i like that the autocomplete tells me that people will be celebrating the equinox appropriately

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you can't just call yourself a bat... you just *have* to also point out you're a man. how insecure.

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every time someone calls me a ma'am, and then a sir, and then a sorry, a queer angel gets its wings

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Thiccarus, who died because his wings were not strong enough to hold up his big butt,

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i like how you upload an mp4 without sound and mastodon is like
💁‍♂️ 🦋 "is this a GIF"

Stop spreading stereotypes. Your librarian isn't telling you to "shh" they are recommending that you look in the index under S-Sh

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broke: emulating games is a crime so it's bad

woke: emulating games, while technically a crime, is one of the only reasonable ways to gain access to many old games considered cult classics today, and should be encouraged in the interest of preserving art

bespoke: emulating games is a crime, so it's good

if you all don't like a good DK64 beaver bother joke... well... obviously I just don't know how to relate to today's youth

This is the way the world ends, not with a bang, but with a...

My bisexual awakening was watching ER and not understanding anything except that I wanted to be the jam in a Noah Wyle Maura Tierney sandwich send toot

If over-the-top, oddly dangerous, realistic holographic duels were possible, I might consider solving every petty disagreement with Yu-Gi-Oh, too.

And you KNOW when people are hinting that certain men are trash, but they, for many reasons, cannot explicitly say why. And if you see those hints and STILL give people the benefit of the doubt... well... you lean toward being trash, too. tbh. and the cycle keeps going. etc.

I have a great deal of respect and immediate trust for people who go after abusive yet influential men. I know from my own (light) experience in going after the males that doing so definitely involves incredible damage to your career and people abandon you. Support them!

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Great Predbridge Ridge East no longer accepts Bubbles

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