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I'm still very fond of the fic illustrations I did for Eden's "The Three-Ringed Path" which can be read here:

So here's a thread with all 5 of them.

So! I freelance mentorship/editor workshops to great success, and I have free scheduling to take on 2-3 people starting this month, so I'm opening myself up publically.

I work with people who want to improve in their artistic expression/skill during weekly sessions over a 3-month period. Continuance optional. Rate is $200 USD per session (though open to negotiation).

Toss a reply/DM if interested and we can talk! Testimonials and references to previous clients on request.

I think I forgot to post this one on here. A patron request from November.

I don't actually know anything about overwatch, so pls don't speak to me about it lmao.

Support me on:

A friendly reminder that if you could see yourself enjoying a small comics/narrative art-focused social community like, feel free to send me a DM and I can set you up with an invite!

Open to any creative people who like good stories and who are kind, supportive, inclusive, and good beans all around. Come join us at Camp!

🌲 ⛺ 💚🏔️ 🌌

I still have open slots for emoji commissions! If you'd like professionally finished vector emoji of your OC (and help a stuggling disabled queer designer in the process), check me out!

i don’t have a green thumb but catch me buying plants all the time to hopefully get better at making them thrive. here’s my new addition -.

#photo #photography #bird #greattit

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idk if polls are available to other instances yet, but if you can access it, you can vote here. --

hoping to have a rubber stamp made with my patreon hamster mascot. can't seem to make up my mind between these two designs though! what do you guys think? A or B.

One product that I was really happy to find being made locally here, was beeswax wraps that replace awful single use plastic wrap in the kitchen. Since I live in Ecuador I have no way to recommend products to followers (who i assume are mostly american & from other countries). I found this small brand on FB tho, that I think is also UK based. And they seem to get their wax from a local supplier rather than industrial bee farming too!

These are both UK based I believe! So if I have some UK followers, check it out!

I was digging around to see if there are biodegradable or compostable adhesive papers and glue, and i ended up stumbling onto this site that has a bunch of alternative ideas to use less plastic. Not the prettiest site but it's the content that matters.

Which in turn led me to this site that sells recycled fabric gift wrapping:

And it's such a great and cute idea??? Def wanna wrap any future presents in fabric I have lying around the house.

KomuBak is good.

I'll be going without my patreon earnings this coming March (public announcement on my patreon), so if you like my work and feel like tossing me a buck on my ko-fi, I'd super appreciate it! I'm not in a dire financial situation or anything, but it's unfortunate to go without my only source of income for a whole month. --

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