A somewhat interesting thread on the question "are miners intermediaries?" (put aside that Walch has been catastrophically wrong on the topic of BTC; the question itself is interesting).


I think it's easy to cut the Gordian knot here if you understand the cornerstone of Bitcoin:

*there are, ultimately, no entities called "miners" in the protocol - state updates are signed by work, not by people or keys that they own*.

Just visited r/BitcoinUK on reddit for the first time in ages.

Unsurprisingly, most of the first page is discussions of (a) how difficult it is to deal with banks cashing out/in, and (b) people worried about taxes.

Kinda depressing really.

I remember talking about this with Bunz and his colleagues at Stanford (Scaling conf), it was quite interesting talking to the high falutin' academics about the real world implications of their magic :)

Everyone always makes this point "oh but all the criminal activity is with cash!", but I think it really lacks nuance.


The real issue is whether society can handle a form of cash which is even more powerful than physical cash; clearly governments and some parts of the elite like the idea of killing physical cash already given how much latitude it gives people (ordinary, and criminals) to move wealth around.

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Does anyone know any uncensored #F-Droid repositories?
It seems that the "flagship" repo is from now on censored to not include software the maintainers don't like.

#censorship #android @fdroidorg #gab #Fediverse

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RT @LNconf@twitter.com
The Lightning Conference of the decade is happening on October 19-20 in Berlin!⚡️Join fellow developers, enthusiasts, and companies building the future of the Lightning Network.

Get your early bird tickets using Lightning now!🎟️



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Shit, squared.
My favourite part is where Vbuterin proposes trusting unconfirmed BCH transactions, for 'faster finality'. lol!


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I'm decentralizing my income a bit by launching my own LibrePatron instance. It's best seen as a way to bribe my priorities; although I have sufficient paid work, I find that it distracts me from open source Bitcoin development.

All proceeds pass through recklessly experimental software, such as my hardware wallet related pull request(s). That means I catch bugs before you do!


Not claiming the veracity of this, but a little birdie told me that colocation on the same AWS region for bitmex trading is a thing.

Not to mention the various other questions you could ask about that, my immediate question is: Bitmex is running on AWS?!

Anyway, if the anecdote is true ... what a world ...

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People on the fediverse cheering on Google's censoring of a fediverse app. Couldn't make this shit up, if you wanted to.

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This is a very interesting report on how many countries around the world are using and working on using crypto-currencies to get around US sanctions. fdd.org/wp-content/uploads/201 #cryptocurrencies #bitcoin #ethereum

OK so this is interesting: First relatively mainstream reporting on p2p exchange with fiat because of onerous (ridiculous) AML.


Shame it leads with Ver and his attack site, but I'll treat that as an understandable error. It also prominently mentions Bisq (also Hodl Hodl, paxful and why localbitcoins is no longer a good option) and makes interesting practical observations.

Seeing something about birdsite blocking a Julian Assange defense account. This is the kind of thing that makes corporate social media not an option for me. (btw, I'm aware it's v. likely just some automated trigger, but it's de facto the same as human judgement).

And if this instance (mastodon.social) is retarded enough to block things related to e.g. gab.com then I'll just move somewhere else in the fediverse.

(I should really check, I think they already *have*, and so I should move ...)

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Funny thing about the Trump tweet is that the second sentence describes quite well why "value based on thin air" is wrong ...

(Oh and, seriously, was anyone really dumb enough to think a dinosaur like him would see it any differently? I have to give them the benefit of the doubt and assume they were pumping their bags)

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@giacomozucco @nvk @Jack @SBR2 yeah @nvk is not even admin of the instance anymore, nobody is in fact. Anarchy! 🏴‍☠️

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Transmitted via blockstream's satellite


See @satnode on birdsite ... pretty amusing feed.

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