Haven't quite finished it yet, but this is fascinating on: the dynamics of validation in Bitcoin and PoS derived from Bitcoin's codebase, especially on how PoW helps defend against resource exhaustion in adversarial environments.


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NEW BITCOIN VIDEO !!! - Replace By Fee (RBF)
Bumping fees in Electrum wallet with some mempool graphics.


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@harding @waxwing @laurentmt I have been putting together a small spreadsheet for comparing BTC wallet features to assist new users and was looking at default UTXO algos. I see BRD, Mycelium, Bitcoin Core and Electrum are mentioned in the thesis. Do you know where I could find information on all the other wallets out there? Is it likely to be based on the particular library a wallet uses such as bitcoinjs or bitcoinj?

May or may not have done a few payjoin transactions today with co-testers. Good luck finding those coinjoins :)

As a kind of support for the release of JM with PayJoin I just posted (0.5.2) here is a blogpost on the general idea:


New release of Joinmarket.
Includes PayJoin for Joinmarket wallets (you can use the wallet for just this, not JM coinjoins, if you like; you can even try it with bech32 if you want).
Also important update for fixing connection issues, and also colored logging which I kinda like :)


@laurentmt the other day @harding told me that Core's wallet coin selection algo is such that neither UIH1 or UIH2 would actually work (i.e. it could end up spending a 1.4 utxo and a 0.3 utxo to make a payment of 1.0). I started looking at electrum but too busy to chase up more right now, it has randomization too but not sure of details.

Perhaps UIH1 and UIH2 are actually not relevant really for real-world wallets? Which is surprising. What are the change heuristics? Round amounts? Others?

Interesting. I wonder why people go to SF for this kind of experiment; afaik you'd have far more luck in places like Berlin, Prague, Lisbon, Amsterdam maybe. Also presenting the idea that there's no usage of Bitcoin because restaurant type places don't take it is kind of a bit off the wall, there's far more (but still a tiny amount) of usage for buying stuff online.


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So, LN "short_channel_id" is a very underrated feature, it looks like `556877x862x1` and you can tell the block_height, tx_index and out_index! Think of it as a new transaction ID format..but only for confirmed transaction(outputs) and it's visually communicative as well: you can tell if a one is older than another just by comparing the block_height. 8 bytes index of something unique.

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@lopp noted on the bird site: "Some ETH miners are gonna be upset when they realize they're on the wrong chain fork... forkmon.ethdevops.io/ "

Perhaps some miners misplaced their AWS credentials?

Does tallyco.in/ really require a twitter account verification? Why? (not complaining about someone's free software, just curious about that decision)

It's only just occurred to me, which makes me dumb, but Stallman's rallying cry of "free as in freedom, not as in beer" maps very well to people still involved in Bitcoin and people who moved over to altcoins because they perceived "bitcoin was supposed to be free, but isn't any more".

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Bitcoin Optech Newsletter #29

Jan 15, 2019

This week’s newsletter announces a security upgrade for C-Lightning, describes a paper and additional research into wallets that accidentally revealed their private keys, and lists some notable code changes in popular Bitcoin infrastructure projects.


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* Disabled POLIS and Bitcore (Cryptopedia hacked, breaking the tests)
* Fix crowdfund app bugs (@MrKukks)
* No change UTXO option for wallet docs.btcpayserver.org/features (@NicolasDorier)
* Roundup invoice price to currency denomination (@NicolasDorier)

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If you use Linux and have a RaspiBolt here is a short tutorial about how to connect to your lightning node with the beautiful Zap Wallet! github.com/openoms/bitcoin-tut @Stadicus3000@twitter.com @rootzoll@twitter.com @JackMallers@twitter.com @ln_zap@twitter.com

What's the/an easy way to control the CI testing when you push to github (travis in this case)? If you have like 10 different test jobs and it takes too long, maybe only want to run 2 of them normally, but periodically run the whole set? I know it's possible, I remember John Newbery telling me that Bitcoin Core does this.

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