It worries me that there's so many people who will agree IQ is not a useful metric, but will try to come up with some way to sort human beings by "intelligence" and not question the premise that you would be able to sort people like that in the first place.

Make another computer that looks like this Apple you cowards

When I say I want human nonbinary characters I'm not trying to say I hate the shapeshifters and fusions and robots and aliens, they actually tend to be among my favorite characters. It's just a little hurtful when writers decide over and over again that to represent someone like me they have to include some fantasy element that makes it exceptionally clear they're not compatible with reality

*Now this is podracing voice* Now this is evolutionary biology!

Good news for Virginia!

Gay/trans panic defence struck down!

Gay rights and trans rights!! Woo!

become pen pals with a demon today because a fiend is only one letter away from becoming a friend

let's share religious conservative transmisic quotes that makes us sound powerful instead 

"they're annihilating the concept of Nature" β€”Vatican office

"annihilating Man as an image of God" "obscuring the Heavens from hope" β€”Pope Francis

"a demonic ideology that says children don't need mothers and fathers" "the death of God" "all sorts of immorality not just accepted but promoted" β€”Cardinal Robert Sarah

"social engineering a new species, part human part machine" β€”Laura Ingraham's podcast

"a rebellion against the laws of Society and Nature" "forcing partners to question their sexual orientation" β€”Daniah Kareem

"childrenβ€”children!β€”being told they can choose their sex" β€”Pope Francis
"Holiness, this is the Age of Sin!"β€”Benedict XVI's response

"transgenderism brings chaos from order" "and when God's order is deconstructed and redefined, the consequences for gender, sexuality, individuals, marriage, family and society are profound and far-reaching" β€”Focus on the Family

"a new sin, plotting designs of death, disfiguring the face of man and woman, destroying creation"
"nuclear weapons"
β€”Pope Francis.

(for all my siblings feeling down, keep in mind: this is all literally true. by existing, we're doing all that.)


Sure, it's great that corporations hate the AGPL...

But have you ever considered writing software that corporations hate intrinsically?

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