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You can identify an alpha male by the way he glitches out, crashes, and spontaneously deletes your files.

Beta does less of that, but can be distinguished by sloppy or unprofessional presentation.

Honestly better to wait for a stable release.

Speaking of numbers, has anyone seen estimates of how much execution speed is gained by ? And how much extra power it draws?

Obviously, different SE techniques will yield different numbers, but I haven’t seen any attempt to disentangle SE’s effects from those of caching. In the history of commercial microprocessors, SE and caching have tended to increase in parallel.

I haven’t seen numbers on this, but a software patch for flaws that slows your CPU will also make it suck more power, won’t it?

Usually I apply updates promptly. This time, though, I’m looking at my iPhone 6 becoming 40% slower: melv1n.com/iphone-performance-

It feels like the end of summer when I have to reconcile myself to the fact that there won’t be any more beach days.


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Cory Doctorow: Persuasion, Adaptation, and the Arms Race for Your Attention

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The most amazing thing happened to me during my commute home last night. I was on a super-crowded subway, to the point where not everybody could fit in, and the conductor *didn't* lie and say there was another train directly behind!

I wonder if the new train time screens are making that lie too transparent for them to get away with?


@enkiv2 Your Rotwang moniker reminds me of my neighborhood, where there are multilevel, multimodal transport vistas like the famous Metropolis layout.

On my way to work this morning, the was perfect despite the .

Thanks, MTA workers!

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As soon as I saw the poster for the new TV show “grown-ish”, I thought of Silvia Gronich, a delightfully spiky woman I used to know. I’d lost track of her decades ago, but seeing the poster I heard her gravelly voice in my head.

I won’t hear it in real life again.


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Why I Don't Think Content Addressing Is The Answer

There's a lot of interest in content-addressed distributed stores today, where you punch in a hash of your content (a file) and get that file back.

tldr: Superficially this looks nice, but I think this is a bad idea and we will deeply regret it if we go this route.

The reason: you need BOTH a hash AND a formal 'location' . The hash is there to warn you if the document has been altered in transit.

It can't do that if it's ALSO the location!

From where we live on the 15th floor, a vague dot in the distance could be a bird or a plane. (Superman? Less likely.)

I just realized I distinguish between the two by watching the dot for a couple of seconds — planes fly straight but birds don’t.¹

¹Migration is an exception, of course.


Normally, this little park across the street from us in would be swarming with and their owners at 8:30 AM, but not today.

Either the doggies are hungover or it’s the -12°C weather. Happy !

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"You've been chosen," the spirit said.
"Save the world, make it kinder, cleaner, safer."
"We chose everyone."

@mattskala Can you point me at something in English about this counter.social thing?

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Mac myopia: every designer's conception of "abstract desktop OS window" has three little circles in the upper-left corner, even though 80% of the world uses Windows (and 1% uses Linux, which depending on the distro also has the buttons on the right). toot.cafe/media/tntWymVDczy0_o