my take on AAA games people pushing to make games $70 


@typhlosion The beauty of the Sorting Hat system is that there's a way to sort John Galt in each House.

Ravenclaw: The brilliant inventor, who developed the free-energy machine.
Slytherin: He will use almost anyone or any means to achieve his goals. He cares only for his select few.
Gryffindor: His will to change the world for the better.
Hufflepuff: His great concern for the plight of the masses, their rights and opportunities.

what hogwarts house was john galt sorted into

self-promo, twitch, boosts appreciated 

So, I am actually trying to make my way to affiliate and you can help!

If you do Twitch at all, please throw me a follow, stop by my streams (schedule is posted) and participate in chat.

I'm looking to foster a fun/supportive/interactive micro-community if possible.

I'll be streaming my DJMAX practice during my scheduled streams and likely will be streaming my other gaming activities in my off-time.

Come by and say hello? :3

r/traa post, may contain sensitive content (without image description) 

Turns out, it sometimes does actually mean Assigned Cop At Birth 

This is very cursed, and I'm inflicting it upon you.

Seriously though, the entire "gender reveal" thing is trash, and America needs to be stopped.

Hey just a heads-up Mastodon, I was just made aware of this and I know others probably already knew but since Graham Lineham (Glinner) has been booted off of Twitter he's returned to his Mastodon instance

yall should make sure you domain block this pile of ass butts

"torrenting a game is the same as stealing it, it's a lost sale"

that's great news, now I can set up a server farm to pirate J.K. Rowling's new Harry Potter game and repeatedly delete and redownload it until i bankrupt her

Another JK Rowling meltdown 

"Unbelievable: Stephen King retweeted one of JKR’s tweets today. She got so excited that a single celebrity finally backed up her views with a mere RT that she wrote a whole thank you

King then said β€œtrans women are women” and JKR deleted her praise."

reddit, terfs 

lmao the terf subreddit got banned

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