well. borland c++ came with Freecell, so I got nothing done except this. try again tomorrow :)

I tried to boot a VM into Windows 3.1 and Windows 10 got jealous

Well. I successfully installed the Microsoft Win32s. I'm not sure what that is, but it's definitely the name of my new band.

Borland C++ and I have so much in common. I, too, am Copyright (c) 1987. All rights reserved.

we should all try to appreciate the Borland C++ installation program

gonna write some code this great caturday

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yes, you should NEVER rely on a technology to solve a social issue. yet federated social systems are, to me, a socio-technical mechanism (takes human interaction/behavior into account) that enables a variety of self-organizing communities the flexibility to *choose* to communicate with other communities. (instead of relying on a centralized (capitalist) social system's sense of social morality... and being repeatedly disappointed)

lots of soapboxing insisting federated systems are inherently unsafe/unmoderated. i don't get it

centralized systems echo capitalism's slant toward profit over protecting the vulnerable. you can never trust them.

federated systems allow communities to visibly self-moderate (we're even seeing this as paid labor!) often under their own rules of conduct.

if you ban a server, then its a real economic cost to create a new domain. (unlike the simple creation of new accounts)

"Nazis can get fucked"

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I basically have to pronounce SPARQL as "Spar Quill" like when two geese fight over which of them gets to scream at any human or duck in sight.

*writes code* .append() *error* .concat() *error* .push() *error* .extend() *error* .expand() *error* .add() *error* .unshift() ?! *error* (actual answer: it enumerates like an list/array without the array functions. who knew.)

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"Nazis can get fucked" is a fairly reasonable and good thing to put in your CHANGELOG

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Home timelines should be all caught up now. Our traffic is averaging 400 req/s with occasional spikes to 1,200 req/s.

There are 23k active users on mastodon.social right now (8.7k arrived this week). Registrations are closed but invite links work. You can create an invite link from "Invite people" link or preferences page.

I have added 2 mods to the team (awaiting response from 3rd candidate), reports are being processed. Nazis can get fucked.

Computer Science is too much about computers being used by humans and not enough about humans being able to use computers.

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yet another paper rejection. once again: strong accept, weak accept, strong reject. frustrating. seems increasingly impossible to publish work on software/digital preservation tooling in Computer Science since at least one person will say "this doesn't belong"

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