And yes I'm acutely aware that that's not originally a feel-good song. But for the instrumental, I'm OK with that.

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Y'all have a feel-good track? One that never fails to lift your spirits, even though you might have had a real bad day?

Here's one of mine. King Curtis on sax with Duane Allman on guitar.

5pm local time, or everyone sending in PRs indicating that they're absolutely slaying o'clock.

Djangonauts amongst the hive mind: if you have to cache a bearer auth token for a REST API that your app has to interact with, how do you protect that? Just use Fernet, with 32 bytes of your SECRET_KEY as the encryption key?

"From 01.03.21 fixed prices at FREE NOW" bewirbt sich um einen Preis als dümmster Betreff des Jahres.

(Der Fixpreis ist nicht null.)

In the intro to this Mindscape episode, expresses his concern that people might find the full long-form interview that did with him for boring.

Spoiler: it's not boring.

"No one:" absolutely everyone who actually evaluates interactive chat platforms from a perspective of the people who use it.

... just casually mentions Llanfairpwll­gwyngyllgogery­chwyrndrobwll­llantysilio­gogogoch.

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Language nerds, watch this! ('s talk)

And if you're a Python developer and also monolingual, or have spent your whole life in the same culture, ABSOLUTELY watch this.

Tech writers (full-time, part-time, and casual), if you're invited to participate in a "let's improve the docs!" effort, is it off-putting/intimidating to you if you find out that the same effort also involves refactoring code?

Excellent presentation of code samples. Also, being able to pause and actually read them without having to split my attention between that and listening to the talk is sooooo nice. Kudos!

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This talk from on ViewSets is f*****g brilliant!

Listening to's latest AMA episode on the Mindscape podcast gave me a jolt and prompts me to ask: how do you pronounce Alan Turing's surname?

These days, what's your preferred smiley in text messages?

PSA: In an open source project, it's OK to have a small group of people that can (rarely) merge something bypassing your CI. Sometimes that's the quickest way to get unstuck on problems with the CI itself.

What's never OK is to run CI *only* for "outside" contributions.

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