Streaming some Death Stranding on Twitch. Feel free to come say hi.

Late to the party, giving Starcraft II a try. Why the heck does Tychus Findlay smoke a cigar INSIDE his closed helmet?

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I'm still often amazed that we claim the patent system is functional but it doesn't reject as obvious things like "this game controller designed to fit nicely in your hand and offer buttons for interaction: what if that included big buttons on the side directly away from the user (where their fingers rest) as well as classic placement on the sides towards and side on to the user".

My "no vehicles" playthrough of Death Stranding is going well. This is slower, but am finding it more rewarding. Bet your ass I will be building zip lines though.

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Has anyone seen Veneno? ( Particularly from the trans community - what's it like? Good representation?

My Twitter ban, republican mention 

I leveled up. This is the funniest thing.

Japanese fedi, I have a question: I have noticed in a few games now that the logo/title designer seems to often get just as high a credit as the producer. What's with that? It's cool and all, but just not what I am used to from western games.

Death Stranding, bibigam 

I have now finished the game and then went to see what reviewers thought of it. Either a lot of them not "get" it, or did not stay long enough, or maybe it's just not for everyone. Whatever it was, I had a blast with it, and the stuff that some found tedious are the exact things I want more of and am eager to jump into the game again for. Very tempted to do a no roads, no vehicles, walk only playthrough.

Conspiracy loser 

Just saw a comment from a conspiracy pusher (usual nonsense, nothing original) that referred to their second-least favorite billionaire as "George Sorrows"

Death Stranding. Basically Euro Truck Simulator meets QWOP. Got the game as a freebie and did not expect to enjoy it as much as I am.

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Gamers really hate people like me, and they really hate when transgender people - or anyone who falls outside their preconceived norm - are represented in video games.
Watch "The Phobia of Gamers" now on YouTube:

WoW. It's been over 10 years since I last played this. Never thought I would again, but here I am.

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