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I'm the owner of a couple of unused math degrees. To make up for being so bad at it, posting figures/results that I think are new. If not, let me know, will cite/delete.

Maybe you’re an “old”, to use that charming phrase.

You could have any number of excuses for not knowing much about twitch.tv. But don’t say you weren’t told about an hour-long broadcast in which some smart people examine Twitch from several angles: wnycstudios.org/shows/otm/

One question I’m disappointed they didn’t address: why did Zuck let Bezos buy it?

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Probably everyone reading this has a favorite article on what distinguishes—or should distinguish—the Fediverse from Silage Town.

@enkiv2 just published my current favorite: medium.com/@enkiv2/context-cen

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@enkiv2 “enforce this by applying social stigma to people who use absence of context as a weapon” sounds both ominous and like a setup for failure – sure we have sometimes effected such changes in society, but think about all the silly things we tried to do as well, from stopping top posting to semantic markup to using css instead of tables. So much misery. @natecull

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I really hope some people are going to pick up #Amaroq. I love this client. It's super simple and does exactly what I want. Well, mostly. The only really annoying part is that when somebody links me to a PDF, and I want to copy that to GoodReader, it won't show up in the "share" menu. I have to open the PDF in Safari (that reloads it), and there the "share" menu will list "Copy to GoodReader". This is so weird. But don't think I want to get into the app dev thing myself. Somebody else do iiiiit!

The rain-swollen Bronx River, seen from a bridge in the NY Botanical Garden noonish today.

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@deejoe @enkiv2

It really worries me that so many programmers sneer at Excel and Access. Those tools exist because they allow users to do programming; yet somehow this is not cheered, but seen as an enemy of 'proper' programming.

(of course then systems programmers sneer at 'mere web developers', etc)

I don't understand the division and I never have. It doesn't seem to be about wanting to make the tools better - more a resentment that user-accessible programming tools exist AT ALL.

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Who was Esther?

Franklin Ave. south of Atlantic, Crown Heights,

The difficult birth of California’s data privacy law: nyti.ms/2Mr6isE?smid=nytcore-i

«Facebook, a decade younger than Google, built its political apparatus twice as fast, as if observing a kind of Moore’s Law of influence-peddling.»

I don’t see what you’re griping about. You can use *anybody’s* Python to install *their* Python.😜

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All my advice is time-tested *


* Some of it may have failed the test. †

† Possibly even most. ‡

‡ Oh, hush, you in the back.

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Finding new people to follow is hard for newbies on any platform. I'm hoping that #Trunk can help. What I need is people volunteering to be on lists so newbies can follow a bunch of people right away. Please reply to this post if you agree to be on a list. Feel free to suggest new lists that I haven't thought of. (Living in my own filter bubble, I know!) Please boost!
Also looking for more lists. 😃

Pakistan Tea House on Church St. has been serving steam table dishes and made-to-order roti to Subcontinental cab drivers for decades.

Their city-mandated Heimlich maneuver poster is currently the Chinese language version.🙃

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After sleeping on it, I think #Mastodon should rename ‘instances’ to ‘Communities.’

Instances feels too technical and I see even savvy people struggling to understand it.

I argue communities would make much more sense. It denotes much of the purpose behind _why_ this service has different instances, and many people will already be familiar with the concept from Reddit (the, what, sixth most popular site on the net?).

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actually I love this hypothetical conlang that is English where the dative case is marked by putting an acute accent over the last letter of a word and adding -s

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