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Going on a long vacation, don't expect much activity from me for a couple of weeks. Peace ✌️

For those wondering, IANAL but Valve is required by law to show up this legal notice (at least if they want to sell in France)

Steam is showing a special legal notice for FR viewers only. Valve Corporation has been sanctioned by the Finance Ministry for multiple breach of the French Consumer Code

They even made a tool to audit GitHub repositories against the Mozilla's Guidelines for Sensitive Repositories 👍

Good to see @mozilla pushing for more hygiene into development processes (2FA for all developers, commits to be GPG signed, least privilege, ...)

Just booked my @hack_lu ticket! See you guys there in a few weeks :)

This is why TLS/SSL is important, too (who would have thought? eh)

New rule: you can begin to worry about APT the day a simple nessus scan gives 0 results on your network. Until then, keep patching and keep calm.

Here is a good example of polyglot files being used to bypass security policies cc @angealbertini

Just realized I reached 1k followers here on @Mastodon, cool I guess :coolcat:

Dites @Hexatrust, c'est bien beau de vouloir promouvoir la "cybersécurité", encore faut-il pouvoir appliquer ces bonnes pratiques envers soi-même 😘

(FR) Voici le résultat de l'étude sur les salaires bruts pratiqués dans la SSI.
Merci à Alice (qui se reconnaîtra) pour l'infographie et à tous les participants! 😉

Twitter still blacklisting 0day[.]rocks 😡

Come on, learn how to deal with bogus threat intel sources @TwitterSecurity ffs, it's been weeks, submitted several tickets and *nothing*

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