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This demo.

This demo right here.


SO much this.


This says what I feel.

Espresso machine or cat butt-warmer? (eye contact, I guess)

Since we're doing this again, where did I pack the glow sticks?

The last 3 Japanese RPGs I played all had casinos in them. What's up with that? Anyone got any insight?

Soooo, the way "a walk in the park" and "a piece of cake" somehow got merged into "cakewalk". Is that as a result of humour, or not understanding words?

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If there's one thing I'm learning listening to @warpgate9 playing Assassin's Creed Oddyssey it's that everybody in ancient Greece was horny on main

These pubs/devs pulling games from GeForce Now are being arses and they should feel bad.

Steve Ballmer 

Despite this ad they still managed to gain a near-monopoly on the desktop. Or maybe it was BECAUSE of this ad? Except in Nebraska.


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Meanwhile, here's my album of 'proper' Witcher 3 shots using ReShade for some extra graphicsy stuff.


I've played the game for three hours, travelled about three meters from the starting village, and accomplished the grand task of getting some old woman her frying pan back. This is going to be one of those games it takes me forever to play through because the scenery is SO GORGEOUS I'm stopping every few steps to take more shots.

I don't know why my phone thinks the word 'Krispy' should be followed by 'Cthulhu' but OK, phone,whatever.

Hey Linuxistas, is there a central resource where one can search for if a piece of hardware works with Linux?

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