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Xilats Dert @xilatsdert

Made a dry rub of paprika, salt, pepper, oregano, basil, and thyme for some chicken.

I need to setup a server for email and start getting off the google shit.

Feeling like meals are Russian roulette is getting old fast.

Ugh. What is a high acid food?!

I feel so tired after last night. I feel hung over, and I can't have any of the left over pizza from last night so hungry.

I'm up. I feel horrible. This week sucks.

Just wanna be in a plush suit. T.T

Might be a good time to get my white hat cert.

....I need to update my linkedin and resume.

Gonna...need to process this.

Got an email saying my job is in the process of being terminated. At the latest, on November, I am out of work.

Found some commodore parts in my grandparents basement!

Just had to take a $1000 loan from my grandparents. Damn it. I really should learn how to do bug bounties.

Debating coding a twitter tf weapon...

Nothing like actually using an expense tracker to make you realize how much you waste on food.