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I've added 15 new high res fractal images to my shared Fractal Wallpapers folder that my Patreons have access to. For the pittance of $1 a month you, too, can have the key to this magical trove of over 500 fractalicious colourful images. :D


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Simulators are great for trying things that they'll never allow in real life. Landed a glider on an aircraft carrier yesterday in X-Plane 11.

I got up earlier to get my credit card to pay for something, but somehow returned with a banana.

@Tak Hey! Any chance that a 2017.4.17 Linux editor is planned to be added at some point? Not a request, just wondering. :)

Was going to cw this, but no idea what to even say about it.

tldr; It was to be a Dazzler film, set in a post apoc. future NYC in which '...Lower Hattan, ruled by Cher as the witch queen, and Upper Hattan ruled by Donna Summer as the queen of fire.'

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If 10 more people buy my game on Steam it will go over the payment threshold and I'll actually get a check from Valve. Anyone?


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