Those jorts you like are going to come back in style

Magic ox
from unusual sexual union
of animals.

markov 🤖 

I actually hate the RPM file format

yoooooo I got a PS4 and it showed up a day early so I could pick it up before the storm and now I have TOO MANY VIDEO GAMES OH NO

update: left the LED strip behind at a party at an abandoned farmhouse in Virginia. room is now insufficiently cyberpunk. considering cuttable LED strips so I can make weird glowing hexagons and stuff on my wall.

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finally have email working for next step: Mastodon instance????


1. If at all possible, do not use the computer

hello friends remember to patto ur cattos for me ok thank

forgot I used a LED strip as a placeholder light source in my new bedroom. got home from a trip, hit the light switch and BAM HOOORJ SO PURPLE / ACCIDENTAL CYBERPUNK AESTHETIC

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