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wilkie @wilkie@mastodon.social

Tempe, Arizona. Nice place. Hot and sunny, so I gained some freckles.

for the folks at home, that's $100 a cheez ball

*looks for wifi* it's never an interesting name, is it. it's always "Bob's iPhone"

I'm here in Phoenix, Arizona. Which is a desert. My pale Welsh-Scot-Pole body was clearly not designed for this.

Found some of my Nana's lost recipes. I love you Nana, but what the heck is Spanish about this casserole? (It is, contrary to intuition, kinda delicious somehow)

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My mother passed away yesterday. She gave up a lot for me and my brother and I'm very grateful, although she wasn't always the most accepting. She told me in the end to live my best life and that's what I intend to do!

My brother maintained a public Minecraft server and we were watching YouTube videos of 9 year olds showing off stuff and it's adorable.

Shower desk is really the most obvious evolution of the standing desk

It is really awesome that Doom had, at one time in its development, a VR-ish three-screen video mode that required networking three computers together. doomwiki.org/wiki/Three_screen youtu.be/s2TG7VCms3Q

Ok [public place], if you're gonna plug a computer into a tv for any reason then it is your fault when I turn it on, turn it quickly off, turn it on again, and boot it into safe mode. YOUR FAULT.

Somebody just became the third person to let me shave their head. Who's next?

This is Gus. Pet Gus with your hand and get gently bit. Feet only apparently.

if you sleep 8 hours a day, in one year you are asleep for four whole months. WHAT THE HECK

it has been __0__ days since I've written out yet another ":w" file

I guess this Tandy 1000 was my first computer.

I somehow tied myself into a knot and couldn't move. Being a snake is hard.

hmm, I could pay $300 for this 1-day academic conference registration. Or... i could buy a $10 college shirt of the hosting campus and try to just waltz in. hmm. hmmmmm.