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Just noticed that in the original 1978 Superman's intro, both Marlon Brando and Gene Hackman got credited before the film title, and Christopher Reeve only got credited after the title.

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Jaco walked past the coffee machine, on top of which Jobasha was lying, and instead of doing what he usually does and reaching out a paw for attention, Jobasha literally rolled off the machine with the blind faith that Jaco would catch him on the way past - which he did - and then was just lying there in Jaco's arms looking entirely unphased like everything had gone exactly according to plan (which it probably had).

Make that a wind turbine. I'll do the wine one next. :P :P

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FOSS software to simulate a wind tunnel, anyone? I want to CAD out a design for a wine turbine and test it basically without physically making anything,

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Penguicon should have an outing to Boulders Beach down here, it's a penguin breeding colony and you can go chill on the beach with the penguins -en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Boulders :D

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A conversation with friends reminded me of the very funny NSFW short film "A Heap of Trouble" and I'm not gonna pass up an opportunity to post that again, enjoy:


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All hail the mother who suplexes her son for acting like a turd.

I don't like people like this so I have no regrets about my douchey reply. :)

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Sam hits a rock. Hits another rock.
"Watch that tree, babe!" the song taunts him. He's skiing backwards now. Another rock, and now Sam's in the air, T-pose as he falls, hits another rock, takes to the air again. "Someone's happy," Sam quips to BB, who loves it when Sam goes fast.
"I can't ski babe!"
More rocks, Sam's spinning now, tumbling, and then smacks into a cliff-face. He bounces off, reeling, staggering to find his footing.
"Ugh, fuck me," Sam grumbles.

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Jaco playing Death Stranding. Climb an epic mountain, trudging through the snow for long minutes. Gets to the top. "Right, I'm going to ski down Slopey Mc Slopeface." He tabs out, queues up a song.
The song starts. "Since he was young he loved the slopes,
Sonny loved careening through the snow..."
He stands Sam on a floating carrier and steers him toward the slope. It's going well. The song picks up. Sam goes faster. The snow turns to grass. The song reaches the chorus. "I can't ski babe!"

If you remember arcade culture at all, I highly recommend watching Hi Score Girl. It's some of the most wholesome shit ever.

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