The third coffee of the day is always a mistake.

@federicomena yo, when you get bored of migrating C libraries to Rust, can I interest you in migrating some Haskell code to Rust? :p

Niche bot idea: animations in the style of Dasher, but only with English words that can be typed with alternating hands on a Dvorak keyboard.

For the curious, I've attached a screenshot of the distribution of the lengths of such words, with one example at each length.

TFW you are still finding obscure bugs in D-Bus more than a decade after you wrote a D-Bus traffic inspector, 3 jobs and a career track change later.

Hard to believe it's been nearly six years since I first saw a rough cut of Three Days.

Do I know any freelance developers with Unity and ideally VR experience who have availability now/soon? If so I'll put you in touch with an old colleague.

Nice, nice, sending work emails at midnight, this is fine and normal

Hypothetical death, covid 

(Is a ballad about the lack of afterlife that awaits us atheists a little on the nose for a pandemic? If so it was subconscious.)

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I'd like to learn some tunes for acoustic guitar and voice that are somewhere between Baa Baa Black Sheep and Three Trapped Tigers in terms of complexity and awkward arrangement. Today I tried I Will Follow You Into The Dark. Any suggestions?

Due to mysterious chest pains which manifest in any other orientation 🤔 I have been sleeping on my back for the last few nights. It's incredibly uncomfortable! How do people do it?

How do folks like to back up their IMAP mail?

Enjoying the surge of lockdown cat content across all social media 🐈

It's actually called ÜFI. The UEFI spelling is just to be ASCII compatible

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