"if you let rich people have money it will trickl--" why wait tho

I'm a little inebriated, and yet it still makes 110% sense to take money from the rich and feed people with it. It's obvious.

I'll get sudden nostalgia for BBSes and FILE_ID.DIZ files which would often tell you where a downloaded file originated. Back then, you'd be in PA and be like,"Wow! This came from The Byte Bandits in... ~~CALIFORNIA~~ !!"

Ok. Rachels. I have some beef with you. Your Reuben... is it Pastrami or Turkey. WHICH ONE IS IT, RACHEL??? PLEASE CONVENE.

As soon as I realize, and I mean the very first second, that I'm in an adventure game, I'm grabbing a dang rope.

ah, right, Jill of the Jungle. The Amazon woman who can't swim.

major cities competing against each other for companies by offering decades of tax breaks seems like something that would lead to poor infrastructure, declining healthcare, and homelessness. oh, wait. right. it did.

I think I made odeCay Oceanay annoyed with me Show more

Don't worry. You can buy an occasional book or w/e from Amazon and still despise them. These corporate city-states are monopolies that make themselves unavoidable… what can you do. I got a student loan and still hate them. I have health insurance but it's still a terrible system

I'm getting mad at all the Amazon bullshit, still. Georgia's bid to build Amazon their own state-funded university is particularly embarrassing and terrible.

my brain has produced a catchy tune all on its own and it has no ending and thus I can't get it to go away and I've no free time to compose it properly so it's just never-ending torment!

a crawler hit a very unintentionally slow route repeatedly. i added a reasonable cache. thanks robot.

i've stored my dread on floppy disk. many kibibytes of dread. so much dread waiting patiently to experience data rot in 10 to 25 years.

I wish I could get as excited about technology and stuff as many of you younger folks, but all I've got is this dread. so much dread.

*worker comes out against company* rando: "Well, yanno, we gotta hear both sides." *company never gives their side, because why would they* "I guess we'll never know." *repeats indefinitely*

Code Ocean is now just Jupyter Lab you pay for?

#iplayed The Seven Colors, an early multimedia CD-ROM game by Parappa creator Masaya Matsuura! It’s beautiful, incredibly charming, and basically an utter delight beginning to end.

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