I may make fun of Linux and its users but honestly at least an effort was made. You can't, as a game developer, complain that "only like 5 people use Linux" if you're going to be part of that problem and not provide Linux builds of your game.

it's only cyberpunk if it's actually _punk_
if it isn't a criticism of capitalism and the protags are all cishet white guys that's just sparkling neon scifi

Ready Player Two spoilers 

Ready Player Two (the book) is Also Terrible youtu.be/zqltJyUkTDU

Holy shit I had no idea

#ReadyPlayerOne #ReadyPlayerTwo #QuintonReviews

Wondering how many folks in our slice of the fediverse are queer. πŸ³οΈβ€πŸŒˆ

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free software, repost to public 

we have a fortunes-off file so you can print offensive quotes at login time. No distro I know of comes with a fortunes-supportive file that lists encouraging, calming quotes.

You can make sudo(8) insult users when they type their passwords wrong ("Defaults insults" in sudoers). There's no option to make sudo be gentle and understanding when you mistype.

I grew up in free software circles and only really learned any emotional skills after growing out of them.

btw astrology nerds, don't be gross and make weird assumptions about people irl. like seriously, you shouldn't have your life and relationships revolve around zodiacs signs. just don't.

i truly, deeply hope we have discourse about the harvesting of pine trees for a holiday this year

the reasons these french people have stated for breaking quarantine are excessively French lmfao

worldbuilding advice: mountains are never lonely, except when they are, but even when they are, they usually form a hotspot chain, but sometimes they don't. You know what, nevermind, draw your mountains however you please

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Jinkers! There's a s..s..s..specter!? And i..i..i..it's haunting Europe?

Rats right Raggy, Rommunism!

Reminder that autism speaks is a hate organization

Wanna watch a YouTube video documentary about a neurodivergent per-

what no where are you going? they actually embrace the individual for being neurodivergent and its heartwarming


I'm as surprised as you are:


This is not an acedemic circle, this is not a place for nuance or deep, world changing discussion, this is not a platform to change minds or change the world, it's just a series of hobbyist microblogging websites with some nice features and some zany people. This is not a trench in some vast culture war. This isnt to say we shouldn't actively try to be a good place, we just shouldn't get too sanctimonious about it either, or it becomes exhausting.

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