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Marcel Gagne

Super massive but insanely beautiful rabbit hole . . . Mont Blanc rendered in a 265 Gigapixel image. Did I mention it's a massive rabbit hole? You can pan the image, zoom in and out, and just wander aimlessly. Try the Guided Tour button at the bottom.

Yesterday's "Cooking With Linux (without a net)" is officially live on YouTube for those who couldn't attend the live lunch time show.
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Cursive inflections imply bellwethers of natural and transigent exaggeration when viewed as alternatives to recalculated probability. This is the heart of the cosmos itself.

Today, at 12 noon, Eastern time, it's "Cooking With Linux (without a net). Join me at yon friendly URL: Be part of the action. Chat. Ask. Answer. Share. Be there! Oh, and I'm giving ArcoLinux another go. :-)

Here's the pre-recorded video of yesterday's live "Cooking With Linux" (without a net) show. Enjoy. Share. Thumbs. Comment. Subscribe on YT. All that stuff.

One one hand, I get so much junk email (even with aggressive spam filters) that I urge and beg people to call me if they don't get a reply from me. On the other hand, I get so many robocalls, spam calls, fake tax evasion calls, sales calls, that I don't pick up the phone and let it go to phone mail. What's left?

@natecull , apparently I've gone and made your life difficult by reposting a screenshot of your Margaret Hamilton toot on Facebook. Sorry.

So, Microsoft is buying Github. I'm not 100% sure this is a bad thing, but pretty close to it. Microsoft has spent a great deal of energy over the last few years to convince the world that it is Open Source's friend. This move seems to be a sure fire way to set those public relations efforts back, even if Microsoft's heart is in the right place. Note that I'm not suggestion that their heart is in the right place. I'm just thinking about the strategic choices made.

Cooking With Linux: Building an open source social media site that isn't Mastodon. :-)

I've been thinking that it would be cool to have some kind of open source centralized registry of your identity (maybe web of trust or blockchain) from which you could post to any and all platforms just once. People could then view your public posts on whatever platforms and in whatever format you see happen to like. If they like Facebook? Cool. Google Plus? Cool. Mastadon? Cool. Diaspora? Cool.

We all want to be found by our various circles, but juggling n platforms gets tedious fast.

Another day, another social media platform. Hello, Mastadons!