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Another advantage of #gempub over .epub, it's just plain text, even without a reader app you can comfortably read

A new service manager for Linux distributions - The last piece of a full alternative to systemd

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Thanks for all the Gempub feedback and help so far (especially @jk and @bortzmeyer), Gempub 1.0.0 is almost ready I think: I have a little checking to do around the language and charset optional metadata (included mainly so implementations can supply language hints to screen readers), if anyone has any additional recommendations get them to me in the next couple of days and we'll make this 1.0.0 spec final. #gemini #gempub

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@aral @gert @alcinnz So I struggle with the idea of everyone dumping old CRTs to buy LCDs & dumping old cars to buy EVs, when EVs and their batteries take a huge toll on the evironment at manufacture time. How do we measure when an upgrade does more good than harm? It's non-trivial.

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Also, we, as a society, me included, seem to be so tired and worn out and just, like, small issues that we face are the biggest issues. Like, how much work would it take for one physical product manufacturer to make their packaging accessible? You'd have to hire a contractor who knows Braille, another who knows sign language, and increase the package size for that and a large print version of all print. The box labels, the printed user guide and instructions if any, and maybe put a physical marker where the barcode is. Then, you'd have to recall any packages sent out because you don't want a blind customer suing you because they got an earlier revision. And then send them all out. But for software? You're dealing with pure text. Pure, freaking, text! Screen readers can speak or braille it. Maybe one day there can be something to sign it. But yet, oh no, that's just too hard and CBA and can't be bothered with all that.

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I mean, when billion dollar companies who are supposed to be these totally depraved and evil corporations can make their stuff at least somewhat enjoyable to use, and the other billion dollar Linux companies, even million dollar ones, can't, then that's saying something. Yes, KDE continues to take little steps every month or so to be accessible. And that's wonderful for those who can mess with Linux day in and day out. Maybe they'll get there one day, a few *years* from now. But I have a job, where we have to work out butts off, and I don't have time to stress about trying to convence FOSS bros to label their controls, or to try to use GTK next time. I just don't have the spoons to do that anymore.

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Thread, more thoughts on FOSS accessibility, accountability, ETC.
So, in many FOSS programs, there's this thing that says that that program shouldn't be counted on for any purpose and all that, that it may not work and such. And devs can hide under that, saying stuff like "well you know, out of scope, and besides it's my program, I don't have to make it accessible, do it yourself." Well, those devs should be scorned and boycotted, because they don't make FOSS better. The Pinephone in one project that said something like this, putting the blame on desktop Linux, while microaggressively telling me to do it myself. When you, as a developer, put something out there on Github, you are giving the community something, and if that something is inaccessible, it's your fault, and the community suffers for it. I no longer use Linux natively because of this repeated thing. No accountability, no responsibility, and no care for anyone besides biotypical and neurotypical people.

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Really looking forward to the day I can flash the old faithful #kobo e-reader with alternative firmware that'll enable me to both read #gempub format and browse #gemini capsules.
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Can anyone out there point me to some in-depth resources (web or other) on how to re-do the electrical systems on a sailboat?
My ship's electrical systems need a well-deserved overhaul/rebuild and I'd like to do that myself.

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Hierarchies disgust me. No one is my superior for the same reason no one is my inferior. If we cannot learn to make things work as equals, humanity will never graduate into adulthood.

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computer science in the modern day has at least as much, if not more, impact than other fields like physics or chemistry.

we understood that physics and chemistry had wild ethical impacts when we invented the atom bomb.

computing hasn't had a similar event; an effective slap in the face to tell us that we need to actually consider the shit we're doing, rather than just inventing things or doing things for the sake of doing it, or because "it's possible".

i'm really hoping we don't need that slap in the face.

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This is a high bar for how to run an open service. I like it!


I believe that if we enable contributions to services rather than just the software, we reap the advantages of true open source. That means enabling users to make a change to a running service and experience that change themselves.

You still with me?

Yes, that means opening a pull request against a running service and experiencing that change before it's merged.
[ . . . ] Rapid deployment of changes to services is a powerful capability that's highly sought after. For example, GitHub deploys changes before they're merged. [ . . . ]


Combining SaaS and not just #UserOps but #UserDevOps? Can it be done? It's a very cool idea with important effects.
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What wellness is marketed as:
-Body lotions
-Fancy juices

What wellness ACTUALLY looks like:
-Health care coverage
-Access to therapy
-Walkable cities
-Green spaces
-Living wages
-Paid time off
-Physical activity
-Close knit communities

Been reading up on linux & bsd. More and more I'm tempted to give FreeBSD a spin..
One of the interesting articles I read: 😅

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While a lot of people decided to set a header to opt-out from FLOC tracking for their users, I decided to embrace it and let people make up their own mind.

For those interested in the banner, here are the implementation details:

It's kept simple and efficient. It'll only show up, when your browser implements the API. Enjoy!

#FLOC #privacy

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