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I’ve withdrawn from social media, for now at least. But if you want to
contact me, my email address is in my profile.

I’ve withdrawn from social media, for now at least. But if you want to
contact me, my email address is in my profile.

Not sure about public awareness, but the Wikipedia page says "UTF-8 was first officially presented at the USENIX conference in San Diego, from January 25 to 29, 1993."

Books rescued from Brooklyn Heights stoops (cont.): catalogue from 1980 MoMA Joseph Cornell show.

I don’t think I want to keep it forever, so @ me if you want to take possession after a while.

In my childhood I lived not far from Cornell without knowing it. I’m not sure if that prepared me for living next door to Alice Neel unknowingly as an adult.

Someone has been stenciling “THE RiCH KiLLD NYC” on utility poles in Dumbo.

They sure picked the right neighborhood!

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So I was reading this fascinating article about puppy play enthusiasts

in the NY Times app, and what ad do they serve me? “Adorable Puppies for Sale”.


Bhaskar Sunkara, the editor of _Jacobin_, is a lot more flexible than you might think. And Isaac Chotiner is a great interviewer:

I just wacky-parsed SFTP as STFU. Time to go home?

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I worry that every time someone claims they are helping the environment by making some activity "more efficient", they will ultimately be proven wrong.

More efficient means cheaper, which means we just do more of whatever it is.

Plane travel is the classic example, but there are others.

If we want to curb emissions, we need to add friction in the right places - which literally means making things more expensive and less competitive. That's a very hard sell in today's world.

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“Vessel” is a very strange word. It refers either to a structure that holds a fluid *in*, e.g., a cup, or to something that keeps a fluid *out*, e.g., a boat.

The Shawarma, which is a complicated lattice, of course fails either use.

Who will join me in referring to the structure they call The Vessel instead as “The Shawarma” from now on?

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Dwight Garner’s book review of the Mueller report:

«The Mueller report is a dense slab of verbiage. It is not written in bureaucratese, but it is not far from it either. If you were to put a droplet of its syntax under a microscope, you’d find a swirling necktie pattern of small white starched shirts and three-ring binders and paper cups of stale black coffee. Reading between the lines, you might spy tiny handcuffs as well.»

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How to walk like a New Yorker, 1/2 

Welcome to #NYC. We love tourists! You help keep our favorite restaurants open. But please learn how to walk like us. It's not hard.

The central thing to remember is that, unlike much of the country, we don't use sidewalks just to stroll around. We actually use them to get places. We use them like people elsewhere use roads.

So to walk like a New Yorker, just imagine that you're driving.

But hey, Windows 7 is kind of an immature OS. No doubt they fixed this in Windows 10.😜

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While we’re on the topic of bad user interface design, here an up-to-date Windows 7 is trying to tell me it doesn’t know what to do with a file I asked it to open.

Sure, nobody and no operating system knows everything, but when Windows 7 tells me this and displays the file’s name, it doesn’t allow enough space for the (long) filename and *prevents me from enlarging the dialog box*.

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Sometimes, bad Web design makes me wish I were colorblind.

The screenshot here shows what got displayed after I successfully changed my password on a site: the successful completion message *in red*.

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