Mail-order single-origin coffee moniker, or branch of applied number theory?

Any USB-C hub/dock recommendations? Currently I need: at least 1 USB-C port for headphones; either DisplayPort, or one more USB-C port; ideally a couple of type A ports. My current offending computer can't charge over USB-C but it would be nice to support that for a future computer.

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Today in “toddlers and machine learning are not so different” news: L believes that any person with a big silly hat, white/light hair, and a long coat of any colour must be Santa. Larger training set needed.

I just can't understand how people expect their comments to be taken seriously when they refer to Google and Microsoft as “Fooble and Microshit”.

I renewed my @conservancy donation for another year the other day. They do important work and it's worth supporting – and they've got a donation match for ONE MORE DAY so now's the time!

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Just today and tomorrow are left to help us meet our donation match and we have about $4K to go! Thanks to everyone who has already helped us raise money for our free software work and thanks to the folks who will help us cross the finish line!

@deerful @darius just started listening to Too Much Not Enough. It's good! Thank you for making it!

I'm literally zero content pages into New Dark Age by James Bridle and, hmm. 11. Come on.

I'm not wild about Vessels’ current direction in general, but minutes 1–4 of this track are so good.

Me: I don't use my computer on Sunday evenings. If I do, it makes me sad.
Also me: I know what I'll do instead: drink wine and read a graphic novel memoir about anorexia.

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Flickr-using EMF attendees: due to the imminent Flickr purge, we will be archiving your lovely photos. To take advantage of this complimentary service, please make sure your photos:

* Are not licensed as "All Rights Reserved"
* Are tagged as "emfcamp" or "emf<year>"

Shout-out to Gandi for being the first provider I've been locked out of after losing access to my TOTP code generator on my old phone. (I never configured my U2F tokens with them, and they support neither SMS fallback nor recovery codes. I have to scan & email my driving license to France.)

I'm halfway through Nudge by Thaler and Sunstein and I think I've pretty much got the idea, but I can't bring myself to abandon the rest…

New additions to my ever-growing pile of unread serious books, indirectly due to @millerdl

Favourite German animal name so far: „zwergflußpferd” (“dwarf river horse”, aka pygmy hippopotamus)

I opened the book I chose instead—Bloody Brilliant Women by Cathy Newman—at an arbitrary page and landed on a photo of Paris Lees, so I think it's safe to say Newman is on the other side of this chasm.

After a near miss, I’ve made a note to search Goodreads reviews for “TERF” when shopping for ostensibly-feminist books in future…

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