3 Aug 2010 two contractors at Canada Post in Edmonton were told their pay would be cut by nearly 8%, so they walked out and were followed by the rest of the contractors, mostly non-union African immigrants. The boss then promptly reversed the cut. libcom.org/blog/scabs-part-i-3

3 Aug 1945 a group in Melbourne called the Australian Soldiers' Legion (ASL) helped the Wagglens family, which included a homeless, wounded WWII veteran, his wife and children, squat a empty house in Bell Street, Hawthorn.

3 Aug 1945 a homeless ex-soldier in Sydney, Australia squatted an empty home on Marion Street, Auburn. "Forcible possession of homes will not solve the housing problem... But what other avenue is open to a man in desperate circumstances like me?"

3 Aug 1913 in California, the Wheatland hop riot took place after a farm labourers' meeting with the revolutionary @IWW@twitter.com union was broken up by police, leaving four dead and two leading organisers framed on murder charges. libcom.org/history/1913-wheatl

3 Aug 1929 19-year-old communist Yetta Stromberg was arrested with six others for having a red flag in California, one of 24 states which banned socialist/anarchist flags. She took her case to the Supreme Court and won, overturning the ban.

3 Aug 1947 UK-wide antisemitic riots began in Manchester after two British soldiers in Palestine were killed by Zionist Irgun fighters. Antisemitism had already been inflamed by politicians and the media, such as Ernest Bevin and the Sunday Times. workingclasshistory.com/2020/0

2 Aug 1944 on the second day of fighting in the Warsaw uprising against Nazi occupation, Krasinski Palace was captured by soldiers of the 104th Company of Syndicalists – a unit of revolutionary Polish workers.

2 Aug 1917 a walkout began on the railways in New South Wales which spread across the country and became known as the great strike or Australian general strike, which was called off by union leaders with no concessions on 9 Sep.

2 Aug 1943 a rebellion took place at the Treblinka extermination camp. 600 inmates escaped after setting fire to buildings. 40 are known to have survived.

2 Aug 1894 work resumed at the Pullman factory after its strike ended in defeat. US troops had killed 34 and injured and arrested many others, the AFL refused to call sympathy action, and the union further isolated itself by excluding Black members. libcom.org/history/pullman-str

2 Aug 1944 4,000 Roma people in Auschwitz resisted being taken to the gas chambers. They armed themselves with sticks and crowbars, and barricaded the doors, women in particular fighting the SS with hands and nails. They were overcome and murdered.

New episode! Part 2 of a 4-part podcast miniseries about the May 18 uprising in Gwangju, South Korea, in 1980. This time, participants recount the armed insurrection. Currently available early for our patreons: workingclasshistory.com/2021/0

2 Aug 1924 James Baldwin, gay African-American author and social critic was born. During the civil rights movement he played an active role in fighting racism, encouraging civil disobedience and taking part in demonstrations. shop.workingclasshistory.com/p

2 Aug 1917 a multi-ethnic armed uprising took place in rural Oklahoma in opposition to conscription during WWI, in what would later become known as the Green Corn rebellion. This is a short history: libcom.org/library/us-green-co

2 Aug 1980 a bomb exploded at Bologna train station, killing 85 people and injuring over 200. Carried out by neo-fascists, it was part of the Strategy of Tension, a state programme to carry out attacks and blame them on the left. libcom.org/history/articles/st

2 Aug 1776 the Declaration of Independence was signed, creating the United States of America and taking land, profits and political power away from the British Empire and created a consensus of popular support for a new privileged elite. libcom.org/history/peoples-his

2 Aug 1939 Walter Altmann and Gunther Mann, two Jewish refugees from Nazi Germany, were deported from the UK back to Belgium where they had tried to cross the Channel in a small dinghy which capsized. Both were likely sent to the concentration camps.

2 Aug 1901 Jewish revolutionary and author Ida Mett was born in Smarhoń, Belarus. She was involved in the Russian revolution and was a member of the anarchist-communist Dielo Truda (Workers' Cause) group from 1925 to 1928. More info here: libcom.org/history/mett-ida-19

2 Aug 1917 the general strike in Rio de Janeiro ended as employers agreed to a 10% pay increase and a maximum 56-hour work week. The stoppage began with just one furniture worker the previous month. libcom.org/history/organized-l

1 Aug 1917 Frank Little, a biracial white and Cherokee organiser for the @IWW@twitter.com was brutally murdered during a miners' strike in Butte, Montana. This is an article written about the killing at the time: workingclasshistory.com/2018/0

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