sometimes I avoid liking things that make me happy to prevent an algorithm from being happy. feels like we're in the bad future.

them: "why do you wear nail polish?"

me, as slowly as possible: "be... cause... my.... family... is... from... Poland"

Yiiiiikes. That interview with Jack Dorsey. Every time I remember a situation where I felt I embarrassed myself, I will now think of this interview and feel better.

i think i want to reinvent my style to match Mario-64-DS-minigame-Luigi

I need to teach my phone the word asshat for so many good reasons

I can't tell all of the colorful pinwheels apart

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i wrote a script to do this to all files. it is called AAAAAH.​sh pronounced *loudly* AAAAAAH! *normally* dot *softly* sshhh

sometimes i use the amazing vim command ":%s/\S/A/g | %s/A\s\|A$/AH!! /g" to have my code reflect how i feel. example follows:

ain't fooling me, gushers on a bus seat. i know an obvious trap / psychological experiment when i see one.

I don't feel like I teached perfectly today. that's a very distinct feeling btw.

the great thing about mysterio, the best villain, is the same as spiderman: anybody can be mysterio. and even though it is somehow jake gyllenhaal?? I don't think it will /entirely/ ruin it

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18. It is a disgrace that game preservation and archival is a criminal act compared to other mediums. No other major creative industry is as hostile to preservation and history as this one.

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i don't think this is posted here im pretty sure i made it on my last account before thr database glitch (very on brand) so im gonna repost it with new content too for the veterans :toast_cat:

I see everybody is now teaching computers how to detect 10 years of aging. widescale and increasingly personal social media image posts have definitely established an interesting new segment of tech research ethics

receiving a mastodon notification is hereby called "getting a bonk"

i think the mastodon notification sound is so pleasant because it is basically the "bonk" sound from mario. scientifically one of the most pleasant sounds in the world.

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