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Wilfred Hughes @wilfredh@mastodon.social

Best book I read last year: hands down, The Name Of The Wind.

A masterfully written fantasy story. Sadly it's a trilogy and the third book hasn't been written yet. You have been warned :)

Happy New Year!

Feliĉan Novan Jaron!

It also raises the question: how important is your choice of instance? If there are more interesting people on another instance, should I move? Should I create another account? How do I discover people on other instances?

Reading theoutline.com/post/2689/masto encouraged me to hit up Mastodon again.

Still, all of the links in the article open in a browser, rather than the Mastodon client (Tusky) I've installed. Is better integration possible?

free as in the entire day you'll have to have to install the damn thing

I'm at Strange Loop conference! Do say hello if you're around.

Coming from Twitter, a major difference with the Tooterati¹ is that your server matters. You're more easily discovered by users on the same instance.

It's an interesting, different group dynamic. There's more scope for self-organisation and group identities.

¹ This should totally be a word. People use Twitterati with a straight face.

I've seen both and !foo used on Mastodon. How do they differ?

"So the #1 best rule [for going viral] is: Have overwhelmingly awesome content. So good that people intrinsically want to spread the word."


From: Darwinian explanation and advice for “Going Viral”

Mastodon is rapidly maturing as a microblog platform! "Mastodon and the W3C – Hacker Noon"

Especially impressive because evolving distributed protocols is difficult!

In 1987 we thought the future of entertainment would be people playing interactive movies and TV shows, so they could get right inside the story.

In 2017 the cutting edge of entertainment is TV shows of other people playing videogames so you don't have to.

What are the refactorings that you consider essential? Is there a minimum set? More interestingly, can an IDE be complete, such that there are no extra refactorings that a user wishes to use?

140 chars on Twitter feels so much more limiting after tooting!

From: Richard Stallman
Subject: Changing font size
Date: Tue, 22 Aug **2017**

“It would be very nice to give Emacs commands to make the font bigger and smaller.”



Why I haven't jumped ship from Common Lisp to Racket (just yet) - Cybernethics / Cybernéthique fare.livejournal.com/188429.ht

@Angle "When you're tired of Novelty, you're tired of life."

So, I find an interesting Mastodon host, say esperanto.masto.host. How do I discover users on that host?

Tusky has a feed, but I believe that's my default server? It's got a big cross section of folks tooting in many languages, most of which I can't read.

Back on Mastodon as my impression was that it is steadily growing. Has the tech community stayed, or just kicked the tyres and left?