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I suppose I only read poems once or a handful of times, whereas I listen to songs (of which I can recite dozens) time and time again, and one is never more than a few toots away from a WCW joke.

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I'm pretty sure that the only verse I know in its entirety, excluding children's books and songs, is This Is Just To Say. I know most of the bits of I've Had This Shirt but always get stuck about ⅓ of the way through, or derail into a bit of a Dresden Dolls song for some reason…

@mdales Hey, you evidently like Fender combo amps. Do you know anyone in London who might like to buy a Blues Deluxe reissue?

Postcards so far. It's surprisingly time-consuming because postcards are rarely standard page sizes. mastodon.social/media/cBJzln_q

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Suppose you had hoarded hundreds of postcards and wanted to scan and publish them all before recycling them. What would you publish them with? Flickr? Hugo/Jekyll/equivalent? Something else?

Hey, tusk friends! Here are my year notes for 2017: t.wjt.me.uk/post/169383797120/

If you disagree with me about Cal Newport's Deep Work being awful, I will fight you.

Taking screenshots of other people's tweets and posting them on Twitter seems bad enough, but people take screenshots of tweets and post them on mastodon??

The porridge purists who say you should soak it overnight are absolutely right. Creamier and more delicious!

Having one of those days where I wish I were not the kind of person who prefers pull requests to be 5-15 carefully-curated patches. If I felt comfortable submitting this branch as either one mega-patch or as 50 patches matching my actual design-write-test-rethink cycle, I'd be done by now. Instead, I'm recovering work I lost by screwing up a rebase…

I'm a little afraid of what I might unleash by asking this, but: I have started playing the ukulele. Any recommended repertoire? I do not like twee stuff but I do have a baby to entertain so my tastes are really not the most important.

No inspiration (or time) to even consider this year, so I'm going to have to participate vicariously.

It's so, so refreshing to tag a new minor release of Bustle and have it appear in GNOME Software on any random computer after 30 minutes of furious auto-building somewhere in the cloud. mastodon.social/media/jYjCcq57

As an outsider, Node seems to have a disproportionate number of governance fights (io.js, ayo.js, left-pad, …) compared to free software projects I'm more familiar with. Is this a function of Node contributors being unusually politically active (or maybe unusually *disinterested* in progressive politics), or of complacency towards CoCs and governance in projects like GNOME?

One of those mornings where one starts out at 8.45 thinking "I'll just debug this G-CRITICAL, surely it's a simple bug at the Haskell↔C boundary"; three hours later, one is submitting failing GIO test cases…

Has anyone ever intentionally placed an audio call in WhatsApp? mastodon.social/media/KqXuKj2g

@dthompson chrome reckons that the cert for dthompson.us/ expired 30 days ago btw

More ammunition for my “No New Shell Scripts” campaign: blogs.janestreet.com/when-bash

Over on Tumblr I occasionally write short reviews of things I've read. They used to fit easily within the constraints of a toot, but someone said they'd be more interesting if I actually described the book, so now they're … rather longer.

The latest batch: t.wjt.me.uk/post/160436898055/