You can tell I'm out of touch and not "hip" (or whatever the modern Zoomer word for it is) because I didn't include any references to TikTok.

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Excuse me while I snap a toot to InstaTwit so my friendowers can pin it to their likes.

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"After reading the manual, we think we know why they weren't for sale: *the device bricks itself after 343 uses*--which is slightly longer than the course of treatment her doctor prescribed.

"You can call the company to have it unbricked if your doctor prescribes a longer treatment."

Don't take his word for it. Read the manual.


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It turns out I have a fifth sense for when my son's diaper is poopy.

So apparently I feel more strongly about the oxford comma than about proper use of "good" and "well".

Thanks for the recommendations. Tusky seems to solve the issues I was having.

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Does anyone want to recommend their favorite Android app for Mastodon/Fediverse? I'm using Fedilab but I'm somewhat unsatisfied with it. But looking at different apps, the screenshots all basically look the same and their feature blurbs are basically identically unhelpful. Before I go try them all, which one do you recommend as the best?

I guess I never cross-posted my recent blog posts to Mastodon. So here goes:

After a quick search of the related work, I've determined that nobody else has yet...

written the emacs package that I want to write!

Well, at any rate it's not on Melpa with very searchable terms. But I have found a couple other emacs packages that I now want to try.

Unfortunately searching for related work is probably all I have time for today, maybe I'll actually implement it in a couple weekends.

Though if anyone feels I should use something like btrfs instead, let me know why. But my impression is that zfs has the best track record and stability to feel confident that it will safeguard my data, despite Linus not wanting to support the zfs-on-linux shim in a first-class way.

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In a related note I've finally decided to switch to zfs for my home server (well, at least once I get around to shuffling data around to accomodate a filesystem change). I would have done it years ago if it weren't for the technical issues that have arisen from a licensing issue.

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I love getting static whole-system errors with NixOS. Eg. if I try to set up a system with a specific custom kernel (fine by itself) and a zfs mount (fine by itself), but the kernel I happened to pick doesn't support zfs, rather than upgrading to a configuration that will fail to mount the specified drive it will error telling me the issue.

"I'm going to pause updates until you answer this question I should have asked before starting the update process. After you answer I'll keep working, but stop to do this again a couple more times."

Classic debian package management.

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«Processing triggers for man-db» (for minutes). Classic debian package management.

Python, perhaps soon to have pattern matching. But... as a statement instead of an expression, and with silent fallthrough when there is no match instead of an exception. Both terrible ideas.

Related, I'm sick of bland advice cookies. When I eat Chinese food I want my cookies to give me baseless predictions about my life, not boring, generic platitudes.

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«Horoscopes are like fortune cookies without the cookie. They're not as good.»
- My wife

Website: This is a minimal web browser.
Me: Interesting, let's take a look.
Website: It's written in Javascript and CSS using Electron.
Me: ...

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