Today marks a momentous event in human history and possibly even the evolution of our species, because it was on this day, September 30, back in 1960, that the world was introduced to that modern stone age family, "The Flintstones!"
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The ending had me in tears; to avoid spoilers, you'll have to watch to discover whether my tears were tears of joy, or sadness.

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AWAY, currently playing on Netflix, is the show we all need right now. Sally and I just finished it and is truly wonderful! Ostensibly, it's a show about a trip to Mars, but that's oddly a tiny part of what makes the show a must watch for 2020.

As a sci-fi fan and space exploration enthusiast, there were a couple of things that briefly annoyed me, but the show is so wonderful in so many ways that I happily filed those few things away.

These are tough times. Please enjoy this live feed of two platypodes, or platypuses if you prefer. A platypus is, of course, an egg-laying mammal of action.

Just say the magic words, "Ipso Facto Cogito Ergo Sum Caveat Emptor Carpe Diem De Facto Pro Forma Pro Bono Mea Culpa Rigor Mortis E Pluribus Unum Vice Versa Et Cetera," and every problem will miraculously cease to be.

I'm happily singing along with Jimmy Buffett's "Down at the Lah De Dah" when my wife walks in, shakes her head and says, "It's times like this when I realise we have very different tastes in music." I thought it better not to ask whether I was the one with better taste.

Only three days into the school year for my 16 year old, and they have sent him home because he is "showing signs of a cold". Some thoughts on the weirdness of going back to school in the world of COVID-19.

I've always fantasised that if I was ever beset by Ninjas, that a pounding rockin' soundtrack would start out of nowhere, piped through the ether, as it were, and I'd suddenly develop epic, almost supernatural, fighting skills, and the music would only stop when the last ninja fell. Then, the camera would pan to me and . . . superhero landing!

My son started grade 8 today. He said that social distancing was a joke, with kids touching other, then coughing on others, saying, "Ha ha, now you've got COVID!" like it's the ultimate epic prank. His class had 25 kids so there was no separation between desks like they show you on TV. During lunch, when kids took masks off to eat, they would routinely lean over to chat over other people's food. One teacher with a full classroom means they have a tough time enforcing 'the pandemic rules'.

Does it make me a bad parent if I just feed my children cupcakes for supper?

Just finished watching the new on Netflix and I loved it. Granted, I grew up with the original series in the 60s (dubbed into French) and so was hooked early on. This new incarnation takes some getting used to, with the animation (part photographic, part CGI, part rotoscoped) occasionally wandering into the uncanny valley, and it took me a couple of episodes to absorb the style, but it's still great!

It's another beautiful day in the simulation! Or . . . is it? And which one? A beautiful day, or a simulation? And which one? Or both? Or neither? How much wood could a woodchuck trade for gems at the International Woodchuck Trade Conglomerate? So many questions. So few answers.

Every year, a temporary city takes shape in Nevada's Black Rock Desert. This becomes the location for an event known as Burning Man and the city is called, appropriately, Black Rock City. This year, because of the COVID-19 pandemic, the event has been cancelled. Mostly. People are determined that there will be a Burning Man in 2020, but it will take place in the Metaverse. in VR. Join me for a tour of Black Rock City, from the comfort of my Oculus Quest, in AltspaceVR.

Yes, I did it again. This is "The Wolf and The Crane," and number 3 of "DEATH's Bedtime Stories", so like, share, boost, ReTweet, comment, and all that YouTube stuff.

Speaking of podcasts, hot off the audio editor, it's episode 16 of "Tic Tek Toe". Listen. Share. Comment. Rate. All that stuff.

And no, I am not getting a little old to be playing video games!

It's becoming evident that I desperately need a gaming laptop, but I also desperately need the throwaway money to get said gaming laptop. Sigh . . .

Another strange video from me . . .
It's "DEATH's Bedtime Stories", episode 2, "The Fox and The Grapes". Enjoy. Share. Comment. Do all that YouTube stuff.

If you spend time living in VR and you have an AltspaceVR account, join me for an impromptu FOSS talk session this morning at 10:30 am Eastern.

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