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„Wenn ich die Menschen gefragt hätte, was sie wollen, hätten sie gesagt schnellere Pferde.“ -- Henry Ford twitter.com/ARDZDF_Akademie/st

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This is a black and white photograph. Only the lines have colour.

What you “see” is what your 🧠 predicts the reality to be, given the imperfect information it gets.

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"Die Zeit der stillen Empörung im Server-Raum sollte vorbei sein. Jetzt ist es an der Zeit, die Konsole zu sperren, aufzustehen und das Büro zu verlassen."
Über die digitale Inkompetenz europäischer . Exakt auch meine Meinung!

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Die gemeinnützige Netzkulturinitiative @servus_at@twitter.com sucht eine*n neue*n System- und Netzwerkadministrator*in. Hier die Details: core.servus.at/de/de/about/blo

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[en] #Diffu is a Free Software allowing authors to publish all kinds of texts or articles and to aggregate the reactions they generate on social networks, especially through #ActivityPub such as #Mastodon, #PeerTube, #Pleroma, #PixelFed, #Funkwhale, #Hubzilla, #GNUSocial ...

Diffu is a kind of free and federated alternative to #Medium or other applications that are not always easy to install.

To develop it, we launch a crowdfunding campaign


ReToot are welcome 😉 !

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Want to help to stop the madness of car-centrism?
It is simple!

Start crossing the road like this. Reveal the inherent design flaw of the iron cage...

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This is @ElsevierConnect@twitter.com denying me access to an article that *I* co-wrote, published in a journal for which I served as editor-in-chief and still serve on its editorial board. Kind of symbolic of the whole publishing eco-system, isn't it?

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is embedding tracking data inside photos you download.

I noticed a structural abnormality when looking at a hex dump of an image file from an unknown origin only to discover it contained what I now understand is an IPTC special instruction. Shocking level of tracking..

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