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taking time out of being depressed and upset to do some self-appreciation (cw: selfies/eye-contact)

I was gonna make a last minute plea for people to buy me the Leisure Suit Larry source code so I can archive it in the most interactive way... but the auctions are gone!!

an epidemic of unclaimed death surrounding a fancy boutique in my apparently snowy film-noir town

my city in cities skylines can manage fire, crime, education all really well but just not the dead bodies. way too many corpses. just cadavers, which nobody apparently wants, everywhere!!

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cities skylines at full resolution is totally worth the money on that top of the line GPU

cities skylines on a 4k monitor: SO MUCH CITY. YES.

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@Gargron that was me giving a federated storage lecture to some grad students this week. "this node doesn't know shit so it asks another node that doesn't know shit but knows better shit. it's obviously O(log N) because you always learn at least half a shit"

i need to get off this internet, and I recommend you do, too, to give the "yeesh"-speaking parts of my brain a break

I'm somewhat reassured that Minecraft is inspiring a ton of creativity in young people in absolute spite of how much of an asshole Notch is.

we need the name of w/e law this is: large centralized social networks will inevitably devolve to puritanism. and this puritanism is defined by the worst, most bland, and arguably most hateful and spiteful people imaginable.

we definitely took a VERY wrong turn when humanity created a technology that lets people narc on your for saying you're gay or even mentioning you masturbate or w/e.

me, summing up my intro to computer architecture course: "at the end of the day, it's just a bunch of non-sentient rocks trying to be people"

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sometimes I think it might be useful for the students to see us instructors talking in Slack about our confusion on details from the course textbook

seeing how easy it is to lose certain types of art, even in a digital world, should hopefully get you to think more about traditional museums and classic preservation and think about representation: "what DIDN'T make it?"... "what's NOT there?" An ageless battle.

i feel like milo should take all of my debt as well. what's a little bit more to such a terrible person?

another site destroys content... and once again our centralized, closed, and obscurely governed public internet archive grows larger... and more fragile. worth thinking about.

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