An aperture card! Used as a very early image tagging/sorting system, you'd have microfilm mounted in a punch card, so you could have a regular punch card organizer/sorter find your images. The DoD loved them because they could store tons and tons of engineering blueprints in an organized, computer-sortable and -searchable way.

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Just a friendly reminder

Mastodon doesn't need your patreon money nearly as much as your local instance owners do


Hey remember that What Is Mastodon video with the cute elephants in it, hanging out on different planets? And it was like "oh you can pick an instance based on your interests"? Ignore that. It's just Twitter now

what gargamel did, mastodon meta 

@Mycroft I also wrote an open letter calling for gargron's resignation

I'm just really tired Eugen.

This isnt Twitter 2.0.

This is masto. If you keep trying to be Twitter 2.0 the only users you're gonna get are those were banned from Twitter.

Which usually means they are probably not great for here. If they managed to get kicked off the hellscape of Twitter.

You aren't getting more people because you're positioning yourself as a lesser baby version of something they already have.

The instances and local TL are what make masto cool. Why the fuck are you removing them from your app that's supposed to introduce people to the program????


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Haha yeah I can do pokemon impressions check this out *opens my mouth and lets out a hauntingly loud gameboy soundcard screech*

Tried doodling some Game Boy/Game Boy Color sprites of Rosy Sky, using two palettes because I get two more sprites per scanline than the NES anyway. I think 16x24 is the smallest I can go for her without it hard to recognize, but she also wouldn't go super fast so it's okay.

I wanna try and make some sort of 32KB Game Boy game and it'd be nice to try and make something about another character than just Nova.

crypto is short for "cryptography"

if you want a shorter word for "cryptocurrency", the word you are looking for is "ponzi"

Well this makes for unpleasant reading.

QT marcan42: Disgusting. @workedntheory from Muse Group (MuseScore, Audacity) *continues* to personally threaten a Chinese expat to get him to take down his GitHub repos. "We're being nice by not destroying your life *yet*". ๐Ÿคฎ

Boycott Muse Group.

Why did they feel like this Microsoft style telemetry shit is necessary in the first place? It was an open source project, people are a lot more willing to just give you feedback and more information if you just.. ask.

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Did these people really just bumble in not knowing anything about the kinds of people in the open source community? They've gone to arms over a lot less.

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