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Xilats Dert @xilatsdert

@Gargron Someone tripped on the Blackhat's cable -> xkcd.com/908/

So, hey! I just wrote a blog post on Dungeon Master Player Characters! Comments would be appreciated!


Nothing is as great as being an incompetant coder, and your teammate has to carry you. >.>;

Data Structures and Algorithms. That class was a head trip. You start to touch on the thing that makes code absolutely beautiful - An organized elegant solution that you can explain clearly in person and in comments.
When we got to Binary Search Trees, I was floored.

It seemed so complicated, but it made such perfect sense.

That's when I knew for sure I wasn't crazy for going back to college for my CS degree.

I felt like myself for the first time in a while.


Don't get me wrong. I.T. is pretty amazing. It's where ideas are put to the test. It's half planning, a quarter reaction, and a quarter flying by the seat of your pants.

At least when you work on servers, deploy software, schedule backups. Things that are nitty gritty and you put together.
I was outsourced tech support.

I got yelled at by a boss, India, and the United States.

I pushed buttons without really using my certs.

I was fucking naive.

I started programming seriously after my breakdown. I got into a major with the goal of getting into a CS major with an emphasis in game development.
I went into I.T. expecting to put together larger systems. Building something.

Really, you go into I.T. just to get yelled at because of something out of your control.

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@Skirmisher WHOA! Nice, I'll have to remember that trick! Thanks boss!

@Skirmisher Whoa, what did you push to a memory card that was ~30 GiB?

@Kyna It took a while. The followback rake had stopped working. o.o;


There we go. Icon fixed! :D

Hoooly cow. I keep forgetting to MAKE THIS PRIMARY.

I really should post a picture of my workspace.now.

I REALLY need to use this more. It's so much nicer!


@Kyna "All I'm saying is that a modular system is better than a unified, pretty looking piece! OW! NO! NOT MY NOSE!"

That's a cyberpunk sentence right there. "Hey, I'll just upload my avatar to cyberspace on a F/OSS social network and grok the words of my homies."