Read this, the other day, from @nic ... thought it was a great analysis. Unfortunately there are too few non-dev types out there who analyze Bitcoin things really well, Nic is one of them.

I've often opined on these different crucial properties, but summarizing them as *-resistance is really nice.

Re: other, to state the potentially obvious, he's referring to LN, where there is at least a theoretical funds risk loss, even with bug-free code, whereas in coinjoin there really isn't.

Somewhat related to my last toot, but also a more general point:

from anon on IRC:

"... next time someone is questioning why a person would participate in a coinjoin, we can answer them that it's one of only two ways to make income on your bitcoins without losing control. and it's the safer of the two in regards to potentially losing funds"

Think about that. It's a pretty big deal. Btw it only applies to makers in joinmarket, not to takers, nor to e.g. wasabi. Kind of strange :)

huh, interesting, i only just noticed this blog post from Storzc:

He does a good job of expressing the ideas in interesting ways, although I do disagree with much, e.g. that only cheapness can allow crowd-hiding (extra functionality can do that, too).

It's interesting that he never refers to the term 'steganography' although that's pretty much what he's talking about.

Marginally related from a few months earlier, my:

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A great deep dive from @nic on #Bitcoin assurances. I appreciate his focus on the current weaknesses in the area of #BTC on and off ramps:

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As much as I usually prefer text, I do recommend the video here as a complement -- for the slides, the math, and more details.

Here the slide with a solution, missing from the text transcript, to the anti-nonce-sidechannel attack.

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Afternoon session of the MIT Bitcoin Expo, Day 2 of 2, going live now at:

Number theory is full of stuff like this, as the old saying goes "the only branch of mathematics where you can explain the problem to a 8 year old child but the greatest mathematician on earth can't solve it" (or something like that)

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“Signature scheme security properties" - Andrew Poelstra at MIT Bitcoin Expo

Transcript by Bryan Bishop aka Kanzure (is he on Mastodon?)

On Ruja Ignatova, she of the "guh-NEE-sis" block: "She remains at large."

Tbh I find the whole onecoin story hilarious. Yes I know that some innocent, very gullible (but also very greedy) people lost money, but I think the dirty secret is that the vast majority are entirely conscious of the scam, and are just trying not to be the last bagholder.

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@harding those changes would go against the disposable culture twitter seems to promote.

IMHO it's better understood not as a medium optimized for discourse, it has so many anti-features in this regard, but rather for social signalling, negotiating group identity.

i really don't understand why people find this information slaughterhouse design appealing, but unfortunately many people seem to like it and a lot of interesting discussions still happen there.

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Tweetstorms are ridiculous. They're the length of a blog but broken up into tiny pieces that are hard to read and have individual comments you'll never see.

But I kind of understand why people use them: people don't want to leave the Twitter/whatever UI.

But that makes me think: we let people attach multi-MB images to tweets/toots, why not allow them attach a few dozen KB of text and display that coherently in the site UI after a "click to read more" kind of thing?

Just a little update, my main email is now (my github username) at

My gmail still works for now. Will endeavour to update this elsewhere.

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@waxwing thanks! next episode we improved a few things I think. also we found the noise cancellation flag in the software. Monday! @udiWertheimer

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RT @simongerman600

This famous chart from 1973 was a favourite of Steven Jobs. A person on a #bicycle moves more efficient than animals, fighter jets or locomotives. Source:

This may be very good news, but the key paragraph is a little unclear:

"...and together with the Neutrino team have come to an agreement: those who previously worked at Hacking Team (despite the fact that they have no current affiliation with Hacking Team), will transition out of Coinbase"

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