Some time ago I noticed my knitting produced this kind of regular spiral pattern instead of a straight line. It resembles a complex sinusoid. Why? I think I had a constant angle error in the way I make a stitch. A constant change of angle between samples, whether plotted against time or the knitting needle, produces an offset in frequency, seen as this pattern!

Found a site dedicated to making your computer/cables/OS cuter

Frog pond diorama!

- Room background is a photo from HDRi Haven.
- Tree bark is an image texture from CG Bookcase.
- The tree structure was generated with Sapling Tree Gen.

I wish they'd invented an automatic machine for doing the dishes.

If one was to actually build an "e-ink powered" record player like that in my blog post, the audio quality would not be exactly hi-fi.

Wrote a blog post about patterns you may sometimes see on the surface of vinyl records. Well, mostly about the process of making a 3D rendered video about it.

redsea RDS decoder v0.20 will support fractional seconds in the timestamp. An effort is made to accurately represent the time that the end of the group arrived in the input buffer. It's the 1000th commit! 🎉


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