What were we even doing to our poor brains

we thought this was normal

and then we grew up and built the Web

I'm so terribly, terribly sorry

What if we stuck to the punch card

The ticker tape

The Morse code

The least we can do

is keep the child within

'Then poke, print, return, begin'
(found poem)

I did all the things I needed to do to get ready. I shut the door. I opened the case. I replaced the battery in the tuner. I tuned up the guitar. Sharpened my pencil. I pulled out my notebook. Turned to a blank page. It's the moments that follow all this that always remain a mystery to me. Sometimes, the kernel of a song reveals itself. Sometimes, not. I don't know if what I wrote yesterday will be any good today. I throw away more songs than I keep. Still, I write.

Recognising the dead birds! That has been my experience this week. Two applications to present at a T&L conference in Australia have been rejected. With faith we prepared the applications and handed them to the masters (and their reviewers). We receive our feedback with no joy and no right of reply. Dead birds.

@wentale 😃​

I've partially gone back to paper while writing (plus 1000 open browser windows...)

My workspace post writing:

There's a pair of tawny frogmouths that perch outside my window at work. This is what Australian Geographic says about them:

"Australia’s tawny frogmouths are unique in every possible way. They shape-shift, they joint parent and they have an eerie stare. ... They just sit and pretend not to be there to avoid interaction."

Literally what is not to love about this? Birds for our time.


Interested in and civic engagement for real problem solutions? Check out govhack.org Happening in September in . Open data hackathon.

It's okay to use a timer to remind yourself to take breaks.

I hit submit and forget. Another assignment completed. It’s nearly and anticlimax after 7 weeks of work. I wonder how the tutor can face those 2500 words and make sense of it. This one involved groupwork.....an odd experience when forced for assignment purposes on a nearly-fake context.

Cool! Just removed the Twitter app from my phone and replaced it with Twidere which removes ads and adds in my Mastodon feeds!play.google.com/store/apps/det Oh, and it's #FOSS.

Hi @leaton01 Glad you are here, I saw your tweet and decided to see you here. you could always share a

After the , I was in the mood for more, so I signed up to write some new music for a compilation, on the theme of music for far-future space travellers. Submitted two days ago, and got a really enthusiastic email today from the organiser. He says it's perfect.

Release is on 1 June.

The artists on the second album of the #MusicCollab come from many different places - and here's a beautiful map that will show you which ones!

If you want to listen to, download, or buy the album, you can do so here: awhaleslantern.bandcamp.com/al

Musicians were paired up at random to make the wonderful songs on the album. :music_collab: 💙 🎼

#music #mastomusic

@dogtrax @Tdorey @lauraritchie @paralithode

More on being with in this space: being with @tellio teaches me eye for detail, @RussSharek persuades me of the patience and strength-building of , the gardeners of mastodon give me all the ideas, and @dadegroot makes me think about the craft of hands.

here make me feel hopeful.

All of tiny acts of graceful compassion here, the tactful reminders, are the best of being with.

I woke in the night, to what I thought was the sound of a guitar string ringing out. It could have been my imagination, or just a dream. But the shift in temperature and the guitar on the stand near the window got me worried about air fluctuations. Perhaps the guitar was playing the midnight blues. In the morning, I checked to see if anything was wrong with the guitar or strings, and all seemed fine. Just a single note, humming in the night. The resonance remains.

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