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wjt @wjt

OH: incredible 🍺/networking pun, apparently unintentional.

“Silicon Valley ought to invest in creating long distance, plumbed beer distribution. Open the tap and there comes your IPA straight from the brewery 10 KM away.”

“they'd just put too many hops in it though 🙁”

I'm allergic to cats so this particularly fluffy, dribbly individual is not very good news for me, but we did enjoy a good staring match when I disturbed her beauty sleep on a very comfortable lap.

Today I have mostly been fixing (aka rewriting) an N900 SMS exporter. In the unlikely event that anyone else still needs one, my fork is here: github.com/wjt/n900-backup-ext

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By a famous flag sits a watchman. A man from afar asks “Can I fuck that famous flag?”

“You cannot fuck that flag right now.”

“Can I fuck that flag soon?”

“Possibly, but not now.”

That B. Ross flag hangs, so historical and patriotic.

“If it attracts you so much, try. But know this: I am but a lowly watchman among many, and I am daunting.”

Such difficulty, thinks this man. Fucking famous flags is his right! But this man sits and waits.

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imagining a world in which school curricula (at all ranks and divisions, from start to finish) work toward this common goal: formulating an oulipian translation—lacking any flaws—of dril's flag-fucking post

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This is a good thing: help convert PDFs into an open database of local election candidates ahead of May 4. Takes just a few minutes to help out. democracyclub.org.uk/quests/

A successful, nostalgic morning extracting files from a defunct¹ Nokia N900. Going to have to write something to read SMSes out of the rtcom-eventlogger database – a chapter of my life I thought was long over…

¹ …seems pretty functional once I got a few minutes' power into the battery…

Cooked up a little PR to add support for the streaming API in Mastodon.py. The API is modelled on Tweepy's, if only to make it easier to adapt my existing bots…

#python #bot #botally


A perfect day for sitting in traffic on the M4 🚗☀️

The things we do for our forebears…

Today in Spam Subjects: “Horse Mackerels” :horse: :fish:

@wjjjjt what do cross-site mentions look like?

@sil OT but I'm surprised (and pleased) to hear you stuck with Shell. The drop-shadow thing sounded final!

“Literally everything is the Norse god of ‘pillaging people from a boat’.”

Any suggestions on a snappier slogan than: “No New Shell Scripts Which Run More Than One External Command”?

“No New Shell Scripts” seems a little baby/bathwater-y, but the full form is … unwieldy.

@sil of course – but people have been known to move (eg) from finance to environmental charities. Trading salary for job satisfaction is not unheard of!

…or maybe the fun factor is less significant than the relatively small pool of people with the right skills, and the relatively high demand for them.

Interesting thoughts from a coworker: what's the market rate for a Project Zero person? It seems like they have so much fun, one could get away with underpaying them relative to other dev roles. Is writing excellent blog posts part of the interview process?

How Many Bears Does It Take To Make Porridge?

Four. Three to make it just right, and one to maul Goldilocks.


@maloki Literally anything in that tab – but I found another open tab and it worked fine. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

The “Lean In” series pivoted really dramatically somewhere between volumes 2 and 14. mastodon.social/media/EQQcFOBk mastodon.social/media/EJw91J7A