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Ugh, make that *bubble* tea. To think I was a spelling champion as a child…

The city government seems to be gearing up to ban plastic straws for the same reason plastic bags are getting banned in lots of places.

This will arouse the buble tea industrial complex.

Q: How long have intentionally ripped jeans been a thing by now?

A: Long enough that it’s time for a rigorous semiotic analysis.

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There was a young man
From Toulouse who got lim'ricks
And haiku confused

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@SlowRain In my experience, #tea fosters a different kind if sociality than #coffee.

Tea lovers tend to brew multiple steeps from leaves, which takes time. Tea friends tend to do this together for one tea after another, during which time conversation might go anywhere.

When I was in Montreal recently, I was at a blissful tea session with ten other people that went on for seven hours. An outlier, to be sure, but still …

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A thing that tech _never_ seems to understand is that consistency is a huge part of usability.

An UI change that is a marginal improvement becomes a net negative if it breaks from people's prior expectations.

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@annika I can see Etsy world headquarters from my living room window.

It’s good that they allow telecommuting.

Sunset afterglow over the Brooklyn Bridge this evening

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Google�s Selfish Ledger is an unsettling vision of Silicon Valley social engineering - The Verge theverge.com/2018/5/17/1734425

And remember, your smart quotes aren’t smart enough if they aren’t Unicode.

Smart quotes are what the world had before Baudot, EBCDIC, and ASCII.

The phrase “smart quotes” is the telecom and computer industries’ way of claiming credit for returning what they once took away.

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There are people who still don’t know what a browser is, as they use one to get to Google

They equate email with GMail, they think of Facebook as the internet

These people are no less deserving of a freedom from vendor lock-in or proprietary software than those who are more tech-literate

I still love the Métro, even though its trains no longer open their doors before they come to a complete stop.

Seriously, the trains are way quieter than in , and they run more often too.

In , a stanchion like this identifies two parking spaces for autos so drivers can pay at the nearest solar-powered kiosk.

It also allows two to be locked securely, gratis.

“Welcome to Queensbridge Houses”?

To a New Yorker, this mural off Avenue du Mont Royal in Montreal is beyond weird.

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@natecull @uranther @mathuin

"What's wrong with the printer?"

"Oh, I tried to display text in a new font and now I think it's mining bitcoin."

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