Imagine objecting to these featured app tiles! "it is sick, it is awful, it is terrible, it is pathetic".

Hate it when I distil something broken down to a minimal test case to send upstream, whereupon it works perfectly.

Toddlers are the best testers. L toddled over and touched the screen while I was moving a window between workspaces, and broke my GNOME session!

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*slaps roof of complex sentence* this bad boy can fit so many main clauses in it

Another week, another pull request that doesn't compile in a project where this isn't caught by CI. (It's a "bag of crap scripts" repo. I added syntax checking for shell scripts a while back, but now there are Python scripts as well, and those weren't checked or tested…)

Twee metal band name: “shrouded in gingham”

Riffing on, who wants to run which would only accept toots which use every letter of the (user's configured language's) alphabet at least once?

(Actually I think at-most-once would be more interesting and feasible but I don't know a concise term for that constraint.)

I blogged about some recent work I did to set up an Endless OS mirror network. We'd love to add mirrors in Southeast Asia, South America or Africa, since our mission is to improve access to technology for people in these areas, so if you know suitable mirror operators I'd appreciate an introduction!

There are no stupid questions, just stupid more-of-a-comment-than-a-questions.

Jealous of people going to ! Maybe in 2020.

@v21 do you have a Patron level for adding a Mastodon mode for CBDQ? (Cheap Tusks?)

I suppose I only read poems once or a handful of times, whereas I listen to songs (of which I can recite dozens) time and time again, and one is never more than a few toots away from a WCW joke.

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I'm pretty sure that the only verse I know in its entirety, excluding children's books and songs, is This Is Just To Say. I know most of the bits of I've Had This Shirt but always get stuck about ⅓ of the way through, or derail into a bit of a Dresden Dolls song for some reason…

@mdales Hey, you evidently like Fender combo amps. Do you know anyone in London who might like to buy a Blues Deluxe reissue?

Postcards so far. It's surprisingly time-consuming because postcards are rarely standard page sizes.

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Suppose you had hoarded hundreds of postcards and wanted to scan and publish them all before recycling them. What would you publish them with? Flickr? Hugo/Jekyll/equivalent? Something else?

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