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I wish more lefties would internalize that hypocrisy is not a meaningful accusation to the right. Of course they're being hypocrites. That you are bound - by rules, standards, logic, human decency, some sort of fundamental moral consistency, anything at all - and they are not? That's their conception of what power is, and why they seek it. So they can exercise power, without constraint, and you cannot. That's the whole point.

Hypocrisy is the virtue-signaling of fascism.

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Heads up: if you get contacted by or hear about "The Gender Unity Project", which pretends to be a documentary about the trans experience, it is a scam run by right-wing asshole Matt Walsh to try to discredit trans people and "gender ideology". twitter.com/EliErlick/status/1 :boost_ok:

I love Ezra Furman's energy. Great music I wish I'd discovered years ago. ezrafurman.bandcamp.com/

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Odd question - does anyone know any music-making tools that'd be good for people who aren't big into theory stuff, and want tools to do it for them? I use BeepBox because it's good when it comes to scales, but I'd like something a little more powerful, with more tools for chords. Sure, there's chord builders out there and stuff, but something that provides the most fitting chords for the key in-tool would be neat
(Boosts would be appreciated! I don't tend to get responses to this sort of thing.)

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"Abled supremacy means that many of you mistakenly think that if you do get COVID and if you end up with long COVID, that the state will take care of you or that your community will. You believe this because you do not know about the lived reality of disability in this country."

from You Are Not Entitled To Our Deaths: COVID, Abled Supremacy & Interdependence by Mia Mingus


Made a couple play-by-mail if you need something to do during . The first is a survival-horror game called Europa Base. grumpy-critter.itch.io/europa- The second is a story game about generations of ghosts that have lived in the same house. grumpy-critter.itch.io/when-i-

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A lot going on in the world, but not for this orb creature.

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my generative concrete poetry zine, Shadows is complete! featuring:

- all of the poetry I've created this month
- four pages of meows
- nine pages of not-meows
- over fifty thousand words!!

download it here: notabug.org/eq/nanogenmo2018/r

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I highly recommend artbreeder (formerly known as ganbreeder). It is a website that uses deepdream neural networks to create images. Unlike style transfer which is cool but unless used in subversive ways just copies other art, artbreeder allows you to create totally new images from realistic to totally abstract or disturbingly in between.

It really feels creative and is the neural network equivalent of walking along a beach and collecting seashells you like.


there's a band called Meet Me in Montauk that is exactly as emo-sounding as you would think.


[Image: One orange tabby resting his herd on another orange tabby. Two black and white cats cuddle in the background.]


[Image: two orange tabbies stretched out on a futon. Another orange tabby and a tortoise shell cat are curled up next to them.]

Bedst buddies.

[Image: Elderly orange tabby and orange tabby kitten cuddling on a messy bed.]

Fat cat in a little box.

[Image: Large orange tabby curled up in a small cardboard box.]


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