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I finally uploaded much of my videos/lectures to a permanent domain with PeerTube. Phew.

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oh no. I seemed to have written an i286 cpu emulator and also an HTML window system capable of rendering bitmap fonts and am intercepting 16-bit windows kernel calls. how did this happen.

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another day writing papers for scientific journals. everybody keeps asking me if they can read them. buddy, they won't even let me read them

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I wrote a personal essay on federated social web meets the rogue archivists, the nuance and power of forgetting, and building social software around consent and archival resistance.

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It is 2074. Copyright is no longer extended since rich people no longer die. All librarians are unseen outlaws building archives underground. This is their story.

tfw you are the only one that shows up to the meeting.

Jesus... two years later... I'm back in masochist summer. I am now compiling systemd so that I can eventually compile systemd. This is my new hell.

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some friends and I emulated sharing nachos by all cooking some ... this was mine (image cw: food)

*realizes I'm happier reading as little of birdsite as possible* ahhh! so that's who the algorithmic timeline is for!!

I wish I was as magically productive as dry shampoo

sometimes when I'm frustrated about something I can't do, I look up a how-to video for something I *can* do, and relate to the people struggling in the comments.

extrovert problems: your food is always cold because when you pick it up, you talk to the restaurant owner for a half an hour

"CSS is not a programming language" they say right before rewriting it in JavaScript to "make it easier"

just letting people know that there is an anime adaptation of Agatha Christie and it is weird as fuck (and has a duck)

I finally set up my phone to automatically upload photos from my phone to my file server... this will improve my life, like, 300%.

this is related to my thrift pull where I bought some appropriate games for the halloween season

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hey hello frens. is there a place where people are archiving really campy Windows themes? :D

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a friend wants to stream old games... so... back on my bullshit I go 😂

[selfie, ec] just your above-average late night androgynous sexy pose

I did what I call a "Fen hair flip" and it worked out really well. Thanks Fen. Thanks for your magic hair flip technique.

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This is humble, but it's one of the pieces I've been happiest with! It's made with `stitchcraft`, `ih`, and love <3

maybe the real Google Docs were the medical searches we made along the way

*lights flicker* yesssss turn off those lights, space daddy

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*virtual meeting starts soon* *hears thunder* c'mon lightning. I'm rooting for you.

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