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my name is dril
all day they aske
for leave to do
a sordid task
i must agree
it is a dragg
they will not lett
me fuk the flag

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A mathematician 🤝 computers
being able to add numbers

I should have learned by now that if you publish an open source computer programme, no matter how trivial, people will start filing bugs and asking for help debugging.

🎐🎐 Geary 40 has been released! 🎐🎐

This new feature release features substantial interfaces updates to support half-screen and phone displays, search engine updates, and many interface, performance, translation and server compatibility updates and fixes.

Available to download from Flathub right now, and your favourite distribution as it gets packaged.

Back pain computer pals: any positive or negative experiences with kneeling chairs? (I already have a sit/stand desk but standing up all day is not enjoyable.)

This is truly the moment I entered middle age.


Our predecessor ran flat Cat-7 cable between various rooms but never attached connectors or sockets.

• Can I get away with any old RJ45 connector, rather than the 2–3 Cat-7 specific ones?
• Can I use any old crimper?

TFW you have a bot idea while cycling home, then realise what you actually have is a half-memory of a @darius bot from 7+ years ago (namely 4myrealfriends)

I read How The Leopard Got His Spots with my (currently) pescetarian three-year-old, who was confused as to why the leopard would eat the animals. “Are antelopes made of meat? Are giraffes made of meat? Am *I* made of meat?!”

I'm probably doing it wrong, but Godspeed You! Black Emperor lose something of their impact when played on a very low volume to avoid waking the kids.

The boat
She destroyed her canal
The boat is out

UK peeps: what (if anything) do you use as a PVR to record live TV? I have a smart TV which can record to an external hard drive. Asking for my dad who has non-smart TVs, one of which is even pre-digital(!).

(Sadly all the extant Little Blue Truck × Suez Canal dad meme content is on birdsite.)

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My three-year-old wanted a bedtime story, so I told one involving a giant cargo ship, a canal in the desert, and a plucky little digger. I had to make up the ending though…

@nolan re. your wish that native app stores would list PWAs: is there a decent open index of "good" PWAs that an app store could draw on to do this, whether curated or automated, without having to implement an entire web crawler?

Paging free-software-inclined icon designers! I'd love an icon for One idea might be, the Flatpak icon (from, CC BY 3.0) adorned with a gear or some other indication of "automation", or the box dissembled for repair?

git esoterica 

Git experts: I have a repo URL and a tag I've found with 'git ls-remote URL'. Is there any way to pull the tag's metadata – specifically its timestamp – without pulling ANY of the content? (GitHub and GitLab have API for this; I think the answer is otherwise "no".)

Parasite (2019): good, lent itself surprisingly well to being watched in instalments across three evenings, definitely features abrupt tonal shifts.

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