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Using a 3d printer to place Perler beads... Absolutely incredible work! I just adore it.


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im no UX expert but I don’t think this is the best way to enter cc info

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Tails 4.0 is out: tails.boum.org/news/version_4..

Our most important release in years:

- Adds @KeePassXC@twitter.com
- Fixes @ElectrumWallet@twitter.com
- Updates OnionShare @micahflee@twitter.com
- Updates to @Debian@twitter.com 10
- Includes tons of performance and usability improvements, especially for non-English speakers

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On this day, 20 years ago, the first version of was published by me @IBM@twitter.com and @arlennipper@twitter.com now @CirrusLink@twitter.com!

Happy 20th Birthday, MQTT!

My most sincere thanks to EVERYONE who has worked on any aspect of MQTT to get it to where it is today!

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According to Liu Guiqing, China Telecom has assigned IPv6 addresses to 250 million 4G mobile users and 55 million optical broadband home users so far. twitter.com/C114_China/status/

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RSS = direct connection to a creator.

Anything less = someone else controls access to your audience.

Podcasts are awesome cause they are inherently 'open.'

If your podcast is not accessible via RSS, you don't actually have a podcast. Or ownership.

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Try to be more like a 91-year-old getting arrested for protesting against climate change rather than a middle-aged wanker sitting on Twitter endlessly calling a 16-year-old girl a freak for not wanting the planet to fucking burn

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Safety is when things don't happen and the fewer things that happen the more safety it is.

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Here is the insane list of personal trackers and and tech firms ⁦@guardian@twitter.com⁩ uses to keep tabs on users.

Feels unending at times.

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New: Mercedes-Benz car owners have said the app, which lets you remotely track, start/stop and lock/unlock your car, was spitting out other car owners' personal information for a few hours yesterday.


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Cars: Probably the least efficient way to get people from A to B.

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Sometimes pushing helps. And sometimes pushing goes so far that the people who care break. And then there's no one left to care. And we're all lesser for it.

People need time to fix things. Everyone has more problems and constraints and responsibilities than you can see.

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