Not a shot that will be used in-game for Maker's Eden act 3, I just think it looks cool.

Been using an Android tablet as an external instrument panel for X-Plane 11 and it dawned on me... What if the US government now has a detailed record of me practicing bombing runs on the White House?

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. @warpgate9 and I run a community #Minecraft server, . It's family-friendly, we have teeny tiny childlings playing there with their parents/siblings, and it's LGBTQ friendly and autism friendly (and just generally fosters a community of respect). It's a very kind, warm environment to play in. If you play Minecraft and want an inclusive and welcoming server to play on, check us out. :)

Hi hi hi! I uploaded a proof of concept puzzle game to Itch in an attempt to raise $400 to finish up the much-improved follow-up.

Boosting would be much appreciated.

Using an old Nexus 7 tablet as an extra instrument panel because I can.

Woke up with the urge to jam out a small game today. Shoot me. Extra weird too since I'm bleary as all geddout. Let's see after second cappucino.

Decided to give DirectX9 to Vulkan translation layer D9VK a go with Dragon's Dogma: Dark Arisen. Found one of my new favourite RPGs in the process.

My apologies for the spammy posts about to follow. I have decided to revive my bloggy thing. Starting slowly with just 4 posts while I get back into the writing thing. (I am so very out of it still)

Anyhoo, 4 posts, 4 toots. Here we go.

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I've added 15 new high res fractal images to my shared Fractal Wallpapers folder that my Patreons have access to. For the pittance of $1 a month you, too, can have the key to this magical trove of over 500 fractalicious colourful images. :D

#MastoArt #CreativeToots #OneDollarPatreon

Simulators are great for trying things that they'll never allow in real life. Landed a glider on an aircraft carrier yesterday in X-Plane 11.

I got up earlier to get my credit card to pay for something, but somehow returned with a banana.

@Tak Hey! Any chance that a 2017.4.17 Linux editor is planned to be added at some point? Not a request, just wondering. :)

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