wanting it to be crippled remotely by the manufacturer.

The article didn't mention how much data was sent per month, nor what that might cost. It must be amazingly high.

This is a good clear explanation of the lunacy and history of the automated money gouging service that is Australia's "robodebt", as well as the victim blaming that poor people are subject to.

the wonderful smell of rain as the cool change blows through after a stinker of a day 💨💦💕

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Apparently, American music, video games, and movies are only played within our borders, causing an epidemic of violence.

NITV is running a twitter hashtag campaign to raise awareness of Aboriginal heritage on ownership of the land.

For the record, I was born on Eora land, raised on Bunjalung land and living back on Eora land

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