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my name is dril
all day they aske
for leave to do
a sordid task
i must agree
it is a dragg
they will not lett
me fuk the flag

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My daughter L listens to a particular bedtime story podcast in the same podcast app that I use, which carries a risk of her accidentally listening to a confusing and frequently obscene spoof agricultural podcast instead.

Any recommendations for an Android media player for a local directory of podcast mp3s?

Speakers of languages which do not use the Latin alphabet: if you were looking at my app in your app store, would you hope to see my name transliterated?

There are dozens of fish or fish-like emoji (e.g., 🐟 🐠🎣🐡🦈🐬🐳🐋🐟.𓆝𓆟)

In fact, there are so many that, if I sent you a random one, a third party wouldn't have a good chance of guessing which one I'd sent.
This means we could adopt a new form of 2FA based on sending fish emoji

“In addition to your password, please log in with your one-time cod”

People say the gateway drug effect is “without conclusive evidence”, but to them I say: witness my rapid progression to higher orders of 2ⁿ-rdle (Wordle, Dordle, Quordle, Octordle, and now Sedecordle).

I book a blood donation appointment about every 3 months, and with very high probability something always seems to come up at the last minute to stop me: deadly plague, vaccine against deadly plague, donation centre shut down with 3 days notice, but most often a general cold (as this week). Do I cause more harm than good by postponing 90% of appointments with 1-2 days' notice?

(this was the only thing on the Discover Weekly playlist not derived from my kids obsessively listening to the Frozen soundtrack)

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I've had a balalaika for 7 years and Spotify has finally surfaced something relevant to this interest

Just described something which happens every 4 weeks as “tetrahebdomadal” and feeling pretty smug tbh

“8% of people eat breakfast cereal without milk or yogurt” factoid actualy just statistical error. My todlder, who eats over 10,000 dry Cheerios each day, is an outlier adn should not have been counted

OK so a colleague was messing with the organization's device settings. Still not a great experience to have actions silently occur without explanation!

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Overnight, the Google Meet app reinstalled itself on my phone and I now have an "Account action required" notification for my work account which does nothing and can't be dismissed.

(Not that I'm complaining if sense has prevailed at Google HQ and Meet is being moved back out of the Gmail app where it was awkwardly wedged 6-12 months back, but still...)

Jokes aside, the 5 minutes I watched are pretty much exactly at my level of French comprehension...

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My eldest is ill, so not at school. She decided she wants to watch Peppa Pig in French today. Disappointed it's not called Porc-au-Poivre tbh

“Why did the orange walk along the road?”
“I don't know.”
“Because he thought it was the pavement!”

This neighbour has forgiven us for digging up the lavender bush he used to sleep under last summer.

Finished Ed by qntm the other day. Having read and enjoyed Ra, Fine Structure and There Is No Antimemetics Division, it felt like retreading old ground less well, so I recommend any of those three instead.

Reading @leonardr's “Two Spacesuits” and enjoyed this bit of dialogue a lot.

Then six cubic feet of a steer manure/compost blend, to improve the soil atop the mound.
“I thought we were just here to get a battery,” I said.
“Since you’re here, you can help me with the heavy stuff,” said Dad.
“Dad, this is bullshit.”
“We call it steer manure.”

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