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Xilats Dert @xilatsdert@mastodon.social

It looks like we may have an eight hour stream on saturday....

Hey, let's take apart some games, hmm?

Changing things up a bit: patreon.com/posts/15468878

Vote for four topics!

Seriously. I'm not asking for charity. I stream. I use the stuff I learned how to do in college as part of my degree to take games apart. Do you want an eight hour game marathon?

What do you want to see in it?

Lost my severance package.
Have impending bills.
Waiting on jobs to get back to me.

I. Need. A. Little. Help.

Support me via Kofi!: ko-fi.com/xilats

Support me via stream:

Support me via Patreon:

Anything you can do to help me stay in college is great!

So! I have a stream. In this stream we talk about game design and development and watch me get distracted while playing games.
Wanna join the conversation?

Go here to see the stream and schedule:

Spread the word. Support the stream! Help me get through college!

does anyone have any good recommendations for self care books?

Salt And Sanctuary Stream Broadcasting now: twitch.tv/xilats

We be designing a game while we play!

Beaten, but not broken.
The crit train merely needs a spark to start again!
STREAM: twitch.tv/xilats

The stream is over. The crit train has stopped for the night.

Oh, did you miss it?
Then view it here. twitch.tv/videos/181495308

Is that an oncoming crit train? Or the sound of a weeping coyote?
Find out on the @DarkestDungeon stream: twitch.tv/xilats

Man, I really need some kind of Linux desktop client for Mastodon and Twitter.

Halp plz?

Good hell. My cookie expired.

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But rather I should do good despite God.

So when I meet him, I can say I did my good deeds because I wanted to be good.

I have a little idea. Do I want to go to heaven, and have to tell God that I did things because I was scared of him? All of good deeds in FEAR of god?

Maybe I should live my life not in fear of God,.

He gains money, he gains prestige, all to found a kingdom to rule over forever.

Man. I want to make a Pathfinder fighter with the lawful evil alignment: An honor bound dictator in making who is so convinced of the fallability of everyone, everything, save for the system of control he has created.

It all comes down to a race to get these servers as a decentralized, modular network with a satellite backbone.