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“hyperfine: A command-line benchmarking tool (inspired by bench)” — written in

Announcing Read Rust! Keep up with all the new posts in by subscribing to the RSS feed. @rust readrust.net/rust2018/

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Actually OSX has two different ways to pipe apps together, they're really handy and powerful but I'm always surprised by how little they get used. One is UI based, trying to be accessible to end users (Automator), and the other uses a scripting language (AppleScript).

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social.coop/media/EHA_0cRvOC2y social.coop/media/pxg4FZNJsFbN

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I'm genuinely intrigued by these calls to rebuild the future as a by-the-people-for-the-people retrocomputing DIY FOSS micro revolution, but I wonder how many folks actually understand how tough it is to support Unicode when building something from first principles of bits and bytes.

If your homebrew future tech assumes text is made up of 8-bit characters, you're building a world in which you can't communicate with most of the world and re-entrenching biases that have taken decades to overcome.

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Love #mastodon and looking for a project?

There's this kickass birdsite gtk+ client called #corebird (corebird.baedert.org) it's written in #Vala.

If you have the time and will, making it speak the mastodon protocol or creating a client based on it would be amazing.

Let’s sail! GMK Nautilus on GH60 Satan

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Anyone have screen recording software recommendations for ? I want to record my screen and voice at the same time.

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Stardew Valley on OpenBSD is a thing! Found a fix for the save/load bug! Thanks-no-thanks MonoGame for shipping all kinds of system dll that messed things up...

Now I can have my own Puffy farm!

Thanks for everyone's advice on the way... They were all pieces in the puzzle of trial and error!

@bcallah @mulander @calvin @canadianbryan tenforward.social/media/Gb36Dj

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Registrations on bsd.network are now *open*!

I have pre-reserved the names for the projects, and a few others. If you would like to take control of those, please email the admins so we can ensure the proper people have them.

#bsd #openbsd #freebsd #netbsd #hardenedbsd #bsdnow

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Hi, I'm the Admin of this instance.

Registrations are not yet open, but will open soon.

#bsd #openbsd #freebsd #netbsd #hardenedbsd #bsdnow

U2F Zero is an open source U2F token for 2 factor authentication. github.com/conorpp/u2f-zero

@wezm ok is working. Installing GNOME went a lot faster this time owing to using the Fastly mirror for packages

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Today has involved a lot of messing with OSes:

- Configure systemd-boot as boot manager instead of rEFInd, which mysteriously no longer works (on XPS 15)
- Reinstall OpenBSD on XPS 15 after resizing partitions apparently broke the install
- Upgrade MacBook to High Sierra so I can upgrade to latest Xcode so I can do an update to SymbolMate
- Still to do: Re-install FreeBSD on XPS 15 since I had to nuke its partitions to resize others (and so I can make it a ZFS install)