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Img marked sensitive for partial nudity and suggestive (but not explicit) art previews.

I'll be on break this month but my September art pack is now available to anyone who pledges at any time this October! You'll get the pack upon sign up.

For all previews of art included in the pack see this thread.

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This is my sfw & nsfw art account! I use the tags and for R-18 content if you wanna filter.

🥚 ADULT content ahead
🥚 Do not follow if under 18
🥚 Text posts may be deleted from time to time to keep things tidy

If you feel uncomfortable with my content or me following you, feel free to mute/block me.

For early, high-res, and uncensored access to my artwork you can support me on patreon (sfw/nsfw) or ko-fi (sfw only). Links above on profile.

I found out today a local bird refuge is looking for donations to help protect the land on which they operate. I visited this place some years ago and it’s run by people who really care about protecting the habitat. Despite the incredible diversity of birds we have in our tiny country we don’t have a whole lot of bird refuges, so saving this one is surely important.

R18 art, m/m, komui and bak being horny in the medical ward 

Take this from january!

tfw an actual nurse walks in on you boning your husband who is most definitely not a nurse.

my january'20 pack, also included an alt version with a nurse outfit more in line to what the canon nurses wear in dgm.

R18 art, m/m, m/nb 

i figure i'll share low-res uncensored commissions from now on.

recent ych commissions for a couple of patrons.

R18 art, m/m, komubak 

This is still one of my fave komubak drawings + alts I've made (even if i colored bak's tattoos wrong lmao), so I'm sharing variant #2.

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R18 art, just a man and his 3 wives, pegging 

i'm pretty sure this was suggested by a patron.

from my nov.'19 pack. tfw you get fucked by your three wives. 🥴

what even is the ship name for uzui and all his wives lmfao

for uncensored art support me on:

I drew her with the boots from the dgm collection that came out in 2018, that she had really wanted to buy but was unable to because they didn't go up to her size. She did get the watch and bracelet from the collection though, so I drew her wearing those too. The flowers, aside from the center sunflower arrangement at the top of the arch, are a mix of plants native to Singapore and Australia. The banana gator and the whale are a couple of plushies that she had.

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I originally wanted to have this piece of Eden and her dog Haru done on October 9th, on what would have been her 30th birthday. October was pretty hard on me, and opening the canvas forced me to think about her being gone and how difficult and lonely this year has and continues to be for me. Yesterday I gathered up the energy to finally start coloring it, and somehow, through all the pain and tears, I managed to finish it today.

Best Boy's Birthday!!! Happy I was able to draw something.

I'm sitting on my hands wondering if Hoshino will post something today tho.

I'll have a speedpaint and PSD of this for my patrons this month.


i'm brushing up on hiragana and basic vocabulary so i was able to partly read "nice boobs" lmfao

proud of myself

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me: what's this japanese tag trending on masto right now

me: oh. it's boobies.

R18 art, m/m, komui/bak being horny as usual 

cw: urophilia mention

i have a good one for today folks, suggested and voted for by my wonderful supporters back in nov 2019.

fucking in the public baths. i made 7 alts in total cause 3 of them were... pee related lmao

Alt #1 of 3 of Nurse Lee which I drew for my patreon supporters on oct’19.

Nurse Lee is here with a new dose of Komuvitan-D which he says will make you more productive, but will definitely turn you into some kind of monster.

Happy Halloween!

patron requests from june and april.

had fun drawing Shinobu! kny was so short that i feel i didn’t have enough time to become really invested in the characters even though i really enjoyed it! i feel like i was on the cusp of becoming immersed (necessary for me to want to draw fanart) and just like that i was thrown into the final arc. or maybe it’s just that my single komubak brain cell just doesn’t have the energy to draw anything else these days lmao

R18 art, ww AU komui/bak, m/m 

ww au rito!komui is fave cause he's birdly but also has fingers which he can put in bak's ass. from oct'19.

R18 art, hornytimes feat. komui and bak, m/m 

komui helping bak with his stretches, you know, the usual

this one is from sep'19

for uncensored art support me on:

R18 art, m/m 

further warning for: pregnancy

pantyhose bak, squirting bak, pregnant demon bak feat. komui's very long tongue. from aug'19.

for uncensored art support me on:

A birthday mini print and card that I made for Eden’s last birthday (October 9, 2019)

I wanted to draw something for today, but was unable to since I’ve been consumed with grief this week. Trying to convince myself not to feel guilty over it because I’m healing at my own pace. It’s been difficult.

If anyone wants to read or reread some of her fanfics today, you can find her work here:

komui’s wildly inappropriate halloween costume which was probably banned from HQ and incinerated shortly after being worn and virgin killer sweater bak which definitely counts as artistic nudity

the duck plush makes a noise if you squeeze it. it is based on a very real costume which I found online one day while searching for something that definitely wasn’t that

img cw: partial nudity and suggestive attire

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