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oh I'm supposed to introduce myself

hi I'm whyguy, I'm 27, I was a freelance artist full time up until early this year and now I'm a receptionist cause it's more sustainable wooo

one day my full creative drive will return from the war

I like roleplaying, watching ridiculous amounts of youtube, bullet journaling (yup I'm one of those)


oh fandoms I'm into are

other... things. yeah.

@whyguy like, you're having trouble communicating with them not because they are stupid, but because you're hella uncreative and you think they're stupid

if you literally think someone struggling with a language barrier means they're stupid, yeah, no, I don't need your "help" interjecting while I'm calmly and patiently trying to explain a complicated set of instructions to a customer


sometimes I'll catch myself day dreaming about a confident girl coming into my life and sweeping me off my feet, but honestly I'd probably be so paranoid and scared in the face of someone overtly flirting with me I'd fuck it all up

I've discovered that I can type just fine with gloves on, so nothing can stop me from wearing gloves all day at work

I want to think I could have the willpower this time to not time travel in animal crossing, but idkkkk

I fantasize sometimes about getting to interrogate a person who drives a car without a muffler about why they seem to enjoy being such a miserably obnoxious human being

I get the feeling that part of the reason so many people who don't watch asmr are really skeptical when people tell them the vast majority of it isn't a fetish thing is because watching asmr is a pretty vulnerable thing, and sex is a much easier to understand and more talked about type of vulnerability

I had a Moment a while back when I realized the reason I'd always been vaguely uncomfortable with characters like kanaya and katara is that I'm... pretty similar to them

I get so nervous when I relax while my roommate or my brother do cooking/housework type stuff

gotta love internalized sexism

my coworker is driving me nuts 

why do dating sites keep matching me with ABA technicians jksljglkh

I'm getting kinda worried that I'm still not going to be able to talk for work on saturday

I tried just now and all I can force out are dying geese noises

I've become such a boring person waiting for animal crossing, it's all I want to talk about

I want the nintendo direct to come so badly, even though all an animal crossing trailer is going to do is make me even more desperate to play it

@whyguy I'm using so many rn to try to keep my voice until the end of the work day but it's so fucking disgusting

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