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Glad to see DuckDuckGo and Apple getting along so well! @DuckDuckGo will now use Apple Maps to enhance searches, DDG acting as a proxy without sending any PII to Apple

To be fair, the US Cyber Command (@USCommandCyber) also uses a Gmail address. Learn from the best, eh ;)

French cyber army Twitter account uses a Gmail address 🤦‍♂️
cc @ComcyberFR @ANSSI_FR

“If a person cannot be compelled to provide a passcode because it is a testimonial communication, a person cannot be compelled to provide one’s finger, thumb, iris, face, or other biometric feature to unlock that same device,”

"Malicious scp server can write arbitrary files to scp target directory, change the target directory permissions and to spoof the client output." - this bug is 35 years old!

Does that count cyber weapons @BlueHatIL? Just asking for a friend

Targeted phishing can steal 2FA codes, that is true. Now TOTP will help against 95% of the shitty cybercrime phishing - that’s not an opinion that’s a fact. It all comes down to the threat model too. For most people it’s way better than nothing IMO.

Ongoing DNS A record change for from 213.56.166[.]109 (AS3215 Orange) to 86.65.182[.]109 (AS15557 SFR SA), probably for mitigation or maintenance

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