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Hi @leaton01 Glad you are here, I saw your tweet and decided to see you here. you could always share a

After the , I was in the mood for more, so I signed up to write some new music for a compilation, on the theme of music for far-future space travellers. Submitted two days ago, and got a really enthusiastic email today from the organiser. He says it's perfect.

Release is on 1 June.

The artists on the second album of the #MusicCollab come from many different places - and here's a beautiful map that will show you which ones!

If you want to listen to, download, or buy the album, you can do so here: awhaleslantern.bandcamp.com/al

Musicians were paired up at random to make the wonderful songs on the album. :music_collab: 💙 🎼

#music #mastomusic

@dogtrax @Tdorey @lauraritchie @paralithode

More on being with in this space: being with @tellio teaches me eye for detail, @RussSharek persuades me of the patience and strength-building of , the gardeners of mastodon give me all the ideas, and @dadegroot makes me think about the craft of hands.

here make me feel hopeful.

All of tiny acts of graceful compassion here, the tactful reminders, are the best of being with.

I woke in the night, to what I thought was the sound of a guitar string ringing out. It could have been my imagination, or just a dream. But the shift in temperature and the guitar on the stand near the window got me worried about air fluctuations. Perhaps the guitar was playing the midnight blues. In the morning, I checked to see if anything was wrong with the guitar or strings, and all seemed fine. Just a single note, humming in the night. The resonance remains.

Joshua Smith ( iknowjoshuasmith.com ) making hyper-detailed miniatures of buildings and urban pieces


Collab Progress and Goals


Thanks to the writers who have been testing the program. Many of them are from the Whales Lantern music collaboration project.

I have seven testers now. I would like to have more as I implement new features. So this is a writers call for writers interested in collaborative story telling.


Please boost.


We forget until we remember. This is true for many things, but the change of seasons often makes this more visible. Yesterday, with Spring finally tapping on the door with a bright and warm sun, I took a break from pulling thorn bushes to rest on the grass with the dog. He's fine to gently use his body as a pillow. So there we were, perpendicular to each other, dozing in the sun, with last year's grass warm, comfy and cozy beneath us. I remembered what I forgot. It was this.

Read about something that interests you.

Being on jury duty sucks. Somebody else’s story cramming up my brain, lies and evidence and pain. This legal system is ancient and mildly weird. I could never work in the legal system. another two days....can’t wait to get out of there. Our jury room is airless, windowless box and locked in with 12 strangers. Stressful.

A blog post reflecting on today's happenings at the conference and a video of my workshop. wp.me/p4Ng5z-14n

As the second iteration of A Whale's Lantern music project moves towards the finish line, we wanted to share out an oral history collaboration some of us did for the first iteration (invitations and connections). I invite you to read part one at my blog. Part two (collaborations and considerations) will get released tomorrow.

Blog: dogtrax.edublogs.org/2018/04/1

I got some good laughs in my classroom yesterday, as I shared a Tall Tale story (we are exploring hyperbole) in which my classroom got so frigid cold, the students turned into Macaroni Penguins, squawking for fish. In the story, I pulled out a "trusty sledgehammer" from behind my desk to fix the heating system. Now, the kids are writing hyperbole-laced stories of their own, making life's boring moments a little more exciting, strange, funny. It's what storytellers do, right?

Set aside time for a hobby. Gardening, drone building, knitting, do something for the pure pleasure of it.

You know that feeling when a crazy idea becomes reality? When the time between "hey, can we do this?" to "hey, we did this!" is over? Yeah. We're at that point with a open collaborative digital media project that we brought to the finish line this week. Nearly 20 people contributed nearly 50 digital media objects into an immersive 360 Alchemy Lab. I can barely explain it, except the project is collaboration at its finest. Come look: sites.google.com/view/netnarr- @wentale

Judging, is the opposite of compassion and judging will hurt you more than it will harm the person you are judging. ~ Annette Noontil from The body is the Barometer of the Soul. So be your own doctor.

That awkward moment when the African girl (my assumption of birth place) at the supermarket leans over and looks at my son say 'What a gorgeous boy, where is he from?'. I had a moments pause and then thought I'd play her game. I would assume that my son was 'adopted' for her ease. Would it never occur to her that my husband is as black-skinned as she is and we are the biological parents?