I recall how after UK Uncut, Occupy Madison, Gaza Youth Speaks Out, the MENA-revolts (wrongly labeled "Arab Spring") starting, etc, etc and it finally came to Occupy where I was first aiding NYC's Occupy remotely then was "on the ground" at Occupy Stockholm,
we ended one of our General Assemblies by talking each getting to share our thoughts on currents events (me "I didn't think I'd see this, just spend my life preparing for future generations to be able to do this") and at about half-way, with participants from... I think 8 countries, most were crying, not from despair but from hope and joy.

One participant later told us of its friends having gone as volunteers to fight Franco and that this... this was a greater hope, for being global.

Now... Now, we've moved incomprehensibly far back.

In elliptic geometry, what can be done by an inverse square law at one focus, can be replaced by a linear law acting from the centre -- Peter Rowlands Dark Energy Talk (9.12.2013) - youtube.com/watch?v=THtn92uWkI

and if anyone has a problem with that, then line up next to the wall of there, because we're gonna feed everyone, and we're gonna go to space, goddamnit.

We're gonna feed everyone, and we're gonna go to space, goddamnit.

@aral @jotbe @HerraBRE There are other reasons to stop legitimising Google and I don't know about the specifics of Chrome, but it seems to me that there are no current popular browsers which aren't underpinned by some dubious surveillance and/or advertising based business model.

Edward Bernays: Goebbels [...] was using my book Crystallizing Public Opinion as a basis for his destructive campaign against the Jews of Germany. This shocked me.

One of the nicest things about the universe is its infinite grace in serendipity: due to the fractal recursive nature of reality, there is divine munificence in the forgiveness of error, for almost any error - diligently pursued - may converge to absolution, and enable the correct view by yet another path.

We should be gracious and good guests by accepting this hospitality with full abandon and striving, though we err, to err e'er forward, star-ward, and toward perfection.

"Bitwise opetations assume an infinite number of 1s on the left for negative numbers (2s compliment) e.g., ~-1 == 0 (-1 is an infinite number of 1s that are converted to 0 by ~ (invert) operator )."

You're playing with infinity - that's the secret - you're not playing with 1s and 0s...

"Abstract: This article presents a spectrum of 4-D global portraits of a diversity of zeta and L-functions, using currently devised numerical methods and explores the implications of these functions in enriching the understanding of diverse areas in physics, from thermodynamics, and phase transitions, through quantum chaos to cosmology." - dhushara.com/DarkHeart/dynamic

I really distrust UFO spacemen from Venus no matter what nice things they say, because, they let their planet suffer runaway climate change and become a sulphuric acid hellhole, so either they didn't notice which means they are REALLY bad at housekeeping, or they don't have much useful to tell us other than "don't take our advice"

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The Effect of Time Variation in the Higgs Vacuum Expectation Value on the Cosmic Microwave Background - pdfs.semanticscholar.org/f73d/

On the noncommutative geometry of tilings - arxiv.org/pdf/1412.5442.pdf

NB: "Robinson had already observed that the substitution rule can be used to describe the set of Penrose tilings modulo isometry as the set of{0,1}-sequences without consecutive1’s"

PROJECTIVE HOMEOMORPHISMS - arxiv.org/pdf/1308.4250.pdf

(also uses digit sequences to represent a non-amenable group closely related to RG flow completions of QFTs to hyperbolic boundary CFTs)

Email to Peter Rowlands (whose amazing work the nilpotent Dirac algebra formulation of physics is well worth checking) about possible connections with Atiyah's recent claims on the fine-structure constant and Riemann hypothesis.

I'm now running my own Mastodon instance to ensure decentralization.

If you're still interested in what I'm saying consider following me here πŸ‘‰mastodon.naii.io/@naii

Thanks @mastohost for making the domain setup a breeze :)

feeling kinda lazy, but also feeling like i should head over to Central Park to challenge the wretched mandarin duck to a fight. that duck needs to be taken down a notch

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