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Trying new poetic constraints. Net Tubes is a tetrameter sonnet that can be split into two dimeter sonnets.
Inspired by work of Anthony Etherin.

I had all these pre-covid plans. Big plans, moving plans, new job plans. Now that has all changed. While I appreciate the pull-up, the necessity to stay, to keep feet grounded. I struggle to find my footing.

Remember that technology is a tool. Use it to help yourself.

please read - i was laid off work today; my workplace is closing today and it won’t reopen until at least apr 6; gonna reply to this with a donation link once i’ve got one set up; please bookmark this post for reference if you would like to help me out; please retoot this post; thank you

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The main reason I hope they don't shutdown my workplace....

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I sense the Piping at the Gates of Dawn.
This equinoxial quartering's nigh on.
Noted by the humblest observer of them all.
A milk soaked pant leg,
Proof of 30 years' watchings
and lots of sad-true moments.

Today I pause, the campus is very quiet. I interact with one or two today, that’s all. Then I look out the window and take a deep breath. The beauty of nature, just outside my door, timeless and free. It lifts my heart.

this is one of my favourite bits of music I improvised / recorded (originally inspired from a story, and then used in a film)

very different to the current piece I'm doing - am on round 3 of ideas for that one. it's developing kaleidoscopically.

Trying new poetic constraints. Net Tubes is a tetrameter sonnet that can be split into two dimeter sonnets.
Inspired by work of Anthony Etherin.


"To find a poem that would live happily inside a bacterium—and would enable the professor to teach his microbial student to try its hand at a stanza that could be decoded—Bök combed through eight trillion ciphers and decided on this:

Any style of life / is prim

And the organism, which emits a red luminescence, always writes back:

The faery is rosy / of glow"

-- from

Made this small thing using a nifty generative art thing I found Not sure what all the settings do, but its kind of nice to set it up in a tab and let it run.

Added some text as I thought it would make a nice daily create.

@flavigula Additionally, when he told me he was going to write a new song over the weekend, I told him, I would, too. When he is done, we will share songs. Mine is called Somewhere Out There -- and I had time to do a demo the other day (which I have not yet shared with him) It's good to remember he is 11 years old and wants to write song but does not know how .. I am trying to help him along

Had the last rehearsal with my orchestra before their concert. I love them. They work so hard and love the music so much, and don't judge anyone at all. I've arranged the music and am reading form a different score and at one point the trombone player asked what his note was at a certain place, and I had to say I have no idea but I'm very glad he's playing ! (really I do know, but we are not the 'right' or 'wrong' sort of group.)

Concert Saturday and I am very excited.

Fall Fashion Fail

Green plaid with buttons
For light work or sitting
Outdoor fun or shut-ins
Comfy, loose fitting.

Maine Guide Shirt
Long called, I've been told
But here's the hurt,
My size: no longer sold.


I lean into your warm embrace. Far too short. For so long we have communicated via the digital and for a few short days, we meet and sit together and eat and learn together, with ease.

'The air itself seemed electric, charged with billions of logical defcisions per second. Everything in contemporary life is based on these processes, on this math.' From Tubes by A Blum. A journey to the center of the internet. pp 162

Upon the point
of turn is where
we all come to
learn that
nothing taken
for granted
ever lasts


‘The object in front of me was true and tangible, if unequivocally abstract; material, yet unknowable’.....Its meaning had to come from inside me.’ from Tubes by A Blum (2012) p143 when viewing the core router at the Frankfurt exchange.

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