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Trying new poetic constraints. Net Tubes is a tetrameter sonnet that can be split into two dimeter sonnets.
Inspired by work of Anthony Etherin.

I have my cello stored here (family home) but I'm not game to open the case in fear that my heart will melt and my fingers will not leave the strings. It needs repair and sits waiting for that day.
I guess I could tip the viola up and pretend! Ha! @lauraritchie

As dawn rises for another day, I stare at the rug hung on the wall. it boldly proclaims 2000. That year that seemed so pivotal.(as if a year is an entity that can mean anything. ) My sister wove that rug. But what of the two decades since? The dawns turned to dust. The metal hooks tarnished with rust. It all seems fruitless but can I catch a glimmer of hope for today?

I'm on the train and before each stop the conductor interrupts my train of thought and announces the stop. She hesitates before saying the name as if she is not sure. It makes me nervous and I double check the platform signs just to make sure. I think she has run this line too many times and all the stops blur into one.


living with someone who doesn’t, won’t, can’t celebrate anything, I’m afraid I’ll forget how. I can’t remember when we last had visitors in the house (we don’t have any covid restrictions here).

I've spent 5 days in bed with a cold /flu and now emerging. Everything feels surreal and I realise how much I need people to make some sort of reality.

Take care of yourself so you can keep being awesome.

May you have joy and peace in the temple of your senses. ~ John O'Donohue

into the quiet,

the liminal
space between
then and today

while tomorrow
remains a day,


Having a crush is the weirdest thing.Primarily it’s escapism. There is a choice in the direction of thoughts but it seems involuntary. scratching this impulse/itch would be stalking, I see the madness there.

Am I unemployed, between gigs, on holiday or job hunting or something else? I find I have to have ‘story’ to shut people up. Most people are uncomfortable with silence or the unemployed tag, between gigs it is.

Some things fall to calm -
all floating surface features -
with movement, below

for @wentale ... in thanks for our poetic friendship and the inspiration of the back/forth of haiku (seems as if @Algot taught me well)

I had all these pre-covid plans. Big plans, moving plans, new job plans. Now that has all changed. While I appreciate the pull-up, the necessity to stay, to keep feet grounded. I struggle to find my footing.

Remember that technology is a tool. Use it to help yourself.

please read - i was laid off work today; my workplace is closing today and it won’t reopen until at least apr 6; gonna reply to this with a donation link once i’ve got one set up; please bookmark this post for reference if you would like to help me out; please retoot this post; thank you

Sensitive Content 

The main reason I hope they don't shutdown my workplace....

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