Question for any Korean-speaking followers. Online are you able to find out the exact location/address of the old NDP office in Seoul which was occupied by women workers from the YH wig factory in 1979?

8 Aug 1936 the French govt closed the border with revolutionary Spain, forcing those wanting to join the fight against fascism to cross the Pyrenees mountains. Thousands still came from around the world to aid the Spanish workers and peasants.

8 Aug 1908 anarcho-syndicalist printing worker Ciriaco Duarte was born in Encarnación, Paraguay.

8 Aug 1897 Michele Angiolillo, an Italian anarchist, assassinated the repressive Spanish PM Antonio Cánovas del Castillo in revenge for the torture and execution of anarchists and Filipino rebel José Rizal. This is a short history of the events:

8 Aug 1883 over 3,000 people attended a benefit ball and concert for striking telegraphers in New York's Madison Square Garden. 800 of the strikers, fighting for equal pay for men and women and an eight-hour day, led the procession into the ballroom.

8 Aug 1927 the union attempted a national general strike against the executions of anarchist workers Sacco and Vanzetti. It was particularly strong in Colorado coalmines, where the stoppage lasted for two days. More on those mines in 1927 here:

8 Aug 1879 Emiliano Zapata, revolutionary and leading figure of the peasant army which helped overthrow Porfirio Diaz in the 1910 Mexican revolution, was born. We have his biography as well as posters available here:

8 Aug 1842 a general strike of 500,000 workers in the UK began. The strikers, fighting wage cuts and for universal suffrage for men, sabotaged equipment and set up committees to provide essential services. The govt sent in troops but some mutinied.

8 Aug 1845 UK Parliament passed an enclosure act taking away public land and appointing officials who could enclose more land without approval from MPs – one of 5,000 such acts passed. This dispossession created the working class.

8 Aug 1942 Spanish civil war veteran Maria Perez Cruz was executed by the Franco regime on trumped up charges. A former nurse in the anarchist Iron Column militia, she was arrested in 1939 charged with various offences. More in this short biography:

7 Aug 1900 the first copy printed of Mexican anarchist newspaper, Regeneración, founded by the Magón brothers as the official organ of the anarchist Mexican Liberal Party, was published. This is a short biography of Ricardo Flores Magón.

7 Aug 1890 legendary American labour organiser, feminist and socialist Elizabeth Gurley Flynn was born. She played a leading role in the revolutionary Industrial Workers of the World union. Learn more about women in the in our podcast:

7 Aug 1842 a mass meeting of 18,000 workers took place in the UK, organised by the Chartist movement. They decided to call a general strike beginning the following day, demanding universal male suffrage.

7 Aug 1970 the Marin County courthouse incident took place when Jonathan Jackson attempted gain the freedom of the 3 Soledad Brothers. A firefight broke out and 4 people were killed, including Jackson. Ruchell Cinque Magee was later jailed for life.

7 Aug 1963 Ramon Vila Capdevila, a union militant and anti-fascist guerrilla, was killed by Guardia Civil (police) in Manresa, Spain. This is a short biography:

7 Aug 1936 revolutionaries in Spain conducted a ceremonial "execution" of the Monument of the Sacred Heart near Madrid. It was shot by a firing squad of working class people who had risen up against a fascist military rebellion. More in our podcast:

6 Aug 1970 300 Yippies – countercultural radical youth – invaded Disneyland, protesting against the Vietnam war and calling for the liberation of Minnie Mouse from patriarchal captivity. Disney security and armed riot police were brought in.

6 Aug 1945 the US dropped an atomic bomb on Hiroshima, slaughtering tens of thousands of civilians, despite believing that Japan was about to surrender, as demonstrated by these quotes from US officials:

6 Aug 1941 French-Chinese situationist Alice Becker-Ho was born in Shanghai. She was a central member of the Situationist International which came to prominence around the May 68 uprising, and married Guy Debord. More about the SI in this book:

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