I know it's Facebook, but check out my stream of "In Death : Unchained" played in VR on the Oculus Quest 2. I love this game!

Heads up, people! A 22.5 metric ton of discarded rocket booster will come crashing down, somewhere, in the next couple of days. No one is sure exactly where it will hit, but some models do have it crashing in populated areas, including New York City and Madrid, among others.

How Ghosts Could Be Real
Let me ask you a serious question. Do you believe in ghosts?

Before I continue, let me put my proverbial cards on the table and say that I do not believe in ghosts, certainly not in the sense that they are the wandering souls of the departed. Last night, however, I found myself thinking that perhaps there is a logical explanation, other than "it's your imagination," for the existence of ghosts, spiri

Laugh, poke fun at these AI foibles, and bask in your temporary superiority, humans, because this moment won't last long.


Look! I took a picture of a rainbow!Look! I took a picture of a rainbow!

Funny, and potentially offensive and unsettling for some, especially if you are easily upset by things that make fun of the NRA. Oh, and there's swearing, too. You have been warned.


A No BS Guide to Getting Rid of Your Back Pain!
Let’s start with my tragic backstory.

I suffered with crippling back pain for more than twenty years. I’m talking about being out on my back, unable to drive, barely able to walk, or work. I spent every moment trying to deal with the pain while doing my best to lead something resembling a normal life. Sometimes, I’d spend a few days in bed loaded up with p

In case anyone is interested, I have received my first dose of the Pfeizer vaccine.
Feeling good. No pain at all. 😎

We Need to Stop Talking About Government Debt
The Ontario government, in its most recent budget, warned of deficits for the next 10 years. So what? Why are we still talking about deficits? Granted, it's a pervasive myth, as myths go, but it's high time for concepts like government deficits (or GDP, for that matter) to be retired for something more meaningful.

The first mistake is t

Our Botched Pandemic Dress Rehearsal
Here's a cheery Saturday thought for you all, as you line up for your vaccine, or breathe a sigh of relief that you've at least got your first dose of Moderna, Pfeizer, or Astra Zeneca. Now, you can sit back, worry less, and wait for the booster shot. At least you won't wind up in the hospital on a ventilator. Hold that optimism for a moment though, but don't throw it away becaus

Oh, no! I've started playing "The Elder Scrolls" on Stadia and I'm getting seriously hooked. Help. Send food.

Feel the power of the Dim side. Give in. Let the apathy flow through you. Join me, and together we can lie around all day, eat junk food, and watch TV. It is your destiny!

I'm genuinely curious. Have you ever, or do you know anyone who has ever, bought a $45,000 ring at Costco. Don't get me wrong. I love Costco, but does anyone actually buy such wickedly expensive jewelry from a big box store, as opposed to, you know, a jewelry store? I really want to know, because I can't really imagine this exchange.

"Oh, honey! Of course, I'll marry you! It's such a beautiful ring! Wherever did you get it?"


Ahem. I'm just going to put this here and slowly walk away.

Phallic insecurity tends to be greater in regions of the United States that have a higher proportion of evangelical Christians, according to new research ...


Do you ever find yourself playing a video game, going up against various monstrous enemies, and instead of just shooting them, you hit them with your shield, then, as they try to get up, you hit them again so they're stunned, then you walk up to them, shoot them in the head with your crossbow, then find yourself thinking, "Was that a little cruel and maybe, just maybe, a little over the top as well?"

The Supreme Court decision regarding "Oracle vs Google" is the right decision. Besides, the whole point of APIs is to make sure you interact with the application in a prescribed manner and the best way to do that, the only sane way to do that, is to reuse the code provided. This debacle was just Oracle trying to stick it to Google.

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