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I just figured out that I never wrote an introduction post telling a bit more about myself. So here it is.. more of a little thread really.

Born in the very early seventies (they were only 6 months old), I grew up in a traditional happy family with 2 sisters, and all opportunities I could dream of.

Partied hard as a student, fell in love with surfing, studied a bit less hard, and started up in IT as an admin (Novell/DOS) and pretty soon moved to software development.

. /..

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I'm not 100% pleased with the precission, but I have no drum synthesisers so it's the best I could manage. The track needed drums! Very much the direction I want to go in for the future though.

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"The surface of the sea is a liminal space," the mermaid said, "ruled by currents below and winds above."
"Aye?" said the sailor.
"A place between worlds, where laws are strict and non-existent."
"Full of promise."
"And denial."
The sailor looked away.

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@amikigu Glad you like #TokiPona :) Looks like you've followed jan Misali's lessons,they're a great introduction to the language. If you enjoy it, I'd recommend getting the official book, it's also very useful (Toki Pona - The Language of Good)

Another excellent online course I'd recommend is this one:

And to learn the sitelen sitelen glyphs, there are lessons from the person who created them:

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I've been quite inspired recently by finding a ton of cool personal websites and wikis and thought I would share my views on how freeing it is to make your own:

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“We undermine not only unions, but every aspect of the worker's life: AirBnB spikes rents, Uber disenfranchises drivers, a thousand streaming services reinvent cable, Amazon fucks everybody, and so on. Despite any niche expertise, these are companies made possible by software, by the lending of software labor to capitalist ends.”

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Don't force a habit for the sake of habit

Don't do things simply because others do

Firm foundations, passion, and a willingness to be uncomfortableseem to be the pillars of a well-lived life

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ICYMI, please read my article about the need for low-carbon and #sustainable #computing and the path towards zero-carbon computing.

tld;dr: We need to drastically limit the growth in emissions from computing, or by 2040 emissions from computing alone will be close to half the emissions level acceptable to keep global warming below 2°C.

And it is possible to do this.


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...aaaaaand it's reverse tunneling outta here.
No more excuses left, time to start putting up some content 😅

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#DearMastomind I'm trying to find references to a 3D file or document explorer that was being researched at Xerox PARC in the late 1990s.

A friend demoed it to me at the time.

I remember little about it though:

Its appearance is best described as "vaguely Doom-like".
It was a 3D explorer, with documents and files visualised in depth with rotation and movement.
It probably ran on Windows (Windows 97 or WinNT). I saw it demoed on a laptop.
I don't believe it was ever marketed or sold, though I could be wrong.

Research is ... suggesting online search may be fruitless. (Too many recent / unrelated matches.) If anyone has the remotest idea I'd appreciate it.

Boosts welcome.

#Xerox #PARC #3dFileManager #3dDocumentManager

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Design Driven Development is a thing, and it's terrible. We need Development Driven Design.

sshfs.. cool
dired... oh wow
dired over tramp... sshfs down the bin 😂

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"What did Voltaire mean with his gardening advice? That we must keep a good distance between ourselves and the world, because taking too close an interest in politics or public opinion is a fast route to aggravation and danger. … We should never tie our personal moods to the condition of a whole nation or people in general; or we would need to weep continuously."
via @clacke

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