A WIRED story uses the term, "clueless," to refer to Richard Stallman. Other terms being bandied about on the Net include, obstinate, asshole, willful, sociopath, asocial, uncaring, and more. Which of those terms, if any, excuse his behavior? wired.com/story/richard-stallm

So, in light of Stallman's "resignation" from MIT, does this mean we can just call it "Linux" now instead of "GNU/Linux"?

Trying out another podcast experiment. Check out the first episode of "Trash-Talking FOSS" on anchor.fm/trash-talking-foss . Depending on the reception it gets, it could also be the last. 😉

It's official. Richard Stallman has 'resigned' (most likely a euphemism for 'quit or we'll fire you') from MIT.

Just read that Trump says he's "locked and loaded" and just waiting to find out who he should tweet at next.

Just spent the last 30 minutes playing "Elven Assassin" on the Oculus Quest. It's a real rush. If you have and you're looking for someone to join in VR for some team play, let me know.

If history repeats itself, it's only because the programmers of this simulation are lazy, and reusing coded scenarios with only minor changes.

That does it! I can't take any more of this. I'm going to Starbucks to pay way too much for a coffee.

Should you use vim or emacs? Philosophers, poets, scientists, satirists, manga artists, and other deep thinkers have been searching for an answer to this eternal question for as long as Linux has existed, which, as we all know, is several million years. In point of fact, vim was first created shortly after the asteroid impact that ended the dinosaur's reign on Earth. youtu.be/Bpuy-_QAj30

More GNOMIES! Met up with Heather from Purism. Our group is growing!

Just finished a 20 minute Beat Saber workout and man, are my arms tired. The heart rate monitor on my watch just says, "Holy crap!"

Make sure you patch those servers! Also, it probably wouldn't hurt to run chkrootkit, or rkhunter, or Lynis, once in a while.

Ah, Usenet . . . from back in the days when you had to uudecode your porn. Not that I would personally know anything about that, but I've heard talk.

Lunatic Cultist and Other Stuff! youtu.be/accluFRzxmQ Watch Trisodin529 (my son) live streaming the new 1.3 mobile game on

"Christ Jesus" is trending on Twitter and yesterday, Trump declared himself the "Chosen One". Beware of Messiahs. After all, even Jesus Was A Racist. link.medium.com/nVKwkZrumZ

Sally and I have been watching "The Boys" on Prime Video, as per my brother's recommendation, and it's freaking fantastic. We love it! It's dark, disturbing, funny, cynical as hell, and impossible not to watch. Oh, and definitely not kid-safe. Not in the least. youtu.be/tcrNsIaQkb4

Those times when you're writing something and you need to edit it, so you press the h, j, k, and l keys to position yourself and you look up to see "llkkj" on the screen because this isn't "vi".

Imagine sending expensive spacecrafts to Mars and not being able to read their recorded data, years later. It would be like buying an e-book that you can't re-read because of DRM locks. Open Source can help; here, and on Mars. Marcel (that's me!) explains: bit.ly/33vE4me

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