Also, why do ripped jeans keep coming in and out of fashion?

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Watch out, Gen Z. You may think you're more fashionable now than millenials, but the younger, hipper, next generation is stylishly rockng onesies, diapers, and pull-ups. Oh, and I think they're using Aquabeakers, not those lame Hydroflasks. Checkmate, kiddos.

My parents' router was forgetting its settings, so I went to Best Buy to just get one today so they can have internet again. I bought a Netgear, and now I regret it. The web interface to set it up didn't work at all, I had to use an Android app. The setup process was full of upsells and dark patterns. The default settings are poor (eg. no IPv6 at all) and some settings just don't exist (eg. no way to configure or disable IPv6 firewall). I'll never buy Netgear again.

You know what? I just don't like traditional (init, test, update) for loops. They're so rarely the right thing.

Frustrated that web searches with the term "lambda" bring up so many results about AWS Lambda...

My wife works in healthcare. Lately she spends a lot of time asking our toddler son where various body parts and facial features are. I'm worried about the quality of care she provides if she needs to ask a toddler about these things...

This is also my largest criticism of SystemD. I like a lot of what it accomplishes, and it does a better job at many things than Sys-V Init. We needed a better way of specifying system services. But writing all that critical infrastructure in a language with memory safety issues was a crazy bad idea!

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I hope to some day be able to use Linux just as the driver-containing hypervisor into a secure microkernel, but then I still have all the C in the hypervisor kernel and drivers. It makes me sad.

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Really, I hate that I rely on *soooo* many C programs (and C++). Email servers (SMTP and IMAP), DNS servers, ssh servers, web servers, web browsers, document viewers and editors, etc, etc, all vulnererable to a never ending stream of memory vulnerabilities. None of these things need to be in a memory unsafe language. We should be migrating all of these.

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In practice, thanks to the driver situation, I have little hope for a better kernel than Linux to be practical any time soon. But maybe `sudo` could use a rewrite in... Rust? I see no reason why sudo couldn't be written in a garbage collected language. Go? Java? Scheme? Haskell? (Obviously I have preferences here, but really anything is a huge step up from C).

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Oh, a new `sudo` vulnerability allowing any user to escalate to root because of a memory safety error? And when are we going to move security-critial infrastructure to a programming language that eliminates this class of error which causes a majority of security vulnerabilities?

Does anyone know of any software systems (for communication, writing, zettelkasten, etc) that use hierarchical tags? Eg. assuming slash as the hierarchy delimiter, something tagged /hardware/mice would show up when searching for any of , /hardware, or /hardware/mice. I think I want to adopt such a system for my personal notes, but I want to look for related work before I do anything about it. Eg. how should I write such tags syntactically.

Why is every status LED ten times brighter than it needs to be?

That moment when you think: "before I fix this bug I want to improve how something works in my emacs..."

She might reply about the similarites of wasting time with video games. I largely agree, but video games are also much more fun, and are at least interactive.

Honestly I should waste less time on both of them.

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That said, once the time comes that we can't mooch anymore, I'm certain my wife will get a subscription to some streaming service, and I will thus continue to waste many precious hours of my life mindlessly watching TV. (I love you, dear!)

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Streaming is becoming increasingly like cable TV. An expensive, stupid, bundle of garbage that I can't believe millions of people ever paid for (and still do!). And entirely a waste of time.

But at least Netflix and friends don't (currently) have (non-internal) ads, that's a huge step up.

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I'm also frustrated that The Mandalorian will probably be locked into Disney+. Right now a relative has free access to it through some nonsense big-business phone plan tie in, so we used that to watch it. But I would realy like to be able to get DVDs of it and watch it at my leisure without a subscription. I have zero interest in subscribing to Disney+ (or the other increasingly balkanized streaming services).

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They really did poorly with the sequel trilogy, but they hit it out of the park with The Mandalorian.

But how many other Mandalorian-quality stories (and how many Force Awakens-quality disasters) could we have if people were free to use the culture we've inherited for storytelling? You know, like Disney did?

Copyright is constitutionally intended "to promote the progress of science and the useful arts". With today's implementation it mostly does the opposite.

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I really resent that the insanity of US copyright terms means that derivative works of Star Wars, an extremely influential work that has become embedded in our culture since well before I was born, can only be created by the megacorporation Disney. The same corp that effectively stole 20 years of intellectual works from the public by lobbying retroactive copyright extension.

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