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I wrote a bunch of basic things about the adaptive immune system in this thread if you're curious

verbena bonariensis; pushes up a stick a meter tall, then a tiny but brilliant flower cluster

what do you call the thing that is left after anemone petals fall?

@federicomena your gardening of many years ago inspired me :)

@cwebber @sajith @davidpgil making a supercollider clone back before it was gpl was what got me into scheme forever ago!

@federicomena both hose and watering can, depending. no drip thing; i worry a bit about leaving it given that our water pressure is high. but i would love a system like that hooked up to rainwater w solar power...

@federicomena it rains ;) in summer i water from the tap. i would have to cut into drainpipe to install a rainwater tank and am hoping to be able to do so when they fix the roof this summer. pretty low-tech stuff. but things die sometimes :P

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monarch caterpillar. couldn't see it while standing.

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tropical milkweed bloom. look closely to see the milkweed bugs.

i always thought of the word "petunia" as denoting some horrible suburban fantasy; i honestly don't want to know if i was wrong or right because these things are lovely lovely lovely.

heard potatoes can be good for breaking up compacted ground; giving it a go on the little strip of wasteland on cold north side of the house