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How anyone ever considered "pip freeze > requirements.txt" being a good idea is beyond me.

pip._vendor.resolvelib.resolvers.ResolutionTooDeep: 2000000


Angesichts dessen, dass heute in NÖ 20 Minuten nach Start praktisch nur mehr Termine im Juni zu haben waren, auch eine interessante Aussage.

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How it started (c. 2015):

OpenStack has too many configuration options, its UX is beyond redemption because maintainers don't ever say no to anything! We'll do better!

How it's going (c. 2021):

"Impftermin-Buchung wie ein Sneaker-Drop" ist schon eine geniale Pandemiestrategie.

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Hypothesis: one of the many reasons Scrum/Agile fail is that something approximating a manager is tasked with prioritizing the backlog.

≥75% of manager types suck at prioritizing. "Boss, here's these 5 things, please order them by priority" — "Do all of them."

When converting from SI units to imperial, some understanding of significant figures is generally helpful.

If you actually stick to "one commit per change" and don't force people into squashing a whole patch queue into one commit, then — when you run into a problem — what would otherwise be a couple of hours' worth of debugging becomes a couple of minutes.

Thanks, git bisect.

And this bit is delightfully subversive.

"People are attracted to good audio – they’ll want to have longer conversations with you. Conversely, we subconsciously try and cut conversations short if we can’t properly understand what the other side is saying."

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Reader, though shalt appreciate the healthy amount of self-snark in this article.

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In which's got you covered for when you really, absolutely need to make a video call.

Even better, use a calendar form that can show times in both UTC and the conference-local timezone.

Or just schedule everything in UTC throughout, and clearly state that policy on your conference website.

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