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SIX ๐Ÿ
๐Ÿ•ท IS
๐ŸŽธ HERE!!!!!!!

I find it hard to be scared of AI when computers, for literally my entire life, have repeatedly given me yes/no questions with "OK" and "Cancel" at my options

when I develop interfaces, I try to make sure my test data is as realistic as possible

my printer enforces pdf drm so I have to print the pdf to a pdf and then to a printer. hurray

*Reminded of Harvard prof that responded to me 7 years ago telling the world Exokernels were a siren song misleading researchers*

Let's see. Xenโ€ฆ oh right, an Exokernel. All unikernels: Exokernels. Basically all efforts to minimize virtual machines: tbqh essentially Exokernels.

student: I can't access this paper/book
me: have you tried the library?
student: oh that works thanks
me: *writes an announcement to give to rest of the class tomorrow*

i just taught a senior undergrad that they can access papers at home via the online library. I'm really excited for them now but also what the heck.

I attended a lecture by Professor Knuth and he taught a complicated topic with an traditional overhead projector and it was very good. I could meet half-way and use a laptop with a drawing stylus.

sometimes I think we've bashed the overhead projector as a teaching tool because it is low-tech, but it feels more adequate than a whiteboard. and i'm not just saying that because I'm short!

people who 'don't care what you think' care more about what other people think than anybody else I've ever seen

time to write some code. i hope nobody tracks my ip address.

I'm super glad that, contrary to scifi films, our actual interfaces don't beep every time you press absolutely any button. *looks at the microwave* NOBODY ASKED YOU

I'm currently punishing myself by reading internet forums where people are debating the difference between /dev/random and /dev/urandom using very strange definitions of the word "entropy"

I discovered that Firefox treats something as a security error that Chrome does not and all I've done since learning this is spin in my chair for several hours.

to relearn me some emscripten (C,C++ to asm.js/WebAssembly), I ported @potsdamnhacker, et al's OpenOMF, a WIP open source reverse-engineered One Must Fall 2097, to the browser. only keyboard controls, however. wilkie.github.io/openomf/ mastodon.social/media/mGyJaqUf

anyway, to make use of my headphones, I'm gonna put on the Lost Eden soundtrack and code/write/compile-things youtube.com/watch?v=twbDhMNEwH

anyone else do this; you put on headphones and listen to absolutely nothing? because I do this all the dang time.

i press play on some music on youtube and it just spins some loading graphic for an hour or two until I notice. what the heck.

I think the logo of 'not quite a dragon' and 'not quite correct but shiny and close enough' really sums up llvm.

do not use the llvm logo with the 'fixed' neck. weird alternate reality Mรถbius strip wyvern forever please. mastodon.social/media/2zXCGvHt