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Gamers really hate people like me, and they really hate when transgender people - or anyone who falls outside their preconceived norm - are represented in video games.
Watch "The Phobia of Gamers" now on YouTube:

WoW. It's been over 10 years since I last played this. Never thought I would again, but here I am.

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Trying the newest-ish Warframe stuff. Prettiest forest of pustules ever.

Ankama. Always such great stories, art direction and animation. And yet they remain quite obscure outside of France. youtube.com/watch?v=Wc8Z_o1xQO

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This demo.

This demo right here.


SO much this.


This says what I feel.

Espresso machine or cat butt-warmer? (eye contact, I guess)

Since we're doing this again, where did I pack the glow sticks?

The last 3 Japanese RPGs I played all had casinos in them. What's up with that? Anyone got any insight?

Soooo, the way "a walk in the park" and "a piece of cake" somehow got merged into "cakewalk". Is that as a result of humour, or not understanding words?

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