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I wrote a personal essay on federated social web meets the rogue archivists, the nuance and power of forgetting, and building social software around consent and archival resistance.

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when people ask about my opinion on a programming thing I just say "it's kinda ok, good for some things, bad for others. i don't mind using it if I have to except for that one thing it does really bad. yeah, haha, THAT thing" so the same amount of people disagree with me anyway.

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It is 2074. Copyright is no longer extended since rich people no longer die. All librarians are unseen outlaws building archives underground. This is their story.

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imaging some floppies that are as old as I am. here's hoping somebody images me someday.

somebody said they want the devil's horns to be curvier. don't we all... don't we all...

i'm saying floppy disks are my anime. *thinks for a few seconds* anime is also my anime.

many of you probably don't fully get my floppy disk bootleg fascination. it would be like if somebody pointed to a monet or a mondrian and called it anime.

update on bootleg floppies: the owner of the set inherited them from his dad but has convinced themselves they are real?? or are otherwise trying to get top dollar for them on ebay. many are obviously fake!!

distributed systems: stop gossipin about your bad bits and find the good bits

although I think Harvard made a mistake. the kid certainly reaches their entitlement threshold.

kids, it is important to also send apology letters to at least one backup school

if you want to be the last prescriptivist gender academic on the planet, just go to your corner you've labeled 'correct' in permanent marker that the rest of us call 'hell' and leave me out of it. you do ironically you.

gendered harassment; dad day; ugh: the world 

in reality, it's just gonna be me wanting to go outside, take pictures of things with my shitty phone at different angles, and see what kinds of hellish monstrosities the software makes.

are future digital archaeologists gonna go 'we found these 21st century 3d scans, but they were cheaply done. these physical things therefore weren't as important as the ones captured in high quality 3d scans'

i just want to take off work and play with low-cost 3d scanning solutions

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i don't get "deplatforming nazis is a slippery slope!!" to what?? fascism?? just let me slide the fuck away from them as quickly as possible.

companies once again trying to prove who stole something first

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did this again. it is just perplexing.

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I spent real life minutes doubting that "pursuit" is the correct spelling because that's just fursuit with a 'p' and that can't be right.

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