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So the Inky pHAT library is a Python package. I planned to reimplemt it in Rust long before I started using it... That plan is basically essential at this point though. Python is so slow on this thing. Even pip3 --help takes many seconds to run... Then there's numpy, which is a dependency of the einky package. It's been compiling for like 10 to 15 minutes.

Finally collected all the necessary dongles to use my Raspberry Pi Zero!

Now to get Inky Phat working on it...

New Futures RFC! This caught my eye:

> A major driver in this experience has been Google's Fuchsia project, which is using all of these features at large scale in an operating system setting.

I am no fan of Google but I'm intrigued to see what comes of Fuchsia and the possibility of it being the first widely deployed operating system with significant Rust components.

I turned a 5 line shell script into a 72 line Rust program... \o/

The Rust version does generate slightly more sophisticated output, and has error handling though.

It displays the CPU and GPU temperature on a Raspberry Pi.

introducing the worlds smallest mobile solar powered #gopher #tilde site with just 267 active users. solar battery is swapped out every 16 hours. proxy access at #new #introductions

Been playing with my Raspberry Pi. Installed IceWM and went down the rabbit hole of theme selection. Remember when Linux looked like this?

Very nice post on the GC improvements recently made and upcoming for GNOME Shell, and the difficulties of mixing a reference counted system with a garbage collected system.

Is having a Patreon a common thing for open source projects now? I had a Flattr, where I got around a cheap coffee in total, and a Bitcoin address, on which there was never anything. Is Patreon used more?

Ideally, I’d work one day per week on my open source projects, but I doubt I’ll ever get that kind of funding 😉. And honestly I don’t need money for a coffee that I get for free at work anyway. Is there anything where I could say "Either I get X$ and take the day off or nothing if below"?

Why we’re changing Flickr free accounts | Flickr Blog

As a Flickr Pro subscriber since 2008 I welcome the changes and wish more companies prioritised users over feeding data to advertisers.

This week has been crazy good. I just started a new series of #workshops on #Design ing with #OSS here, where I currently live, #CZ #Prague. It was for free and I even sort it out a free coffee for the #courageous people who show up!
In this 1st instalment we went over: basic graphic design history, #Libre concept, career, #Learn how to do traditional #Portuguese #Tiles (AKA #Azulejos) with #Inkscape

All the materials will be somewhere soon where everyone can find it #ScreenshotSunday #ubuntu

MIR-based borrowck is almost here

Some very nice improvements coming to the Rust borrow checker. I really appreciate the care being given to migrating existing code to the new implementation too.

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