11 May 1923 150 mostly female rent strike prisoners in Veracruz, Mexico were freed after months of agitation. The tenants then marched through the main streets of the city, where they announced they would continue the strike libcom.org/history/postrevolut

11 May 1972 the OPR-33, armed wing of the Uruguayan Anarchist Federation, kidnapped a shoe manufacturer whose workers were on strike. They ransomed him for $10 million which they used to publicise the crimes of the dictatorship libcom.org/history/federacion-

11 May 1894 the Pullman railroad strike began in Chicago after the firing of 3 workers. The biggest strike in US history to date, it was only eventually broken by federal government troops and by the killing of at least 24 strikers libcom.org/history/pullman-str

10 May 1904 Dutch cellist, conductor, lesbian and anti-Nazi resistance member Frieda Belinfante was born. During the occupation she forged documents for people and took part in attack on population registry. She survived the war libcom.org/history/history-dut

10 May 2009 leading Ecuadorian Indigenous rights activist and revolutionary Transito Amaguaña died a few weeks away from her 100th birthday. She helped establish some of the first agricultural unions, as well as coops and schools for rural kids

10 May 1920, dock workers in England refused to load armaments for use by Allies against the Russian Revolution. Sylvia Pankhurst played a key role in organising this, as did a woman known only as "Mrs Walker from Poplar" libcom.org/history/dockers-boy

10 May 1894, the Pullman Company fired 3 railway workers for being on the grievance committee. That evening, workers voted strike and the next day shut Pullman down. This book tells the story of the dispute: shop.workingclasshistory.com/c

10 May 1968, the "night of the barricades" took place in Paris. It saw some of the most severe street fighting of the May '68 rebellion. Books, reproduction posters and more from May 68 available here: shop.workingclasshistory.com/c

10 May 1941, the Strike of the 100,000 took place in Nazi-occupied Belgium on the first anniversary of German invasion. Authorities granted an 8% pay increase but arrested hundreds and sent many to concentration camps libcom.org/history/belgian-str

10 May 2000, gay rights activists in Glasgow climbed atop a Stagecoach bus, owned by homophobe Brian Souter, and covered it with pink paint. They were protesting Souter's £1M support of a campaign for keeping the homophobic section 28 law

10 May 1926, the Flying Scotsman was derailed just north of Newcastle during the general strike. Striking miners had removed a section of track to stop trains, but the scab driver carried on and derailed the train. Thankfully, only 1 person was hurt

10 May 1857, a rebellion against the British East India Company began in India. Indian troops mutinied, which sparked other mutinies and civilian uprisings. It was ultimately unsuccessful but forced the company to dissolve

9 May 1926, the Roman Catholic Church declared the ongoing British general strike 'a sin'.

9 May 1917, Alexander Berkman and Emma Goldman founded the No Conscription League in the US to discourage young men from registering for the draft during World War I. Both later fined $10,000 and jailed for 2 years libcom.org/history/speeches-ag

9 May 1921, Sophie Scholl was born in Germany. Scholl became an anti-fascist activist, helping form the peaceful White Rose resistance group and was executed by the Nazis in 1943. Learn more about German youth resistance to Nazism in our podcast: workingclasshistory.com/2018/0

9 May 1911, Tijuana, Mexico was liberated from the Diaz dictatorship by the anarchist Mexican Liberal Party (PLM) during the Mexican revolution and called on people to "make a free and happy life without masters or tyrants" libcom.org/history/magon-ricar

9 May 1913, Jewish garment worker, Joe Jacobs, was born in London's East End. Active in the Communist Party in the 1930s (and a participant at Cable Street), he was expelled (twice!) and later co-founded the libertarian socialist group, Solidarity libcom.org/tags/joe-jacobs

9 May 1970, 100,000 marched in Washington, DC, protesting against the Vietnam War, 5 days after Kent State killings workingclasshistory.com/tag/vi

9 May 1976 Ulrike Meinhof, co-founder of the West German urban guerrilla group Red Army Faction, was found hanged in prison - some question whether she actually killed herself or was instead murdered. Learn more about the group in this book: shop.workingclasshistory.com/c

9 May 1936 in Thessaloniki, Greece, police and soldiers attacked a workers' demonstration during a general strike against police repression, killing 12. It sparked more resistance, and eventually Metaxas declared a dictatorship libcom.org/history/bloody-may-

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