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'Technology' does not have a teleology. *Particular* technologies have biases -- particular behaviors they are a better fit for. We should be careful of naturalistic fallacies & technological determinism: when those biases don't fit our desires, we should replace the tools.

Today is Monday, December 3. Amazon tries to tell me, with a straight face, that with 2-day shipping an item will arrive on December 10. I understand that sometimes you may not logistically be able to accomplish 2-day shipping, but let's just call this what it is: 7-day shipping.

(Sure, we can quibble about whether an item will ship today, and whether weekends are working days for some shipping companies, but under no interpretation can this realistically be called 2-day shipping.)

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By the way, here is the paper I published about Rash (my shell language) in GPCE this year:


I also gave a talk about it at the conference, but it wasn't professionally recorded, sadly.

For the curious, the plastic bit is to hold a foldable keyboard so that it doesn't fold while it's on my lap and I'm trying to use it, as well as to hold my phone on the other side. It's my first 3D object design, so I decided to first make sure I could print the thing that holds the keyboard before I try to figure out something fancy to prop up the phone. The phone, the keyboard, and the plastic thing all fit in a pocket together, albeit bulkily.

First prototype of the missing bit of my phone-as-pocket-laptop setup. It needs rounded corners rather than right-angle corners, and it needs something to replace the binder clip and eraser as the thing propping up the screen. But today I'm a little bit closer to having a usable laptop that fits in my pocket.



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After about 6 years of using Arch Linux on my daily-driver computers and Debian on the rest, today I have started my permanent migration to NixOS.

If you have to configure it, it's not user-friendly. If you can't configure it, it's user-hostile.

I implemented a pipeline operator in Rash (my Racket shell) that uses infix math if there is a number where the command would usually be. So now I can just type math expressions in my shell with no ceremony. So I guess I have no more reason to launch a Python repl ever again?

I think it says a lot that I would be in a much bigger hurry to leave Github if it had been bought by Google (which at one point I really liked) rather than Microsoft (which I used to hate more than probably any other tech company).

I'm really excited that the github acquisition is fueling a lot of interest in federated git hosting. I've wanted that for years.

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this little platformer game video made me laugh more than I have at anything in a while twitter.com/P_MEN876/status/95

Beautifully printed on printers at my university. Thanks @harriskenny!

Glamour shot of my new dactyl keyboard that I printed, with switches and keycaps installed. I still need to wire it up, though.


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Hmm... I don't look much at the federated timeline because everything seems to be in languages I can't read. I saw a setting to filter by language but it doesn't seem to be working. Oh well.

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Apple: We triple-encrypt all your devices with military-grade encryption, then feed the decryption key to an intern, then throw the intern into the dinosaur pit. Even the NSA could never crack our crypto! You could bring down a government or fight a small war with our devices!

Also Apple: But if you just type 'enter' you can log in as root.

Finally on Mastodon, using the snappy new version 57.


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