Today's @garfiald comic (if today were 1982-04-15).
What gender is Garfield? Neutered?

Pennsylvania Catholic child sex abuse report 

Pennsylvania Catholic child sex abuse report 

Pennsylvania Catholic child sex abuse report 

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Like Mr. Stewart, I too have been watching Star Trek: TNG quite a bit lately.
Not only did the show change people's lives, it amplified & accelerated world changes, many of which were had started with the Original Series.
I prefer the (mostly) positive vision of Gene Roddenberry. I've been less interested in DS9, Voyager, & subsequent prequels (although I have watched a good number of Voyager eps).
Gene's passing in 1991 happened at an important point along my timeline.

lol Cool ... I've actually been using the same version of Winamp for most of my music since October 2001. It's not about "nostalgia" for me, it's just what I use. Simple, compact, and full of little features.

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Over 2.1M$ has been raised in less than 24 hours for the hockey team after their tragic bus collision last night.
The outpouring of support has been tremendous.

"Oh no, I know Hamlet. And what he might say with irony I say with conviction. 'What a piece of work is man! How noble in reason! How infinite in faculty. In form, in moving, how express and admirable. In action, how like an angel. In apprehension, how like a god!' " as Captain Jean-Luc

I supported Corey Feldman's TRUTH Campaign to help bring pedophiles and sexual harassers into the light.
In the wake of the disclosures, now is the time to keep the ball rolling.
Will you support him as well?


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