If the punctuation wasn't in the text (or implied in the speech) being quoted, it doesn't belong in the quotation marks. I will die on this hill.

Today I decided to clean up some heavily copy/pasted test code I had written, and decided it was a perfect exercise to try out Ryan Culpepper's sexp-rewrite package. It's great! There are some rough edges but it's a really cool tool.

Still haven't really made progress on the error I need to debug, though...

When I see a link to a site about "effective VimScript" or such, I always want it to actually link to an elisp tutorial.

In medical imaging, cats are the most versatile animal, since they can perform both CAT scans and PET scans. However, while dogs can not perform CAT scans, no animal does a better job at PET scans, both in terms of diagnostic effectiveness and bedside manner.

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I've followed a lot more RSS feeds since I learned that you can frequently find a feed url by searching for "rss" in a "view source" for a web page. But I still wish people would put a link visible on the page anyway, because browsers don't really make the hidden feed data visible, and more people need to realize they can follow a blog or web site with a standard tool and don't need mailing lists or social media to do it.

Why don't more rom-coms follow the Crocodile Dundee formula by having an action sequel? Imagine: The Proposal 2, where Ryan Reynolds gets kidnapped by Colombian drug lords so Sandra Bullock has to rescue him. Then they hide out in Canada in the Yukon while the drug lords come after them. They have to use their superior knowledge of the land to survive, along with the help of some Eskimo friends.

Can anyone recommend a USB DVD drive that *actually* works on Linux? I've tried an enclosure for a desktop DVD drive that died after one use, and a nice slim USB drive that would show up in `/dev/` and get a little data then consistently error with any DVD.

I really want a USB DVD drive but I don't want to keep buying junk that doesn't actually work.

Edward Scissorhands is just fan fiction about Cut Man from Mega Man.

Despite writing a lot of C and C++ as an undergrad, nobody explained this to me: I thought undefined behavior in C was merely unspecified.

The truth is just crazy, and I'll argue that I never really knew C before I learned what undefined behavior really meant.

A reminder: Undefined behavior in C doesn't mean what it sounds like (unspecified behavior, eg. where an operation on integers returns an integer, but you don't know what the value could be). Instead, it actually means local exceptional cases can cause crazy local and *non-local* program changes because the compiler is allowed to assume (for optimization) that these exceptional cases *never happen*!

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Just think about how many conversations you've had with developers where they've compared editors or operating systems solely on the basis of features, with ethics and freedom not entering into their consideration AT ALL.

This is ESR's legacy in many ways, by the way, because "Open Source" is what you get when you take the ethics out of Free Software.

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Apparently How to Train Your Dragon 3 decided to take some cues from the Star Wars Holiday Special.

That said, NixOS is awesome, too. It's been a big step forward from Arch and Debian, especially on servers. And switching all of my computers to use the same OS (with the sad exception of my phone) has been amazing.

I'm excited about GNU Guix version 1.0. About a year ago I decided to make the plunge and switch to Nix or Guix. I had some issues with Guix at the time and decided to go with Nix, but I think Guix does several things better and I'm looking forward to trying it again some weekend.

Some day I'll memorize the arguments to `raise-syntax-error` in Racket...

After some quick analysis of the situation, I've decided that the soundtrack to the motion picture "Rocky" is far and away the best soundtrack I can think of, and the only one I would listen to as an album of music by itself as opposed to just listening to it for atmospheric effect in the movie.

Also I want to use a 10-based measurement of time (decidays, millidays, etc) instead of 24/60/60 hours/minutes/seconds. Though more importantly I just want the USA to switch to the metric system.

My biggest pet peeves with the metric system:

1: That people call kilograms "kilos" as if "kilo" weren't just a prefix that means thousand.

2: That the human-scale measurement we know as the kilogram isn't instead the gram.

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