Finished item, warm, sparkly, beanie. Perfect for our winter in the Southern Hemisphere. .

Only got the base finished but well on the way this week. How are your projects going ? A collection of poems for an art exhibition, reflecting on scottish explorer John Mcdouall Stuart.

Science and art
often meet in the places
where even poetry
can't explain

--poem and art inspired by a visit to a local museum's exhibit (Modern Art in the Age of Einstein) and a focus on Dimensionism (using science and the known world to make art)

I like reading magazines. Well, ezines is mostly what I read, usually on my thinkpad, sometimes my phone. The format is more enjoyable for me than just browsing the web. I think because I always end up reading interesting things in a magazine that I wouldn't have clicked on if I saw it while browsing. The main ones I read are Odroid Magazine, The MagPi, and Hackspace.

Are there any other good ones I don't know about?

Can you see the glitter? I’m flying today so using up some found scraps for a beanie. see if I can get it finished over two by 2 hr flights.

Listen to the wind, the rain, the sound of a crackling fire. IRL if you can and with an app if you can't.

Just a reminder that the theme for this month’s #YarnTales is twofold:

- finishing works in progress
- mending things to make them usable

Relevant crafts: any technique using yarn, thread, or string.

Rules: post about your work when you like, photos are awesome, boost #YarnTales toots you like, reply when you like, be respectful and kind. Thassit.

I just found this stash of projects that are perfect for June . see how many I can finish, sell or gift by the end of the month!

Poetry is ubiquitous. It lives everywhere. Here is a poem I pulled from a video here by Dr Penny Mealy :
And the poem is in the image below and the etherpad here:

an old friend flew across the world to go to Manchester, and decided to make a stop-off to visit me. (even though I'm across the country from Manchester) I've seen him once for 20 minutes since we graduated from high school together, and somehow those 27 years apart have dissolved in an instant.

I'm co-facilitating a . It's free, open, self paced weekly activities. I wrote in Thing 3 about blogging and said that I used Mastodon for creative writing and social connections. It's probably more than that! Join in!

I encountered the word "apophenia" back on Feb. 14, 2019, though I don't remember the context. I did take a moment to recorded it in the day's journal page for future use. Today is that future moment. I cannot actually report back to that date to confirm the fulfillment.

I did, however, edit the text of my journal for that date (It's digital).

I am officially a history revisionist!

(And will "revisionist" become a future word of the day?)


On a good day, put together a little self-care package you can pull out for bad days. Include a few things you know will help.

We lay on the sandy river bed. Dry again after last week’s rain fall. My son was gazing intently at the sand and picking up ‘precious minerals’. I was laying on my back and eye-tracing the gum leans against the sky. My son said, it’s cool how we are looking in different directions. One down and one up.

YAPNET: -- a private, respectful space for people to share unfinished creations of any genre and type is up & working. But a few things need to be done before it's ready for prime time. Who among you is interested, excited, enthused enough to help get this idea going? Please sign up here -- & I'll get with you in a few days.

For more: or https:/ @dogtrax @lauraritchie @tellio @lightweight @wentale @voidspace

@GeoffreyGevalt @wentale
Sometimes its time to rearrange even the Titanic's deck chairs.
Who's to say futility can't be enjoyed from a better angle?
Optimism is a contagious disease, a fine and pleasant misery.

(incongruous prose)

@wentale @lightweight

Poetry in the hands of teens
Is a key used
Self-discovery, awakening
Finding voice.
By giving them audience,
Heartfelt and open
I affirmed, valued
And so they flew.

Adults deserve
Such treatment,
Such care.
Are you in?

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