4 Mar 1943, nine members of the Baum Group, a Jewish communist anti-nazi organization led by Herbert Baum, were executed by guillotine in Berlin after they set fire to a Nazi propaganda exhibit libcom.org/tags/german-resista

4 Mar 1976 Antoni Ruiz was arrested in Valencia for homosexuality after being reported by a nun at confession. One of 5000 LGBT+ people convicted under a Franco-era law and sent to a specialist prison where he was raped and later hounded by police.

4 Mar 1972, thousands of autoworkers in Lordstown GM plant walked out on strike. They held out for 22 days and whilst concessions were won, the UAW union declared victory despite management not conceding to main grievances libcom.org/library/lordstown-s

4 Mar 2010, California state government's attempt to use crisis as excuse for rolling back public services was met with worker and student strikes & occupations across the US libcom.org/news/march-4-strike

4 Mar 1919, Canadian troops in the British Army awaiting demobilisation mutinied in , looting the camp & improvising makeshift weapons. Events left 5 dead, & 25 facing heavy prison sentences, but authorities accelerated their demobilisation. libcom.org/library/mutinies-da

3 Mar 1913, thousands of women marched in Washington DC demanding the right to vote were attacked by a mob while police stood by. African-American women joined the parade despite the racism of organisers who tried to exclude them libcom.org/tags/women

3 Mar 2000 former Chilean dictator Augusto Pinochet returned to Chile a free man after being released by Labour home secretary Jack Straw instead of being extradited to Spain on torture charges. He got a hero's welcome in Chile, while protesters were beaten by police

3 Mar 1991, Rodney King was brutally beaten by police in Los Angeles - @LAPDHQ@twitter.com. Despite it being caught on film (almost unheard of in those days), the officers were acquitted, and the city went up in flames libcom.org/library/la-riots-au

3 Mar 1932, over a decade of direct action achieved the return of free speech on Glasgow Green in Glasgow, Scotland. Up to 100,000 people at a time defied a ban, often arming themselves with sticks, hammers and bottles until authorities caved libcom.org/history/articles/gl

3 Mar 1903 the Immigration Act of 1903 (aka: Anarchist Exclusion Act) was signed into US law by President Theodore Roosevelt. It barred entry to the US for anarchists, people with epilepsy, beggars, and importers of sex workers

3 Mar 1816, Juana Azurduy, a mestiza woman born in what now is Bolivia, led her anti-colonial military detachment, including a women's unit to victory in battle against Spanish troops near Villa shop.workingclasshistory.com/c

3 Mar 1937 a strike at Holmes Foundry in Ontario, Canada, escalated to a race riot. After a wildcat strike by Polish & Italian immigrant workers, bosses sent Canadian-born strikebreakers with clubs to attack and replace the strikers, who were sacked.

3 Mar 1914, Spanish resistance activist Maria Mombiola was born in Saragossa. Forced to flee after Franco's victory, she was interned in a concentration camp in France but managed to escape where she joined the underground resistance libcom.org/history/articles/19

3 Mar 1985 after a year on strike and some of the most bitter class war in UK history the National Union of Mineworkers voted to end the stoppage. A turning point for the working class in Britain, this iconic strike came to define the decade libcom.org/library/20-years-si

3 Mar 1946 the East Sumatra revolution began when Indonesian nationalists, including the Communist Party, overthrew local Malay sultanates who were seen as allies of the former Dutch colonial power

3 Mar 1959, the Hola massacre took place in Kenya when the commander of a British concentration camp for Kenyan civilians had its 88 detainees severely beaten with clubs. 11 died and the 77 others sustained serious permanent injuries libcom.org/history/mau-mau-upr

3 Mar 1921, the first issue of the Kronstadt Izvestia, bulletin of rebel sailors, soldiers & workers of Kronstadt was published. Read it here: libcom.org/library/kronstadt-i

2 Mar 1955 15-year-old Claudette Colvin was arrested and charged for refusing to vacate her bus seat for white passengers. Civil rights leaders avoided taking up her case due to her pregnancy from statutory rape, dark skin and working class background, fearing public opinion

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