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If 10 more people buy my game on Steam it will go over the payment threshold and I'll actually get a check from Valve. Anyone?


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I'm popular with the kids! I kid... I don't know what the Overwatch community was like before they introduced this system, but I'm fairly sure the positive feedback loop can't be a bad thing. It does feel good to receive and give these.

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Me: Ooh, this quest gives me a mount
@warpgate9 : Is it a nice mount?
Me: It's an Undercity plague bat
J: That doesn't sound like it... aMOUNTs to much
Me: I'll mount my fist in your face

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We're live!! Secure your very own BlueGrow Garden for 40% off the retail price at a mere $100 (plus postage) - only 100 units available at this price so get in there fast!

(A hydroponic vertical garden system that's water, energy and space efficient, grows greens quickly with minimal effort, and is cheaper than a lot of similar units on the market!)


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We've 'launched' the pre-launch for the BlueGrow Garden, the hydroponic system I mentioned here a while back. The full campaign will be going live in two weeks, but meanwhile you can get a sneak preview of the system and its benefits on the pre-launch page.

It's produced here in South Africa, but it'll be cheaper than other units on the market even after postage.

Please share, here or elsewhere with your gardening friends! :D


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