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Trying new poetic constraints. Net Tubes is a tetrameter sonnet that can be split into two dimeter sonnets.
Inspired by work of Anthony Etherin.

Forgetting our history means... newbies creating technical solutions to apparent gaps in the infrastructure. Without knowing that the reason there is a gap, is that the gap has been filled, again and again, and each time torn down, because there is a social barrier there which will tear down anything trying to fill that gap. And then being shocked when it gets torn down. With knowledge of our history, we could move to building around the discovered social landscape in which our technology operates, and negotiating through those gaps rather than just watching the patched over solutions collapse again and again.

Tree Poems: Middle Years

I am again in bloom --
even in Autumn --
making tangled connections
to those rooted around me --
sharing what I have stored,
from long summer’s sky
and sun and rains,
feeding forward --
the dehydrins and
the mycorrhizas --
with fellow trees
in need

Pressed ear against trunk
and wandering stem,
paused at a knotted place
where scratched patched skin
is but a whispering riff
of faint tree-song

We listen for roots
reaching to leaves,
and for leaves, singing
to roots

Some earth cadences,
the repeated call
and response signals
of soil to sky and between,
linger a lifetime, or more

responding to @wentale poem and image


Thanks @koantig, couldn't have said it better myself.

As a bonus, here is the comparative height of #crochet stitches.

*The Pits*

While I do like cherries
They aren't like berries
They have those pits
Make me lose my wits.


I'm including and in my online Wentale Creations store.
Any other tips to make my store attractive?

I'm grateful for mentors. Three women that have the time to respond and listen with care. Only offering advise if asked for and willing to share their own stories. As I sit in between paid jobs I need that to keep on going with some projects.

There is a bitter pill / stuck in my throat / as another reject letter arrives / I need a ceremony / to bury or burn / the unsavoury taste / before it impacts my conversations.

There's always more
ways to weave
these words,
whether by pen
or yarn or song

We take these gifts,
creatively given -
this poem, collaboratively
written -

arranging pieces, like lights,
into places, pins on the maps
of our shared spaces,
where ideas belong

for CLMOOC and DS106

and @wentale post about turning poem into crochet (which I think is brilliant)

Another project complete. Retro upcycle bamboo handles get another life. I found these handles on another bag at my mother's house. I paired them with soft cotton for a French market string bag.

One of the reasons I do free courses (currently and ) is to try new things. This week I've discovered the ability of Android on Samsung 10 phone to record the screen, including my voice and system sounds. This allows for some very cool combinations. I know vloggers have been doing this for eons, but I'm curious how this can be used for digital story telling.

Whisper into the future. I loved discovering the screen recorder function on Android 10.

I struggle today
No focus
No energy
No need
No reason
This unexpected unemployment sucks
It really does.

I just saw someone rightfully rant that in order to get live captions for your livestream to improve accessibility (#a11y), you need to send everything to Google's servers for their speech recognition engines. Also need to use Chrome.

So here's a eminder that there is an effort by Mozilla (#CommonVoice) for open source speech recognition. They need training data, and everyone can donate their voice, or help verify other people's recordings.

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