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wilkie @wilkie@mastodon.social

i shouldn't be so self-deprecating. it is DEFINITELY my goal to be better than people with PhDs.

floppy disk preservation at its best ( by Nick Gentry via flickr.com/photos/nickgentry )

I enjoy that moment, YOU KNOW THE ONE, when you interact with another genderqueer person and you both dramatically pause to try to remember if you've already met

"you were a better teacher than most of the CS lecturers" -- a student

it is definitely my goal in life to be better than average

I always read the credits of video games like "Lead Testers" like what did they do, lick the walls?

compiling libass is the best

this is a beautiful live rendition of the dynamic music of monkey island 2 and makes me want let's plays with live music youtube.com/watch?v=gsSc5_bec-

I wonder if hearthstone would be more fun and interactive if you could select a class for each deck to ban on the ladder.

i'm proud of the person I've become. a person that cleans the lint out of the communal dryer before and after I need it.

my portfolio of errors plus that one intentional thing is unrivaled

moby gives mononymous people a bad name

seems fine. sure. good.

my boss revised my essay and substituted some of my phrasing with "Refering to..." and I almost missed it. He Tim Berners-Lee'd me!

The thing I am most happy about with my co-writer is that we both have a strong, preexisting opinion that the correct storage units are MiB/GiB etc. Mebibytes for life.

my colleague wrote this and I think I'm really starting to be a [good] influence

but hey, the bank upgraded my checking account so I get free checks. too bad I already purchased the last 100 I'll ever need.

banks are really weird now. I went to make a withdrawal, which I haven't had to do in person in like 15 years, and there wasn't a queue. someone in a sweater vest greeted me and then I sat down to talk to someone.

Words that went into my spellchecker dictionary today: versioned, versioning, containerization, paravirtualization, internet, abandonware, discoverability, curation (wtf), GitHub, timeline, zettabyte, backend, frontend (i refuse to hyphenate)

i did many adult things today. I added lowercase-i internet to my spellcheck dictionary. revised an essay. and glued my fingers together.