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This is my sfw & nsfw art account. I use the tags and for R-18 content if you wanna filter.

πŸ₯š ADULT content ahead
πŸ₯š Follow/viewing discretion advised
πŸ₯š Text posts may be deleted from time to time to keep things tidy

If you feel uncomfortable with my content or me following you, feel free to mute/block me.

For early, high-res, and uncensored access to all my artwork you can support me on patreon. Link above on profile.

R18 art, m/m/m 

An oldie that I retouched a bit to post on my neocities site! I'm still updating it with old art atm but you can go ahead and visit me @

My patreon income has been on a steady decline ever since the pandemic began so I'm opening commissions indefinitely!

I will likely be doing 1 commission per month, and patrons will have priority spots on the waitlist.

These prices apply to both SFW and NSFW commissions. I’ll knock 10% off the price if you commission me to draw a character or ship I really like!

Please see this post for more information on the waitlist, commission form, and for more art samples:

R18 art, ff15, noctis/prompto 

Picture of the Month from June'21. 3 extra sequence variants were in that month's patreon pack!

For uncensored, high-res files, and access to exclusive artwork you can support me on:

R18 art, komubak, m/m 

debated whether i wanted to post these or not. but how can i keep komui big dick lee from the public. that would be a disservice to my community.

plus the accompanying Bak with Komui cock cameo.

posted for patrons on jul'21

hello everyone, i'm gonna try to be active here again!

Here's a short thread with some Mr. Store Owner Kumada Youji, aka Karamatsu's big tall sugar daddy.

to think that I too have become one of the many artists that no longer posts to mastodon. πŸ˜”

πŸ“£ Here I am, after so long! I'm here to announce my editing services are open! πŸ“£

I have fifteen years of literary fiction and commerical nonfiction editing under my belt, and I want to help folks.

If you're low-income or have trouble getting an editor, contact me by email or DM.

We have a listing post! Read, review, and let's discuss:

Today would have been Eden's 31st birthday. I've thought about her every day since she passed away. She was so full of joy and kindness and she always made me laugh. I admired and loved her greatly. I would not be who I am today without her.

If you'd like to read her fanfic, you can find her work here:

cw partial nudity, pda

sorry for throwing so much of him at your eyeballs, all at once. i’m a simple man. i see a dumb, vain, and sparkly boy and i fall in love. πŸ˜”

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i heard bitches love karamatsu. (i’m bitches)

these are the first karas i drew back in february and march when i was still figuring out how to draw him. (and a bonus jyushi, oso, and ichi)

you can support me on:

R18 art, sidlink, egg stuff 

cw oviposition, egg laying

Public version of Dec'20's picture of the month. This was variant #4

You can support me on for uncensored high-res access!

R18 art, suggestive nudity 

were characters supposed to be dressed for this???? I uh. this is just bak doing his naked yoga routine.

2 angles because why the hell not. posting early so i'm not like 6 months late to the tag lmfao.

you can support me on:

NSFW art, f/f, nudity 

this is the only semi-horny renny/bridget i've ever drawn. πŸ˜”

this ship is the polar opposite of komubak. distinguished bisexual (Renny)/distinguished lesbian (Bridget) vs disaster gay (Komui)/disaster bisexual (Bak) lmfaooo

I will be opening commission spots in October! I am opening submissions from today till Sep. 25.

Not first come first serve. Will be choosing ones I find interesting.

Prices are for sfw and nsfw.

You are welcome to make more than one submission if you want to increase your chances of one of your ideas catching my interest.

Apply for a spot here:

If you have any questions feel free to DM me.

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