So, I'm getting ready to do "Cooking With Linux without a net" in an hour (ish). Any requests? Mine is that you join me at noon (Eastern) at

Just got off the phone with my mother who accused me of being "fou raide" which, roughly translated, means "completely bonkers". If my own mother sees me that way, what does the rest of the world think?

Sometimes, I fear that humanity is perched upon such dramatic changes that our descendants will barely recognize a resemblance in those of us today. And sometimes, I fear that nothing will change, that we will still be fighting the same stupid battles untold centuries from now.

Do you ever find a piece of something lying around your house, something that looks like it might have belonged to something possibly important, but you don't know what, so you keep that piece around for years, only to find it and ask yourself what it is?

I have a confession to make. I think Pogos are actually pretty yummy. Don't judge.

We make a lot of french fries in this house since the air fryer invaded the kitchen. Another batch, fresh cut, ready to go in.

For people who don't want to read, I made a video of that Genesis story I posted a few minutes ago.

God was out walking in the garden.
"Adam! Dude! Where are you?"
"Hiding, Lord."
God scratched his head. "Why?"
"Well, I'm kind of like, you know, naked."
"Who told you that?"
Adam shrugged. "I would have thought it was obvious."
God yelled, "You ate the magic fruit!"
"It was her fault," said Adam, pointing to Eve.
Eve scowled at Adam. "Pussy!" she shouted. Then she looked at God and said, "In my defense, it was that snake."
The snake glared. "Sure, blame the serpent!"
"You're all grounded!"

"Socialism is the reason you don't have to bring your own highway when you want to drive somewhere." -- Bill Maher

Getting close to finishing the fourth Dune book. I must be getting a little hooked because I find myself wanting a crysknife, or at least a decent replica.

Oh, the Audacity, a kinder gentler Linus, and Freespire rises from the dead. Please share this vide far and wide. Likd. Subscribe. All that stuff. Thanks!

So, I am opening up a can of ravioli for my son (don't judge) and the cat comes into the kitchen at warp speed meowing, "I heard you touch a can opener to a can. What do you have for me." And I let her sniff the can and she walks away indignantly.

I'm listening to the Joe Rogan podcast interview with Elon Musk, the one where he smokes pot and drinks whiskey, and also the one that sent the market people into a (possibly moral) panic. You know what? I like Elon Musk even more than I did before this podcast. I would totally drink whiskey with the guy. I don't do weed (I don't like breathing any kind of smoke), but Scotch definitely works for me.

I read Dune for the first time more years ago than I care to mention, stopping after the first book. Recently, I finally decided to reread it. I was so captivated that I then read "Dune Messiah" and finished "Children of Dune" yesterday. I've got "God Emperor of Dune" cued up on my eBook reader and ready to go. I am fascinated by the fact that I am completely captivated by a story saga where I find it hard to decide who the actual hero is. Truth is, I don't like most of the people in the books.

A while ago, my wife made a private practice video because she was going to be singing at the wedding of her niece. We did the video so she could use it as a guide to practice to share what the piece looked like with her niece. This video was unlisted, not monetised, and we even paid a license fee for private performance, just to cover all the bases. With all of those boxes checked (remember, we paid), YouTube's algorithm hit me with a copyright strike. I fought it, provided proof, and won.

Today's episode of "Cooking With Linux (without a net)" starts in 5 minute or so, as soon as I finish my avocado, hummus, sriracha, and cheese wrap. Come be part of the show at

It's Tuesday and time for another episode of "Cooking With Linux (without a net)", today at 12 noon Eastern time. More or less. Today, it's "15 Shades of Hello World" which, I should add, will be entirely safe for work. Oh, and we're going to play games on Linux. I also plan on trying out yet another Linux distribution you've never heard of.

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