Anger is perhaps not the best response to this hyperbole from the anti-vax crowd. The correct response, I believe, is ridicule. They are entitled to their opinions, of course, but their opinions are not worthy of serious discussion, only ridicule.

Because no one would ever think of having sex on the floor, or on a chair, against a wall, in the shower, on the edge of a desk, on the kitchen counter...

Make no mistake. Your government could house and feed everyone with the stroke of a pen. But they don't. Spend a little time and ask yourself why not.

How to tell you're being lied to.

Gas station then: The price of gas is high right now because demand is high. Supply and demand, you know...

Gas Station now: Demand is really low, so we need to keep prices high. Supply and demand, you know...

Super epicly EPIC Hamster Ball International and Interplanetary, possibly Klingon, Speedrun! Watch. Share. Tell me about your favorite TV show that involves a hamster.

You can like something but still not want that thing. For instance, I like dogs. I like them a lot. I'm particularly fond of German Shepherd and, though not quite as much, Collies. However, I don't want a dog, now or ever. I might consider a robot dog, but a real dog? Nope.

If you haven't yet shared your pointless and ridiculous post for the day, what are you waiting for? There are children slaving away in third-world meme factories churning out this stuff for you. The least you could do is share their work.

I just published "To Sleep, Perchance to Die." Go read it and tell me if you feel, or if you've ever felt the same way. .

If you hate Medium, for some reason, you can also read it on Substack at or on my own Website at Wherever you choose to read it, I'd love to get your comments on this. I'm genuinely curious as to whether anyone else feels the same way.

Ah, memories... Life is nothing but memories. The moment that we think of as 'now' is also a memory as soon as you register or recognize its existence.

You're welcome!

I Only Wanna Be With You - Bay City Rollers - 1976 via

"Story in a game is like story in a porn movie. It's expected to be there, but it's not that important" -- John Carmack

To be clear, these QAnon wackjobs are worthy of every bit of ridicule and derision you care to throw their way, so I tend to err on the side of many, if not most of them, are probably trolling for lulz. That said, isn't threatening private citizens (and police, as shown in the video referenced in the article) with summary execution in front of a firing squad kind of, you know, against the law?

Evolution is just one unintended consequence after another.

Hands up if you hate, not just dislike, but hate icons on your computer desktop. If I wanted icons on my desktop, I would bloody well put them there. Ever computer operating system and manufacturer needs a "don't put icons on my desktop unless I specifically say so" setting.

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