There's this thing, and if you're any kind of artist I'm sure you'll have encountered it - if someone sees you drawing something, they think you can draw ANYTHING. When I started drawing mandalas, people would ask me to draw portraits of their pets or renditions of their DnD characters or fan art of their favourite DOTA character. So this ties in to that - if you're NOT an artist, just read all of the above and give some consideration to what's involved with learning a skill.

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Trying clicking this link, then see how the URL is displayed in your browser

Oh wow... the whole Foo Fighters "thing" passed me by until I saw part of a documentary on them last winter. I have finally decided to start listening to their albums on Spotify.. and oh wow! :-)

Friends on . I'm curious to hear your views on as a skill that can be learned. Im specifically interested in online resources that dive into the behind empathy.
Also relevant is empathy in / / etc.

Please answer with thoughts and links to valuable resources that can shine light on these topics. Boosts are also appreciated.
Thank you!

Twitter has users. Mainstream (Silicon Valley) tech and drug dealers are the only two groups to use that term to describe people. And they're both obsessed with manufacturing addiction and exploiting those people. Calling people users is a form of othering.

Let's do better.

Mastodon doesn't have users. Mastodon has people. Call them members if you must. But not users.

Twitter, Facebook, and Google have users. We have people.

CC @Gargron

I made an instance previewer, so you can see the local/federated feeds of an instance without signing up:

Uh.. I'm seeing a toot in my Home stream which is twelve hours old.. turns out that there was a reply from someone I don't follow which is only minutes old.


Is there some person/account/thing we can follow to obtain news about Mastodon implementations, protocol, new features, etc.?

Are people always going to over-exploit common resources? Many economists believed in this "tragedy of the commons" for a very long time, but Elinor Ostrom (who was awareded the Nobel Prize in Economics in 2009) proved them wrong.

According to her research findings, "groups are capable of avoiding the tragedy of the commons without requiring top-down regulation, at least if certain conditions are met".


Doing things in extremes is easy. It's finding the balance to be able to do just enough to keep you going on multiple fronts that's the challenge.

Finding that cadence a little bit at a time. .

Oh wow.. the federated timeline is Japanese and moving at an incredible pace :)

Is there any sort of list/group functionality available/planned on web, so I can group toots instead of having to scroll back through my Home?

Psst. People. In the old days it was normal to have an account on multiple services. Like you know, that super secret hacker forum only you and a bunch of other people knew about.

Federation is not only about preventing a company centralizing the service. It also means you can decentralize your identity!

#mastodon : Questions to ask oneself to choose the Mastodon instance where to register:
*Who is administrating the instance?
*What are the instance rules?
*How is the long term maintenance of the instance guaranteed?
*Is it guaranteed to be ad free?
*Are my personal data and content safe (safe from loss or from illegitimate use)?

It would be nice to have a directory listing instances, and the answer to these questions for each of them. But maintaining it manually would be tedious. Any thoughts?

Oh! Mastodon has built-in Atom feeds for each user:


For example:

(via @dredmorbius)

Oh wow.. I just found out how deep the rabbit hole goes...
"There are currently 525 instances being tracked, with a total of 152135 users. "

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