Trumpism—dialectically?—may end up fostering a more benevolent globalism by e.g. the labor rules of “Nafta 2.0”:

«Technological evolution, ever since the Stone Age, has placed humans in nonzero­-sum situations of growing scope and complexity. The only way to stop the trend toward bigger and more elaborate games is to play them so badly that chaos ensues.»

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I'm so old I remember when the entire tech industry FREAKED THE HECK OUT at the idea of 'Total Information Awareness' and now it's just 'yeah, that's literally our business plan, what's wrong with it'

This photo was taken looking into a restaurant’s restroom mirror. It shows the side of a soap dispenser —a few inches from the mirror—that you couldn’t possibly see directly.

That is to say, someone wrote this backwards *blind*.

Long before Doubleclick or Facebook, there was this guy pioneering the surveillance economy:

Later, the same backwoodsman: “Machines for me. My cider-mill—does that ever steal my cider? My mowing-machine—does that ever lay a-bed mornings? My corn-husker—does that ever give me insolence? No: cider-mill, mowing-machine, corn-husker—all faithfully attend to their business. Disinterested, too; no board, no wages; yet doing good all their lives long; shining examples that virtue is its own reward—the only practical Christians I know.”


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You shoudn't multitask. Your computer should. Learn both scripting and Cron jobs. Then, forget about task switching.

The backwoodsman comes back at the herb doctor: “Picked and prudent sentiments. You are the moderate man, the invaluable understrapper of the wicked man. You, the moderate man, may be used for wrong, but are useless for right.”


The herbalist replies: “As to that, I cannot so readily answer. If by abolitionist you mean a zealot, I am none; but if you mean a man, who, being a man, feels for all men, slaves included, and by any lawful act, opposed to nobody's interest, and therefore, rousing nobody's enmity, would willingly abolish suffering (supposing it, in its degree, to exist) from among mankind, irrespective of color, then am I what you say.”


In Herman Melville’s _The Confidence-Man_ (1857) a skeptical backwoodsman on a riverboat challenges a smooth-talking herb doctor: “You are an abolitionist, ain't you?”


tired: Facebook (or Google, or Amazon, or Apple, or Microsoft) monoculture
wired: Cherry mechanical switch monoculture

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@kinosocial The film also has an interesting subtext regarding cops. The main characters have lots of interactions with cops, who are never so lazy or dumb that you’d try to get them fired, but they *never* do anything useful.

Look, no film noir will ever surpass the original _The Big Sleep_. (Don’t @ me that it’s a detective flick, not a noir!)

But (@kinosocial) just put up a terrific noir called _Too Late For Tears_. It has a formidable femme fatale and an original plot featuring characters with varying levels of motivation, ethics, and intelligence.

It also has Southern California by dark in the late 1940s.

There’s a fair amount of rancor on the Fediverse toward people who crosspost from Twitter and ignore responses they get over here.

I can’t be the only one who’s noticed lots of crossposting from Instagram to Twitter by people who never look at Twitter, but I have never seen a complaint about it.

I suppose the difference may be due to fedifolx thinking of each other as equals, more or less, where Twitter tends to be a broadcast medium, but I’m not sure that’s all there is to it.

When you don’t even know you’re bragging: “Besides being one of the world’s top macroeconomists, I’ve long admired Blanchard’s work for its relevance to…”

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Today’s *actual* band name: Animals As Leaders

If you’re looking for music to goad you into working hard on an exercise machine, they’re effective.

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