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my name is dril
all day they aske
for leave to do
a sordid task
i must agree
it is a dragg
they will not lett
me fuk the flag

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Does anyone know a freelance documentation writer, ideally familiar with GNOME and the GNOME documentation tooling, who may be available for a short project refreshing the end-user documentation for Endless OS, contributing to the GNOME documentation in the process? Give me a shout if so!

Tried to take a long exposure photo of the moon and instead conjured up a glowstick rave situation

TFW you reread the first chapter of The Design of Everyday Things to babby as a joke, then start using words you barely understand like "affordance" in design conversations so you sound like a faker.

It has been [4] minutes since I last removed my dressing gown to appear more ~~ professional ~~ in a video call.

Linux stuff 

I'd like to try using my Android phone as a webcam. I really don't want to build out-of-tree kernel modules. The stock answer seems to be DroidCam which involves out-of-tree modules. Must I really?

On OpenStreetMap, someone has traced the houses on one side of my street, and it's not the side I live on. 😡

“The rest of the church noticed the dog during the Sign of Peace”

@brainwane is posting some really good stuff on MetaFilter at the moment.

Farewill really missed a trick by putting the $FIRSTNAME variable at the start of this subject line rather than the end.

UK folks: I had to make my tea in the microwave because the magic smoke came out of our kettle. What kettle should I buy?

Awful pun about wizard author's questionable views 

Harry Potter and the TERFed Child

Mastodon is the Advogato of the ’20s.


Achievement unlocked: attended GNOME 3.38 release party beers in my pyjamas.

Our next #GNOMEChallenge project, OpenUK Kids' Courses and associated Digital Camps, teaches kids to code and learn about open source, via short animated lessons.

Backed by a team from open source and education, including Amanda Brock and David Whale, OpenUK has seen a high engagement level with girls. The team is excited to see the potential of a more diverse engineering population in the future!

Visit to learn more!

#FOSS #girlswhocode

@brion every so often I take a screenshot and think forlornly about

Today I found an Endless internal ticket about the feedback delay – from Aug 27 2014!

Every few years, actuaries compete to write speculative fiction. For instance, one of last year's winners focused on on insurance companies' role in fighting climate change: "We All Have a Green Heart" by Anna Bearrood.

Links going back to 1995:

Sorry, this is now a "memes from 2016" account.

A true story about a bus journey in early March with my daughter, then aged 2.

my name is L
and wen i ride
to nursery
in COVIDtide

I kno my dad
will mak a fusse
I disregard
I lik the bus

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