Rearrange all of your furniture in a way that makes you more comfortable or just to try something fresh in your living space.

Dragons ‘represent the vast amounts of not-knowing’’ Here be dragons. Unknown sea-territory. The writers map. pp90

This morning's dawn was to the "right" as I drove east to buy Sunday donuts. It was bright in the clear, cool morning sky, but it was not directly ahead of me on the east-west avenue. My squint was less acute.

In New England, the dawn has moved south as the Earth's tilt gradually makes the season's shift toward the winter solstice.

Soon the leaves will turn and fall.


Ah, for an evening of infra stuff and tinkering with new projects. A little music on the bookcase speakers. Tea in a bit. Good times.

#smallstories #sysadminlife

The tower was empty, save for a cat.
"Did this princess also rescue herself?" the knight asked.
"They can do that," the cat said.
"But I must find someone to rescue!"
"How else can I prove my worth?"
"Well, now," said the cat, "I know someone trapped in a bad place."

I am in that delirious and delicious stage between projects. One finished and now.....the possibilities are bounded by the hooks and materials I have in the drawers.....but the ideas are endless. I want to start a new thing (rather than address the waiting-to-be-finished drawer) but I want to stay in this wonderful state of imagination.

Looking for some music to listen to on this beautiful Monday night? How about music by randomly paired mastodon musicians? You think that doesn't exist? It does! And we've filled four albums already! You can listen, download, and pay what you like here:

#music #MusicCollab #creativetoots #MastoMusic

Commit to posting mostly or only positive things on your favored social media site for a while.

And here ends the second era of online culture preservation.

All hail the Memory Holes. The chocolate ration has been doubled.

'Sometimes there is poetry in confusion. It is possible to love maps while also embracing the unknown and uncertain. ' The Writers Map (Ed Huw Lewis-Jones) pp75

Laughter in recognition and laughter in pain, / in theatre our emotions can gain / a space, a voice a life. As education changes and we question our roles / we can all join in laughter, / to break hierarchical trolls.

mental health 

I will demo my tie-dye motion capture leggings for the first time during my talk at camp tomorrow:-)

MAKE YOUR TECH & WEAR IT TOO: Stories from an E-Textile Tailor

His piercing blue eyes dug deep / memories from previous conversations upset my equilibrium/wrecked my concentration and faded any enthusiasm for the task at hand / I felt the dark cloud moving in. I felt disengaged and distant / no recourse for discourse available / I went home, taking a pill to slow my mind / sleep is not sweet / dawn will bring regret.

We had 900 km to drive today. I wanted to do a version of a#feldgang for our July theme but alas. Each stop was taken over by food priorities and scenery features. The road was chewed up at over 110km/he and only the defying skyline can be seen at that pace. Finally the awsesome sunset pulled us up and we could spend some time to consider the day.

Things I noticed on a Front Yard :
* the tiniest of flowers in driveway cracks. There's no way I would have paid attention to them otherwise
* a lone dandelion, with seeds ready to spread. This one is an outlier of the season
* the dead branches of the pine tree, framed underneath, with sky as backdrop, gives a new perspective
* a tree trunk as map, framed close, with crags and valleys
* a chewed leaf, bugs' dinner left uneaten

More about project:

Locating our place in the world makes out existence more certain, less speculative. The Writers Map. An Atlas of Imaginery Lands. Ed Huw Lewis-Jones p42

I went to a fashion parade last night. It was all about keeping the ‘re’ in the cycle of clothes. The back of the head of the lady in the front row appeared in the bottom of all of my photos. She had the most fake, garishly, red dyed hair. It distracted me from the models. Now I am trying to crop her out.

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