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Sounds like a terrible idea privacy-wise (plane mode and your phone is still sending out beacons? Bad behavior IMO)

TIL that using "www" subdomains is generally more secure when browsing websites 🤨 (PDF)

Happened to me, did an internal masscan and "accidentally" took down a large part of some datacenter because of network loops (bad design)... I had to apologize but I knew I wasn’t the one to blame here 🤦‍♂️🤷‍♂️

What this is telling me:
- Russia did learn from its mistakes and is now under the radar. I don't think the IRA (or others) have only 4 accounts being active.
- Iran is being heavily sanctioned with almost 5k accounts suspended. They will learn and be more stealthy as they go.

Today @twitter is again disclosing state-sponsored information operations and is releasing the dataset for anyone to review 👍

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In 2006 a US Marine Major proposes a Meme Warfare Center: "memes are key emerging tools to win the ideological metaphysical fight"


I have yet to see an AI generate memes, that would be the endgame for modern information warfare cc @thegrugq

I would argue that there's still a lot of human work involved to disseminate AI generated texts, it's worrying but not as bad as it sounds IMO

Where is the Hall of Fame for developers that committed bug-free code? 🤔

tl;dr: it’s easier to break stuff rather than building secure stuff 😫

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