After graduation, how many years go by until you stop having academic anxiety dreams?

There’s a person I follow from my instance ( whose posts seem not to appear on the federated timeline. I see this person’s posts in my home TL, and this person’s instance isn’t blocked per the posted block list.

I would like to know how and why this was done. Anyone?


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I don’t talk about it much except with people I know, but I donated a kidney. It’s a much easier procedure than you’d think; I spent one night in the hospital and was back at work two weeks later. And it’s incredibly safe.

Now someone else I love needs a kidney and I hope someone out there will be able to save her life.

Please boost. And if you want to know anything more about donating I will answer any questions.

There’s been tons of pushback against the Bloomberg supply chain spyware story, not least from Apple. No doubt the Chinese government hates the story, too.

What changed in Bloomberg in the years between the Xi family story and the spyware story?

Now Bloomberg is pushing a story about the Chinese military inserting spying devices into hardware made for foreign companies.

If true, this story could end China’s role in the supply chain for Apple et al.

Several years ago, Bloomberg had an explosive story about corruption in Xi Jinping’s family. They spiked it, and Mike Forsythe, the lead reporter on the story, quit:

Presumably Bloomberg’s financial terminal business outweighs its journalism.

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Next door there’s a Polish bakery/restaurant. When you order fish from the steam table on Friday, they probably take you for an old-line Catholic.

There’s a hipsterish coffee shop on Nassau Ave. that displays “CBD bars” right by the cash register for $20/per. The bars are about the size of a regular candy bar and supposedly contain “raw dark” chocolate.

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@enkiv2 Like if Gibson had followed Mona Lisa with a true solarpunk story, I could buy this? But he didn't. He did Difference Engine and Virtual Light. Retreading the same concepts again and again. Little people stuck in the cracks of a merciless urban-cybernet system they not only don't understand but *can't* understand, nobody can understand.

This is a little-publicized advantage of having an unlimited Metrocard: at least you do not pay when you try an alternate route.

“STAY HUMBLE” in rainbow-colored lightning bolt letters on car windshield,

This mango we bought on Roosevelt Ave. looks deadly, I know, but we’ll eat it once it gets soft.

We went to Elmhurst to try a Malaysian bakery/restaurant. After eating, we wandered a bit, and our friend said she’d lived nearby til age 6 but had never been back. Could we go check out the old block?

Well *of course*!

It turned out her old house was no longer there. But directly across the street, written on a wall, was “Don’t ever 4get how much I ❤️ u!”

Tyndall Air Force base in Florida got the eye of Hurricane Michael. It houses 55 ultra-expensive and fragile stealth fighter jets, not all of which were flown out of harm’s way before the storm hit:

Maybe this was because they weren’t air-worthy at the time?

If you want a single fact to represent NYC’s contempt for public transport, try this one: there is a subway line that goes over a *drawbridge*:

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Added "My Man Godfrey" (1936), you can watch it here:

A romantic comedy made during the Great Depression, it tells the story of a "forgotten man" (a homeless person) who becomes involved with a wealthy family as a result of a parlour game.

My Man Godfrey received six Oscar nominations including Best Director, Best Screenplay and all of the acting categories.

#ScrewballComedy #RomanticComedy #Comedy #Film #Movies #MyManGodfrey

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Looking for some suggestions, I have issues with both of my arms/hands and cannot type at times. I just moved over to Fedora from Debian and I'm looking for voice rec & control software or other ideas if you have them. Running KDE as my desktop, wouldn't think it would make a difference but who knows. Thanks!

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