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Andy Wingo

oh hello again yon mastodon

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I wrote a bunch of basic things about the adaptive immune system in this thread if you're curious

verbena bonariensis; pushes up a stick a meter tall, then a tiny but brilliant flower cluster

what do you call the thing that is left after anemone petals fall?

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monarch caterpillar. couldn't see it while standing.

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tropical milkweed bloom. look closely to see the milkweed bugs.

i always thought of the word "petunia" as denoting some horrible suburban fantasy; i honestly don't want to know if i was wrong or right because these things are lovely lovely lovely.

heard potatoes can be good for breaking up compacted ground; giving it a go on the little strip of wasteland on cold north side of the house

relatedly in chicken news, among all the silly plants i picked up today was a decorative sweet potato. lovely yellow-green leaves that spill out in profusion. i put it in a container then went out for 1h and by the time i got back the chickens ate the whole damn plant.

when the birds fly up to that great roost in the sky, i will miss them, but not that much

when it's sunny in spring chickens will lay out sideways on the grass. they look broke but really just chillin