Okay, I need to redo the my sleep schedule and relaxation habits. This is the second day in a row I've slept through a class.

If you've followed me for this know, you know damn well what my favorite game series is - and what sort of vector artist would I be if I wasn't heinously self-indulgent with my projects...

SO BEHOLD. (Almost) EVERY KIRBY COPY ABILITY for your viewing pleasure!

Greeaaattt. My brain is running through all the plan devices I have in my brain, from /dev/sda to /dev/sdzz . I'm panicking about getting dropped from the CS program, which also means the termination of my job.

Anyone have any experience with getting jobs without a programming degree? Freelancing? Sadness?

I may, or may not, be fomenting the idea of a modular, easily repaired phone that is flashable with a custom rom. There's money there. A phone that you can upgrade or pay cheaply to have someone upgrade and reduce the tech waste you put out.

Ah yes, nothing like being unable to afford to eat because you had to nuke your savings.

How many of you tooters have a job in Programming but not a CS degree?
Asking for my friend who is my cripplingly depressed self.

Gaaaahh I want a rooted unlocked phone so bad. Stupid Samsung and Verizon. 😥

...but i think for once in my life...The fire to not give in burns brightest.

This is my last shot down this road.
And Im going to make it worth feeling a little aense of peace if I do fail.

I have a migraine and my hands wont stop shaking. I am not doing well this semester.

I hate myself for not being great at the things I want.

I just make so much harder for myself because I thought I could be better.

...hmm. In a world where tf is a thing, the penalty for the highest crimes is a Peppa Pig tf...?

That moment when you hear a CS student answer the question "What does GDB stand for?" and another respond, in all seriousness, with "Well, it's made by google, so..."

I will never underestimate the power of paper in debugging. @.@ Hell of a lot easier than Console Debugging.

....I need a better Sunday plan. Second sunday I have been late to work.

...wait. The fuck? Did...did I just develop furry pride again?

...fuck it. Im going to be a little more openly furry. I need some understated swag like pins.

Urge. To make. Better Youtube run by humans. Rising.

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Anndddd now Im shaky as hell. What was IN those wings?!

I seriously dont remember. All I remember is eating wings and now Im in a bathroom.

Like...what happened?

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