I just got a flier from the NSW Govt. in the mailbox. Apparently there's a "popup" cycleway from Petersham to Newtown coming soon. Because apparently creating proper permanent cycling resources is beyond the imagination of NSW public servants 😒

I've spent a few days binging October Faction and it's quite reasonable, although it doesn't take the genre anywhere too different. There's some good world building and character development and I quite like some of the special effects. Unfortunately it appears it's been cancelled.

One immediate impression when I started was that there was a big age difference between the parents. It turns out that they were both born in 1970 so I guess he just aged badly :)

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auspol, accc, FandG 

I blogged about the ACCC and Google/Facebook thing. It's long, about 5,500 words: eigenmagic.com/2020/09/07/a-de

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..or at least that's how I see it now, looking back (as well as re-reading and re-watching simply for the pleasure in the story and the language). As an adult that mix of love and loss was found in Buffy and Sandman, and other interesting re-imagings of classic tales and tropes.

Now I've just finished watching the adaptation of Lucifer. I binged the first few seasons but had to parcel out the last one as I couldn't face having no more. I really hope S5 hasn't disappeared into the COVID void.

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There's a strange hollow but satisfied feeling you get when you get to the end of a really engaging TV series or a book that is unique; one that captivates you totally - one that drags you into a narrative, a world that you don't want to leave. As a young adult, that was LoTR, and earlier it was the Narnia series. Maybe you can never quite recapture that original experience of love and then loss after you finished, and I used to consistently re-read them in search of it again...

That said, I still follow a few artists and pay attention to buzz around new music. Yesterday I listened to Folklore and loved/bought it and realise I have more Taylor Swift albums in my music collection than some of my old favourites. When I was younger, that would have appalled me, I think. Maybe I've grown up past stupid prejudices now.

I hope so

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I haven't bought or listened to much music at all in the last year or so. Much as I love music and played when I was younger, music turned into something to provide a refuge in an open plan office. That changed when the old company when to remote working and I could reconnect with silence or ambient (quiet) sounds.

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I'm at the local kebab shop and there's a couple of guys in camouflage gear with badges labelled "information warfare force". I bet the uniform comes in real handy when they're lurking on reddit 😀

I'm a bit late to this article, but it's an amazing story of perseverance and triumph over adversity 

I'm watching the official video for "The Passenger" and wondering how come I haven't listened to Iggy in ages 

More local street art in Enmore - part of a building-length piece near the TAFE at Enmore

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do you have any idea what "a11y" means?

please boost this, I'm actually curious

This is a newish piece of art in the pedestrian rail underpass near Albemarle Street. I love the use of negative space

After the early morning rains, there are patches of colour scattered through the streets and standing out against the asphalt

racial discrimination and twitter 

This is an interesting read about a crisis text line with a problematic CEO. Employees were forced to expose her behaviour via twitter after the company's board ignored complaints.


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