I love the color scheme of this baby! the shiny looking textures are amazing!! their wings in particular look so soft!

look at this amazing dragon! I love their shiny underside!! their dark blue color suits them very well!! overall, they look very friendly and elegant!

not a plush + mental illness ment 

I'm so sorry I've been inactive for a day or two!! my mental illnesses have been kicking my butt and making me not want to socialize or post 🙁 my sincerest apologies! I hope you're all doing well! 😊💖

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an absolute cutie!! I love their big antlers and their little ears! their rich brown color reminds me of a good cup of hot cocoa!

look at this little baby! I love their big ears!!! and I love their little paws!!

not a plush 

good morning everyone!!! 😊💖💖 I hope you all have a good day today!! I'm doing my best to follow everyone back, but my notifications are flooded with favorites and boosts (which is amazing!! thank you for the support!!)! I just want to let you all know that I do my best to follow back regardless of your orientation or age (unless you don't like minors following of course!) or whatever, so if I don't follow you back it's not intentional! I love you all 💓💗💖💞

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The webkinz account is the most valid person on this website

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@webkinz i have a webkinz i wanna share!!!!!! i love the peace puppy a lot!!! i still have my plush, her name is rainbow!!!!!

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@webkinz my fav is the texting pup!! i have one named mackenzie

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@webkinz may i offer up the only webkinz i was ever able to get?
a soft tiger boi

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@webkinz i love you account and i have a webkinz suggestion! Here is the signature labradoodle! i still sleep with my labradoodle webkinz so this one is an important one to me! it is also super cute!

@timdrake here's the golden/yellow lab (I saw it come up under both names)!! they look like a good companion!! I love how gentle their face looks!

look at that ruby red color!!! and their wings are so good!!! I love the little poof on their head!

look at them!!!! I know skunks are usually frowned upon, but look at their poofy tail!! look at their friendly face and their loving eyes!!! I'd cuddle this skunk any day!

not a plush 

hey everyone! just a heads up that this is not a promotion account! I am not actually affiliated with Webkinz to post their products! I'm just a minor who likes Webkinz! I also have anxiety with direct messages, so please refrain from doing that!!! if you're interested in Webkinz products, ganzestore.com has some stuff! thanks!

look at how vibrant their colors are!!!! I love their pattern too!!! stunning!

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@webkinz i forgot official webkinz follows me im so sorry you had to see this

look at this cute puppy!! their clover pattern reminds me of that white haired danganronpa guy everyone likes!! and I love how glittery their paws are!!!

look at this baby!! I love the color on them!!! their ears and chest look super soft!!! I hope they're having a good retirement!!

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