28 Jul 1937 rioting broke out in Barbados after news broke the night before that worker organiser Clement Payne had been secretly deported to Trinidad by British authorities. More info in this account of struggles in the Caribbean at this time: libcom.org/library/labour-rebe

28 Jul 1932 the US government sent in the army to attack WWI vets and their families with tanks, fixed bayonets, teargas and sabres, killing three, when vets marched demanding wartime bonuses they were promised. zinnedproject.org/materials/bo

27 Jul 1988 is the most likely date for the beginning of a massacre of prisoners in Iranian jails. First Mojahedin prisoners were targeted, but in late Aug, communist and leftists were next. Ayatollah Montazeri estimated that over 3,800 were killed.

27 Jul 1919 a week of riots erupted in Chicago after a white man threw stones at a young African-American man on a racially segregated beach, killing him, and police refused to arrest the perpetrators. Thousands of Black homes were looted and burned.

27 Jul 1838 70,000 people attended a Chartist rally in Newcastle as part of the fight for universal male suffrage. The Northern Star newspaper thought the meeting was "the most splendid display of the working classes ever witnessed in England".

27 Jul 1973 one of the most destructive US prison rebellions began at the Oklahoma State Penitentiary when prisoners rose up against overcrowding, mistreatment and endemic violence. It lasted three days and caused millions of dollars in damage.

27 Jul 1933 bus drivers in Havana went on strike, and other drivers soon struck in sympathy. This was the start of the unrest that culminated in a general strike of Cuban workers and students. An account of the strikes and demonstrations is here: libcom.org/history/1933-cuban-

27 Jul 1918 labour organiser and prominent socialist leader Ginger Goodwin was murdered in Cumberland, Canada. As a conscientious objector to WWI, he fled conscription with others by hiding in the mountains but was hunted down by an ex-policeman. libcom.org/history/praise-ging

27 Jul 1816 the US Army firebombed a fort on the Apalachicola River in Florida. The fort had provided home and safety to over 300 Black and Choctaw families. This marked the beginning of the Seminole Wars and the eventual US conquest of Florida. libcom.org/history/negro-fort-

27 Jul 1918 Spanish civil war fighter and anti-Franco guerrilla Julio Rodríguez Fernández was born in Havana, Cuba. He moved to Spain and joined the underground resistance to the military dictatorship in the 1930s, and was killed by police in 1949.

NEW: Part Two of our podcast on the Columbia Eagle Mutiny, perhaps the most spectacular act of resistance to the Vietnam war, when two sailors hijacked their ship transporting thousands of tonnes of napalm for US forces, and sailed it to Cambodia

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27 Jul 2017 bus drivers in Brisbane, Australia launched a fare strike where they refused to charge passengers for journeys in a protest demanding better pay and safety. The workers eventually agreed to a 2.5% increase plus a $500 bonus in September.

27 Jul 1981 a second wave of anti-police rioting in a month began in Liverpool, UK. Protesters attacked police with missiles, and the police responded by driving vans at high speed into the crowds to disperse them. More info here: libcom.org/history/short-hot-s

26 Jul 1956 21,000 workers on strike against job cuts at 13 BMC factories in the UK were joined by 12,000 Briggs Motors workers in Dagenham who walked out. Fascists who turned up to urge a return to work had their van trashed. Video included here: youtube.com/watch?v=REbkAxFbo3

26 Jul 1952 Eva "Evita" Peron, Argentinian actor and wife of president Peron, died. Commonly seen as a hero of workers, in fact she and her husband admired Hitler and Mussolini, and provided refuge to numerous Nazi war criminals after WWII. libcom.org/history/peron-eva-e

26 Jul 1937 British authorities in Barbados secretly deported Clement Payne, a worker who was trying to start a trade union, to Trinidad, where police were waiting to arrest him for possessing prohibited literature. More info here: libcom.org/library/labour-rebe

26 Jul 1963 military scientists released harmful bacteria on the London Underground as part of a secret biological warfare experiment. It was just one of over 750 secret experiments by the UK govt using biological or chemical agents on the public.

26 Jul 1937 Gerda Taro, a pioneering photojournalist and committed anti-fascist, was accidentally killed at 26 while covering the Republican retreat after the Battle of Brunete during the Spanish civil war. We've reproduced one of her iconic photos: shop.workingclasshistory.com/c

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