🔵 Time to update: Tor Browser 10.0.15 is now available, and updates Openssl to 1.1.1k. In addition, Tor Browser 10.0.15 includes a bugfix for when Javascript is disabled on websites. Android Tor Browser will be available in the coming days.

Hear hear, #GNU #Guix is 8 years old *and* version 1.2.0 is out today!


Do not miss the release song and all the niceties!

In May and June 2020 we found and removed a group of Tor exit relays that were messing with exit traffic. They left almost all exit traffic alone, and we don't know whether any users were successfully attacked.

The Tor Project is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit. Your support makes Tor possible. 💜

"Thanks to all that helped so far, many hands helped and each one was essential for this migration to happen.

Also, many thanks to all of you
Tails collaborators for, in addition to collaborating with Tails, also being patient with such a big move.

Issues and repositories are the
heart of the technical infrastructure of Tails. We hope that you'll have a better experience contributing to Tails through GitLab!"

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Migration from redmine to gitlab isn't finished yet, but our gitlab is already running at:

So if you were searching for an issue in redmine, you should find it now there instead.

⛔ Incognito mode and private tabs don't make your browsing activity private, despite misleading language.

Your ISP and anybody watching your connection will still see the sites you visit.

Get real privacy: use Tor Browser.

Major commercial publishers are dropping their paywalls on coronavirus research for the duration of the crisis. That’s a great start.

Centralized systems for contact tracing are unlikely to be more effective than decentralized alternatives. They will create massive new databases of human behavior that are difficult to secure, and more difficult to destroy once this crisis is over. eff.org/deeplinks/2020/05/gove

We're very sad that we won't see you this year at DEF CON.
If you're missing us too, you can watch Roger Dingledine's talk at DEF CON 27, "The Tor Censorship Arms Race The Next Chapter."


The webpage of #Tails is getting a new design.

Here's a first impression of something not finished, and still in the making. How do you like it?

the Artist: Andrés Fernández Cordón

Electronic Frontier Alliance member, The Tech Learning Collective, provides a security-first, IT infrastructure curriculum to underserved communities and organizations advancing social justice causes. On Sunday they are hosting a tour of their curriculum. eff.org/TLC-tour

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