A nice feature in Thunderbird: offering to fix 'deceptive' tracked links that have another URL as their HTML link text.

It's convenient for audio programmers that radio people make so much use of complex signals - many functions in DSP libraries are stereo ready :)

I think it's pretty cool :) Remote control works with a little battery

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I bought a vacuum cleaner. Looks just like your ordinary vacuum cleaner, but it can be controlled via buttons in the handle. How? There's no cabling inside the hose. Instead it's a 2.4 GHz radio connection.

My vacuum cleaner supports AES encryption!

When I back off the gain of my test file by -18 dB the speaker volume suddenly starts to pump.

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Have you noticed the 2018 Macbook Pro speakers mid frequencies start to pump when very quiet, like there's a volume-based noise gate almost?

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Have you ever noticed how an insect flying fast in direct sunlight kind of looks like a pearl string, much like a fast-moving PWM-controlled LED light? I think it could be because of the reflective wings?

In other news, currently addicted to barbershop tag videos. So happy I discovered this niche phenomenon. Barbershop singers getting together and singing only the very end of a song, the "tag", the part where all the best chords are. And every chord is enjoyed like good chocolate.

Now it makes literal sense to talk about "degrees" of scale :)

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Idea: What if a spectrogram of music was wound up in a spiral, so that each turn was exactly 1 octave and all the other intervals were also at predefined angles? I think it looks pretty interesting! Especially how all the harmonics overlap when a consonant chord is being sung. Glissando (gliding notes) looks also fun and you can almost read the different parts of the choral harmony. youtube.com/watch?v=VeC8TIu8c5

This was in 12-tone equal temperament where all notes are equally spaced in a logarithmic frequency scale. Next I want to do the same with just intonation!

Just intonation is quite different: only one note in a chord could be thought of as "fixed" and the others are tuned to specific frequency ratios. This could be better for visualizing choir music. Maybe there could be a slider for setting the base frequency?

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If you take a spectrogram and wrap it around in the vertical direction so that its vertical span represents one musical semitone, interesting things happen.

It's sort of like a chromatic guitar tuner with a plotter: you can see how closely the notes fit the chosen musical tuning system.

What about chords? No problem! All notes are summed and plotted in the middle.

It's not often that I read the macOS system.log. It's written in an interesting tone, polite yet informal and to-the-point.

Some time ago I noticed my knitting produced this kind of regular spiral pattern instead of a straight line. It resembles a complex sinusoid. Why? I think I had a constant angle error in the way I make a stitch. A constant change of angle between samples, whether plotted against time or the knitting needle, produces an offset in frequency, seen as this pattern!

Found a site dedicated to making your computer/cables/OS cuter computecuter.com/

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