Interesting, for years the "Bitcoinmania" series on FTAlphaville went strangely silent for about 2 years as all of Kaminska's gloating over Bitcoin failing seemed a little ... out of place, I guess?

Suddenly, "Bitcoinmania" is back, with this, uh ... "piece of journalism"? from Jemima Kelly:

It must be nice to be able to be so sure that something is worthless while its value on the free market increases 5000%+ over half a decade. That's ... integrity I guess?

Am I the only one who paid almost no attention at all to this "drama", except to make the occasional stupid joke about it?

I notice Paul Storzc just wrote an article about a deniability approach to bitcoin privacy.

I'm kind of torn about it. On the one hand, this is to me a crucially important thing to understand, and is underappreciated.

On the other, one must pay attention to the weakness: the method's effectiveness requires fragmentation (e.g. by using lots of different wallets). Take the reductio ad absurdum to see the limitations of that.

Overall, great to see people talking about it

Bugfix release for Joinmarket - 0.4.1 - addresses bug in Tor configuration.

Important because in 0.4.0, if you changed the default IRC config you could accidentally end up connecting over clearnet.

Thanks for spreading info if you can.

See, `git rebase` is cool and all, but where's `git rebase-and-modify-my-old-code-that-i-barely-remember-it-and-make-it-work-with-new-master-branch`?

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208 bitcoins were traded in the last 24 hrs in VES at an average price of $25,713.29 USD

The money quote:

"Plasma is a confusing term," Fichter said during his Devcon presentation last week. "No one really knows what plasma is. The paper defines it as one thing, researchers define it as something else".

The phenomenon of 'there's some new buzzwordy tech, let's get super-excited about it before we have any idea what it really is or whether it works' is bad enoygh in Bitcoin. In Ethereum it's on steroids:

This is interesting; ashamed to admit I didn't even know it was impossible:

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Bitcoin Optech newsletter for the week of 2018-11-06 has been published:

It includes contains a security notice about the C implementation of bech32 address decoding, an analysis of a temporary reduction in the number of segwit blocks, a link to an interesting discussion about future features for LN payments, and a few notable code changes in popular Bitcoin infrastructure projects.
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please destroy my draft idea for improving bitcoin fungibility by helping wallets interoperate more easily:

of the 4 listed options for serializing this data, I only think the first 2 are viable right now (bip 124 is a more general solution, but is incomplete). not sure which one is preferable, due to tradeoffs made

Sometimes the craziest ideas are the best:

(from Pierre Rochard)

LN is complex and is going to need flattened out visualizations like this, not for the casual user but for the serious user (the serious user is often somewhat neglected in favour of the two extremes: devs and joe6pack).

Two types of decentralized vs centralized, graded on their scalability:

Global consensus decentralized: 0.5/10

Centralized: 4/10

Point to point decentralized: 10/10

LN is p2p with 'hooks' into global consensus, so it's not a 10 but it's pretty good.

New release of Joinmarket:

Non-disruptive wallet improvement/upgrade and a bunch of fixes.

Feel free to share this on your chosen platform :)

This comment is very revealing for those of who don't follow the minutiae of PoS snake-oilery (of which there is much!):

Pleasantly surprised by the quality of debate on PoW vs PoS in this HN thread (although I admit to only skimming it):

The "PoW is bad because it kills the world" argument is of course still represented (which is absolutely fine), but there are a lot of people who get it (get that it's much, much deeper than just 'pow=bad because waste').

Recently had a thought about coinjoin, specifically in the joinmarket (i.e. fee paying but get immediate liquidity) model.

Sharing here because I think some may be interested, and I think it's quite important; using coinjoin to immediately make a payment is imo a big, somewhat untapped, use-case:

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