Gotta love this latest round of phishing emails. "Thanks for being a loyal Google user. Here's your reward of 550 thousand British Pounds! Just open the attached document and fill in . . . "

Chez Marcel! It's real! And you can find it in Paris, France.

For those who have no idea what I'm talking about, I wrote a monthly column, for more than 10 years, where I pretended that I was in a restaurant called, "Chez Marcel". Well, today, I found it.

I'm old enough to remember when you had to face the shopkeeper when you bought things that were embarrassing (use your imagination). You'd stand there, trying to hide your shame, making sure you bought a candy bar or some gum so it looked like the real purchase was just a casual add-on or an impulse purchase. Nowadays, you can just order whatever stuff you want from Amazon, and it even comes in a plain brown box and nobody judges you. Young people today don't know how good they've got it.

Today, I plan on thinking of things I've never thought before.

Here's an actual un-retouched photo of Jim Acosta an instant before he lashed out in the White House press gallery.

Sources say that the White House is now reporting that Acosta's fist can be seen glowing yellow before delivering a blow whose impact not only dispatched the intern, but caused massive damage to the press gallery. The estimated damage is in the millions.

dear reddit: it's actually totally normal for your gf/wife/female fwb to keep her devices password protected

It's even normal to suddenly add a passcode, especially if they use their devices for work or financial matters, which ALMOST EVERYONE DOES

DEBT. A Chilling Bedtime Story
Probably not a good one to read to your kids. Enjoy! And if you do enjoy it, please share and all that.

Please, listen and understand. Not you because I know you know these things. This is for every company that is trying to force me to choose an 8 character password with one upper case, one digit, etc. Listen. The characters DON'T matter! The length does. It doesn't matter what 8 characters a person chooses, you can crack that in a few minutes. "itsabeautifulsunnyday", on the other hand, will take billions of years.

Dear American friends, I know 2020 seems like 2 years away right now and today, you've got to vote in your mid-terms. However, consider this guy, Andrew Yang, is running for President on a platform of Universal Basic Income, a topic every politician will eventually need to consider. Note that I'm not suggesting you vote for this guy, but that you convince other politicians that we need some new thinking for the future, and unless magic happens, UBI will have to be part of that new thinking.

Help! This morning, I ate a big bowl of the new "Dank Memes" cereal from that big cereal company (you know the one) and now I've totally lost my sense of humor. What can I do?

The emacs editor has a psychotherapist doctor built in. That should tell you something. If you use emacs long enough, you're going to need a shrink.
I kid. I'm a kidder.

Sorry to tell you this, but people who claim to be undecided voters are actually usually lying. They know exactly how they're going to vote. They just don't want to tell you. Maybe they're secretly ashamed. Maybe they worry about being judged one way or another. Whatever the reason, they probably aren't being entirely truthful.

Not that I'm bragging, but I fixed our malfunctioning washer by removing and replacing the water inlet valve assembly. I've done two loads of laundry since. Yeah. That's right. And I'm just getting started.

And while I'm on the subject of leaves. I hate the fact that people pile up their leaves at the curb. You're shrinking an already narrow street even further! This year, the region sent out a reminder not to do this until the day of pickup. So what do people do? Exactly!

That unfortunate, and sad, feeling you get when a social network suggests that you wish a friend who has died a happy birthday. 😢

Haiku, oh Haiku,
You strike fear in all our hearts,
With your smelly farts.

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