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I finally uploaded much of my videos/lectures to a permanent domain with PeerTube. Phew.

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oh no. I seemed to have written an i286 cpu emulator and also an HTML window system capable of rendering bitmap fonts and am intercepting 16-bit windows kernel calls. how did this happen.

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another day writing papers for scientific journals. everybody keeps asking me if they can read them. buddy, they won't even let me read them

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I wrote a personal essay on federated social web meets the rogue archivists, the nuance and power of forgetting, and building social software around consent and archival resistance.

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It is 2074. Copyright is no longer extended since rich people no longer die. All librarians are unseen outlaws building archives underground. This is their story.

"employers can't afford a higher minimum wage" you see it's just reasonable that poverty must exist so that some other folks can afford their mortgage

thank you to my colleague that reminded me not to accidentally work this Monday

why are so many people saying "the fediverse has done way more than w3c. screw them" ... folks *waves hands around* this shit works because a bunch of people volunteered their time to standardize things. you can hate the policies of one such working group, but it's not magic. those people deserve credit and not such erasure.

my enemies tremble as I get hotter with age

The IndieWeb community has a good long ongoing list of ways that Twitter fails to integrate into community solutions to decentralize the overall social network. They constantly break common standards and antagonize bridges and client apps.

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do any of the lovely digital preservation and CS educators on here have a favorite resource that explains or begins the question of "what is software?"

don't have to tell all of YOU this, but what a bunch of bullshit to ignore the great work of the Social Web W3C group! Twitter has done nothing but antagonize us in the process. Keep reminding these opportunistic fools.

right now my beard hair is a mix of brown, bright red, and pandemic gray.

I am, now, also broken by the topology meme and am, now, within the same set as others.

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anyway this was the topology meme that cursed me i have no fucking idea what this means

when the media 'both sides' these issues and place expertise next to conspiracy, it doesn't make the bad idea look weak... it makes both equal. no wonder people are radicalized to believe a fact is a lie.

although I do believe the worst is yet to come, in the interim I do enjoy watching Trump lose every ounce of political capital

the contradiction here is that making a bad actor more vulnerable would make us all more vulnerable... which only hurts those who are already vulnerable. don't give the state tools and rely on centralized policing when you could be giving a community moderation tools instead.


I remain slain from Bush comparing current events to a "banana republic" and it being mostly ignored. Just dead. I might never recover.

Thank goodness Parler stayed online long enough to wish it hadn't.

correctly pluralized 'attorneys general' ... really makes me feel like one of the growns up.

sometimes I need to step away from my own bullshit and appreciate somebody else's bullshit... like this Sega Master System remix of the Windows XP installation music.

oops. I did that thing. It was not hard and it feels very good to have a real FAT16 filesystem that can load files abstractly over the network as tho they were on disk. Should be useful when adding support for ISO images (basically FAT32 blobs) to run things off of CD via HTTP.

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