When I look at incredible code completion tools like TabNine (using deep learning), I'm not surprised that JetBrains is focusing more on ML techniques in their IDEs!


Smart devices that have continued despite the original company ceasing: engadget.com/2020-03-03-undead

The secret seems to be a great developer ecosystem, a cute form factor, or a cult following.

A bunch of diagnostics polish in clang 10: releases.llvm.org/10.0.0/tools

One particularly cute addition: spotting that 2 ^ 10 is the user confusing exponentiation with xor!

Upscaling textures on SNES emulators to improve graphics on today's displays: arstechnica.com/gaming/2019/04

Really neat approach. I've seen emulators do clever 2D smoothing, but this feels closer to 'original intent'.

pdqsort ("pattern defeating quicksort") is an incredibly fast sort that even outperforms timsort and std::sort in C++!


A recurrent neural network for improving voice quality on an unreliable connection!


There's something magical about advances in encoders. Unlike hardware changes, you never know when/if techniques will get better.

Standardising Python build information and tooling configuration with pyproject.toml.

It's great to see Python moving away from executable package descriptions which had bootstrap issues!


Some excellent new error diagnostics from gcc with -fanalyze: developers.redhat.com/blog/202

The multi-function analysis reminds me of Infer, and the cute nested ASCII display resembles rustc.

JITs are blackboxes that can make it hard to reason about performance in production: abe-winter.github.io/2020/03/2

All of Debian's patches for rustc: bugfixes, tweaks for the Debian environment, and even some reproducibility improvements.


Many have a separate comment, which is really helpful.

TXR Lisp describes its stdlib as "a significant standard library of userful functional combinators". I can't decide if "userful" is a typo or a pun.


From simple IP blocks to probabilistic deep packet inspection: the evolution of web censorship technology: news.ycombinator.com/item?id=2

Woah, Chrome is looking at dropping the user agent entirely! infoq.com/news/2020/03/chrome-

Feature detection is good practice anyway, so this seems like a push in the right direction.

Apparently smart thermometers are a thing, and social distancing has led to observable drops in flu prevalence: qz.com/1824020/social-distanci

A cute, high-performance text search engine (cf Elasticsearch), written in Rust, with a RESTful API!


JavaScript libraries are rarely updated in the wild. Cloudflare is observing increasing usage even for old versions of jQuery! blog.cloudflare.com/javascript

It'd be interesting to normalise against total web traffic size.

The Shelf is a NeXTSTEP alternative to a clipboard, but more flexible and powerful: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Shelf_(c

You can put a source file and destination directory on the shelf, enabling a cut-and-paste style operation. You can still refer back to them afterwards!

Google offering game server hosting as a service: cloud.google.com/blog/products

I'm surprised there's sufficient commonality between games that you can offer a generic server!

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