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wilkie @wilkie

I know more than is reasonable about how gnu apps and gcc work internally. what an amazing mess of things.

@KitRedgrave particularly since disks are fast enough to handle redundancy really well at a block level. sigh.

@KitRedgrave all of this infrastructure to make shared linking faster helps contribute to *looks at notes* absolutely nothing of value anymore

if I generate VMs on the fly I also have to make sure to generate ld.so.cache bc things override LD_LIBRARY_PATH 😬 why are things so hard

Bless the multiple girlfriends who pulled their boyfriends out of the way before they ran right into me in the sidewalk.

Quoth the Raven, who now daylights as a port authority official: mastodon.social/media/s5KLcnQT

@djsundog he's very interested in digital preservation

@ieure I have one internal 3.5" (and a backup drive) and a usb drive. it's pretty nice.

@ieure I have a fc5025 for the 5.25s and dd for the 3.5s where I have a process of imaging multiple times and cmp'ing. I have some plans to expand the drivers to output some better metadata.

Vint Cerf has apparently seen my work

Toronto is really busy at midnight

@deadsuperhero I have an otherwise EXCELLENT copy of gold rush. still in the wrap with a price sticker.

Look. Paperclips and rubber bands are not good tools if you intend on preserving something. mastodon.social/media/llFxgW3I

I repaired the 3.5" disk 2 of Hero's Quest, which I am damn happy about. sometimes they get a little... stuck... and don't rotate anymore.

one of these floppies doesn't calibrate cooooorrectly... old technology sure was great! 🎶

Imagin' floppies at 1 in the morning. 🎶

@quephird I believe the oldest thing there is Gold Rush which came out in the year of my birth: 1987. Mostly, they are from '88 to '90 I think.

As @benhamill points out, Manhunter 2 and Police Quest 2 use the same 2. And now we all know this until our dying days. mastodon.social/media/uWc93QQk