an invitation to be a featured speaker at the Museum of Modern Art in NYC on the 19th. Which is pretty damned amazing. Also good to provoke my usual impostor syndrome.

Nevertheless, that same week, I put together a fifth Creative Commons Poetry+Music Celebration for @theseattlestar which was amazingly successful. Jazz and folk and indie artists spontaneously accompanying poets on their pieces. Dogs and cats living together in harmony. All the feelers, or tentacles or whatever. More of them to come.

Currently working on another all-CC-licensed artists Concert Series here in town, at various venues. Excited.

I led a small workshop last week called "Creative Commons for Artists and Audiences." One bro in the workshop decided that I was completely biased against copyright because I equated it with monopoly. is a monopoly, bro. By definition.

People believe a lot of stupid shit.

I've been off the Fediverse radar for a while. But I still luv y'all. 😍

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Včeraj smo pri Kamizdat izdali #NetlabelDay kompilacijo: "Access Frame: Collectivity"

12 slovenskih avtorjev, ki na različne načine raziskujejo elektronsko glasbo.

Prost prenos/plačaj kolikor hočeš, :cc_cc: :cc_by: :cc_sa: #CreativeCommons BY-SA. + CDr v simpatičnem heksagonskem zavoju.


Hey, you incorrigible weirdos, dorks, oddballs, queers, freaks, mutants, and losers—

I adore you. Even when I'm too dense to understand.

Don't change a thing. Except to become the you that you really want to be. That'd be hawt.

That is all.

<3 <3 <3

Another abstract deelybobberthingie. I'll call it , as just doesn't sound right.

That's all I gots for you today. Time to go enjoy a Saturday at DragonFest.

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You can go and listen to my Netlabel Day 2018 ambient horror track on Free Music Archive now:

For higher quality, there's always Bandcamp:


#CreativeCommons #Music #Horror #MastoAudio

It's been hard making art-stuff since January. But I'm not dead yet. I'll come out of this soon enough and then there will be more things like this.

Netlabel Day 2018 is here! YES

Extremely excited. Already downloaded 3 GB of music releases, and waiting for to get his act together so I can download more 😆

Hell, I even wrote an article in @theseattlestar about it. Check it out, if that's your thing:

Otherwise... Hey Mastodonians! LTNS and stuff! xx

Blew my teen students' minds by showing them some computer animated films done on a machine with 4K 1978.


Otherwise, I'm just concentrating on teaching the youngbucks at TeenTix this month, talking about performing art, writing thoughtfully, and stuff and things. So there's my update for those who care to know. Oh yeah. I'm in a big art book as part of the largest exhibit of African American art in the PNW. I guess.

Gonna try to hangout with @craigmaloney in the next week or so, depending on my teaching schedule. I'm sure we can cover free software, RSS, Jono Bacon, the effects of ambient noise, and eight years of over 200 metal music podcasts in, say, thirty minutes or so.

I see Mastodon remains the same as ever, like a MONO song.

If the choice is between energetic, well-intentioned but foolish do-gooders, and gutless, highly intelligent but ignorant cynics, I'm siding with the do-gooders. Every. Time.

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#seattle and area dancers or dance-curious; I host an open-role social ballroom dance, Broadway Waltz, and this Friday the 16th is the next one. Free lesson for *total beginners* from 7:20-8. Dancing 8-10. No partner needed, we dance with each other. Details at

Chilling in the Sky View Observatory at Columbia Center, even though it's not open...because I can.

I will be the first "teaching artist" for the new TeenTix program here in . Apparently they trust me to teach ten 13-17 year-olds how to write about art and stuff. Little do they know...

Let the chaos begin.

I'd promote people's a lot more enthusiastically if they'd release their work with a Creative Commons or art libre license. Indeed I have a magazine dedicated to just such things.

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