Due to the new data law initiated by India’s Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT-In) we are shutting down our servers in India, Mumbai.

This new law mandates all private VPNs, cloud service providers and other allied organizations to collect user data and store them for five years or more.

This law goes against our core values. We don't store or collect any data that could identify our customers and their online activity.

We are replacing nl-3 server with new nl-1. Update configuration files, if you used to connect directly through IP address.

Our team is preparing a new update and we want to get more insights from our readers.

Everyone can participate. Your feedback is vital and will help us build better product feedback.xeovo.com/index.php/8

We are having issues with our core system.

OpenVPN authentication is currently not working and generating new WireGuard keys is not possible.

Our team is working on the fix. Meanwhile you should switch to WireGuard, if you have already generated configuration files.


In the next 24 hours, we will replace fi-1 and fi-2 servers in Finland. Remember to update IP, if you are using them to connect directly, instead of gateway domains.

We will post an update after the migration is done.

The new stealth proxies update is live. We also added three new locations. Read our blog post to learn more about new protocols.

🇨🇦 Canada, Montreal (VPN + stealth proxies)
🇷🇴 Romania, Bucharest (VPN + stealth proxies)
🇰🇷 South Korea, Seoul (Only stealth proxies)


Today we’re publishing our annual transparency report for 2021. This report includes legal requests and outlining how we respond to them.


Learn more about the Chinese Great Firewall, how it was built and how it impacts free internet today. In this post, we include information regarding our big upcoming update.


Starting on the 1st of September, we are moving from USD to EUR based pricing for all our plans.


It's time to double-check your BitTorrent client's settings and ensure what you won't leak your IP while using a VPN!


[2] After this incident, we took measures and changed the default port to 51820 then generating new configuration files.

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[1] Our customers from Russia report that WireGuard with port 53 suddenly stopped working on a mobile network. At this moment only with two operators MegaFon and Yota.

There are two possible scenarios:

1. Technical issues on MegaFon and Yota side
2. The Russian government is trying to block access to VPN

Either way, other ports (51820, 80, and 443) are working normally. We recommend our customers generate new configuration files with another port.

Our new update is here!

+ Two new locations 🇬🇧 London and 🇵🇱 Warsaw
+ New automated status page of our infrastructure
+ Load on each location


Today we’re publishing our annual transparency report for 2020. This report includes legal requests and outlining how we respond to them.


Just a reminder that we have zero trackers on our website.

We believe that any privacy-focused company should not use any 3rd party analytics.

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