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Si le forensique système ou réseau t'intéresse (dans une optique de réponse à incident), le @CERT_FR recrute des analystes en investigation numérique

s/hashes/hashes of the signing certificate/

s/hashes/hashes of the signing certificate/

As of 16/11/2020, Apple made this an optional "feature" and made sure to encrypt such requests. But damn.

ICYMI, macOS used to send *unencrypted* hashes of every program you run and the corresponding timestamp & location (IP based). I expect this kind of privacy-intrusive behavior from an AV, but not directly from an OS...

Also, wear your masks 😷 works great against both coronavirus and facial recognition

You’re literally driving researchers away and encouraging them to go on the black market... and in the end it’s only disserving you (and your valued customers, lol)

ICYMI, « The U.S. Department of the Treasury’s Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) is issuing this advisory to highlight the sanctions risks associated with ransomware payments related to malicious cyber-enabled activities. »

Reminder that attackers are also participating in the . In fact they participate 12 months a year, for maximum awareness.

Because 2020 wasn’t enough now we have fucking cybernetic stray dogs on the streets

Overloading phishing websites with fake data is actually a very effective way to prevent mass phishing campaign from being successful

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