Quartz atoms and sandhills, ribosomes and brush-tail possum. A new Australian art exhibit pairs Indigenous art with microscopic imagery: sbs.com.au/nitv/nitv-news/arti

Exhibit page: storiesandstructures.micro.org

The desert is made of light. The mountain is made of light. We are all made of light and but it hasn't always been that way.

From inside you can't detect the heat. There is a slight breeze today and it makes the leaves ruffle outside my window. There is no heat haze, no sense to this heat but it bakes the land like hard crusted biscuits. Humidity sits around 12% and this heat just sucks the moisture out of everything. Only the gum trees look sane.

I was given a "dad joke" daily tear away desk calendar for 2019 only to note yesterday that I've been shortchanged.

Saturday and Sunday share the same page and only one joke for the weekend.

I'm short 52 jokes.

I'll depend on the rest of you to fill in the gaps!





with image and text and caption, responding to Stephen

For Wendy's Tale

I am not ready.
I can't handle the true.
I ain't no ant nor grasshopper neither.
Ain't no accounting for what can be counted.
Learning is that river you can only walk in once,
Learning is configured in the past,
But it's not a clockwork.
Learning is chaotic,
A bag of mushroom spawn unfurled
And way out of fashion.
Count on it.

responding to @wentale from here: wentalearn.blogspot.com/2019/0

Did you take your lunch break? Even if you don't feel like eating, take the time to recharge.

The last couple of domestic flights I’ve had the option of inflight wifi but, i’m not sure I want it. What about getting screen free time? What about daydreaming and staring at clouds? What about snoozing? Now I have to make these choices.

I think it's kinda cool that about.me still doesn't have any icon for Mastodon!

I’m using the inflight wifi to write this. My brother (in a different timezone) just messaged to say my Mum was heading to hospital, now my thoughts are with her. I marvel at this technology that separates and yet brings us together.

We were an oasis of light in a building of darkness. This is not some political metaphor. It was our school yesterday, as power went down for much of the building, cloaking rooms in dark. My classroom -- where my students were working on a digital assignment -- was barely affected. Only the clock on the wall, stuck, as it was, in time. When power resumed, we all paused in what we were doing to watch the clock hands spinning like a merry-go-round, working to find the right time.

Content is dark and concerns the sadness of farmers taking sheep to market. Show more

was the thing
Getting the message
from here to there
....the same message
From ‘The Machine in the Ghost’ Robin Boast.

@Algot I've got some 3d printing questions for a small project.

What were we even doing to our poor brains

we thought this was normal

and then we grew up and built the Web

I'm so terribly, terribly sorry

What if we stuck to the punch card

The ticker tape

The Morse code

The least we can do

is keep the child within

'Then poke, print, return, begin'
(found poem)

I did all the things I needed to do to get ready. I shut the door. I opened the case. I replaced the battery in the tuner. I tuned up the guitar. Sharpened my pencil. I pulled out my notebook. Turned to a blank page. It's the moments that follow all this that always remain a mystery to me. Sometimes, the kernel of a song reveals itself. Sometimes, not. I don't know if what I wrote yesterday will be any good today. I throw away more songs than I keep. Still, I write.

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