Repeat after me, Xilats. You do -not- need a new laptop.
You just need a mouse and maybe a 1TB SSD if you feel like being fancy.

Well. first day of senior year. Let's kick its ass

D: D:
I just fixed my trackpad by scrubbing it clean after 4+ years of use.

Holy shit, I need to brillo pad my hands now.

My mom got a new couch, and I may have accidentally power napped for 4 hours on it. >.>;

Okay, I got my boot key done, and got a password manager. yaayyy

Congratulations on your new digital prosthetic body! Please note that under the subtly marked panels are ports for adapters to help adjust your body to match your mental shape!

Ah, yes. Unable to fall asleep after taking my dog out to go potty. Of course.

Goddamn Air Pistols are friggin awesome.
I wonder if I could get someone to paint it like the Ace of Spades....

Hey Mastodon! It's my birthday, and as such, I am Lord Of the Universe.
As such, I demand that you help a friend of mine out. They got smashed with a debt, and are in need of help. You can chip in at their Kofi, , or send them a message on Discord to inquire about a KICKASS comission at Jo Nukichi#8465 . Here's some examples of stuff they did for me!

....annndd today I discovered that norwegian symphonic metal reggae exists.

Well, 8 minute meditation for the first time in a long long time. It was pretty nice. I found a comfy seating position.

But! Now I know why I am forever short of cash!

Holy SHIT there is nothing quite like discovering that you dropped an unhealthy amount of money on food, and it was just payday. @.@

I decided to try gallery-dl on a DA page today.

Oh god yeessssss.

Gah, I need to practice more Emacs at work during chats. I wanna git gud! :o

Seriously. I'm up just to talk! Feel free to poke me on Mastodon! :D

This weekend - build a public/private key pair, and generate keyfiles for unlocking my disks on boot instead of entering passwords, but keeping a backup password option as well. :D

Nothing like sending the first draft of a design doc for a game to a friend for review.

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