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I know it's late but still felt doing.

- I am an aspiring entrepreneur, runs a small but growing Digital marketing venture based in Pune.
Assist in preparing Marketing Strategies, Consultation & business plans to initial stage startups & new entrepreneurs.

'Introvert', loves being alone but always surrounded by people.

Human psychology fascinates me a lot.

There's a lot to say but for now i think it's sufficient.
Thank you.

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I am here but I really don't know how to make the most of mastodon.

Can anyone pls help me out?

They are not us & we are not them.

Maintain the distinction.

They are doing everything against the Nation & we are fighting them to save what we have always cherished.

Do not equate us with them.

They are killing for their personal hate, we are dying for the love to our Nation.

They will Divide us on the basis of Religion 1st, then they will further divide us by Castes, then by Gender, then by clothes, foods, language etc.

It have already started, just dont know when it will end.

Dheere dheere pura Desh Normal na ho jaye, Kashmir se shuru hua, ab Assam pahuncha hai.

Guys I have a question for you all, actually it's more like I wanna know what you think.

By considering all the growing wrong things going around in our country will you advice a muslim minority to leave india? Also I'll appreciate if you state your reasons.

I respect every women, believe in equality that men & women are equal.

That's the conditioning, upbringing, surrounding I have got.

Now just try & imagine the opposite of what I said above, that's exactly where the problem is & sadly no one is talking about that.

Since everyone agrees , why expect anything good from a trash.

No!! All men are not trash - Your society, upbringing, laws, surroundings are trash.

Khudke ghar ka kachra khud hi ko saaf karna hai.

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@wierdmind Good and bad itself is decided by the society of its times.
It was considered good to own slaves and bad to fight against slave ownership.

In the end people follow what they feel is right and hope that history judges them more kinder than their peers.

There's no space left for logic/sence between these good & bad side.

Today some people (good ones I used to think) have been abusive in twitter.

Aapke ghar me kachra hai to aap kya karoge?

Bilkul sahi!

It's really irritating to see some people's over exaggerated happiness & pride after getting a follow back from some handles.

A student does something wrong, the teacher punishes the entire class, the entire class then repeats the same thing & cycle goes on.

Now tell me how its solving the problem to bring the students to the right path?

I am unable to distinguish between genuine people & the attention seekers.🙁🙁

You are trying to turn a Monster into a Man by blaming the Man itself.

I cannot even convey my condolences to the victim because the world is like 'You are the victim, it's your fault'.

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@wierdmind Never. Am experimenting with my thoughts and process. There is no magic method which will convince everybody.

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