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This is my sfw & nsfw art account! I use the tags and for R-18 content if you wanna filter.

πŸ₯š ADULT content ahead
πŸ₯š Do not follow if under 18
πŸ₯š Text posts may be deleted from time to time to keep things tidy

If you feel uncomfortable with my content or me following you, feel free to mute/block me.

For early, high-res, and uncensored access to my artwork you can support me on patreon (sfw/nsfw) or ko-fi (sfw only). Links above on profile.

Welp, first time I have to do the weekly Ko-Fi post; this time we were billed into the ground ( house bill, which includes all utilities, car insurance, etc ) so we're left with $45 to last the next two weeks and half of that has to go to gas. So pet food and litter is going to be almost impossible for us to swing until next paycheck which is the 26th. So ONLY if you are able, willing and like my work, please consider tipping me or sharing my Ko-Fi! Tysm for your support!

nsfw art preview, good omens 

r18 art, m/m, komubak 

started getting alerts for new follows, but it's just artalley folks getting updated with their new instance handle! neat!

congrats on the new instance name!

nsfw art previews 

I may be closing my Ko-Fi Gold in October, but until then, I still have some high-res art packs that you can get if you subscribe now for $1.

If you sub to my Ko-Fi today you’ll get August, July, and June high-res art packs!

For additional NSFW access & bust sketch commissions, you can check out my patreon instead!

nsfw art preview, komubak 

r18 art preview / pregnancy 

nsfw art preview, good omens 

Stuff from this month that’s up on my ko-fi/patreon! A Link bust for a $6 patron & some DGM wips for new merch!

Monthly supporters on ko-fi/patreon will receive high-res PNGS at the end of the month in the august pack!

ko-fi rewards will no longer be available come October, but you can still grab the last 3 months of art packs if you subscribe now. The August art pack will be available the first week of September.


r18 art, m/m, bondage 

in light of the I came across a Brazilian NGO that works to defend the amazon. They take donations:

(there's info on their transparency and projects on the site above)

this article also links a few charities to donate to in light of the fire:

it's important to note that most of the deforestation and human started fires in the has been at the hands of the cattle/meat/dairy industry. (1/2)

Drew this height comparison lineup for Eden's and my Mer!AU back in April so that we have a handy guide for drawing the mers correctly in the future. I felt like I was changing Bak's size in mer form every time I drew him before haha. He gets very offended that he shrinks a lot in human form.

Tui doesn't usually wear anything on her chest but I had to censor it for ko-fi.

cw: partial nudity


nsfw art preview, restraint/bondage 

nsfw art preview, overwatch 

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