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@privacyint please stop posting privacy-invading link shorteners.

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I just want you guys to know that the multiple *years* I've had my music on Spotify and iTunes have still made me less money than the first two weeks of the same albums on Bandcamp.

Please support artists directly if you can.

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don't trust projects that tout decentralization and then tell you to join their discord or telegram group.

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Seriously, the Chrome team just landed a patch that lets sites block "View Source" _right in the middle_ of the Chrome Dev Summit.



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@nvk some slaves don't want to be free, they just want better masters.


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¿Por que carajo usan Matrix existiendo xmpp? No me lo explico.

Matrix fue desarrollado por una empresa israelí (red flag) con historia de contratos de inteligencia (fire red flag) y se descubrió que, a pesar de ser descentralizado, una cantidad enorme de datos fluye desde todos los servidores hasta el servidor de matrix.org (atomic red flag).

Lo único a su favor que tiende Matrix es la propaganda, lo cual también es una red flag ¿quien pagaría la propaganda de un servicio libre que por definición no da ganancias?

Usen xmpp, con una cuenta en disroot.org, libranet.de, snopyta.org, etc, y con la aplicación Conversations, Blabbler o Xabber. O de última usen Quicksy.

Dejar WhatsApp para irse a Telegram, Signal o Matrix es cambiar Guatemala por Guatepeor.

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Dear @exodus community,

As your saw, seen now 5 days, submission of new applications on the platform is disabled.

In fact Google reject all our download APK download request.
We change the password of our accounts, we made several Google verification but nothing seems to work more than one hour.

We are looking for a solution or a workaround, but as you know we are all volunteers and our free time is not expandable to infinite. We need to take care of us, our family and friends.

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Cease and desist from Facebook to Barinsta, a FOSS Instagram client


At approximately 21:33 UTC July 26 2021, I have been hit with a cease & desist letter from a law firm repsenting Facebook. The letter was sent to one of my personal email address as well as Barinsta's public inbox (and as a result, it is published). In response, the source code has been taken down, and all promotional materials within my control has been adjusted to reflect the fact.

While I believe it is nearly impossible to fight a resourceful multinational firm and reinstate the app, we will still try to get as much resources as we could to navigate in this crisis.

At this dire moment, I ask you to do 1 thing: Please let others know what is happening here. Such bullying behaviour against a young university student is in no way excusable. Such bullying behaviour against many internet users is in no way excusable.

It has been an honour of a lifetime to serve as one of the main contributors of Barinsta. I am forever grateful for the countless supporters along the way.

Thank you & Best Regards,

Austin Huang austinhuang.me


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Este CANDADO "comunitario" de un garaje se desbloquea así que se abra uno solo y cualquiera de sus candados individuales.
(Miradlo con cuidado.)
Matemáticamente es un ENLACE BRUNIANO.

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se trata sobre mensajería y presencia.
() es un DAG replicante que tiene un nicho en la mensajería mientras los inversionistas le inyectan dinero con la esperanza de que se convierta en el nuevo .

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Can we please stop using Discord for Free software and open source projects, thanks!

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Dossier Desobediencia Cibernética

Desde la declaración de la pandemia y las consecuentes cuarentenas declaradas por los estados se han legitimado rápidamente las medidas de control cibernético. Estas posibilidades tecnocráticas ya existían, estaban allí, esperando la oportunidad para ser puestas en marcha.

Enviá un artículo: desobediencia.partidopirata.co

Leer el dossier: desobediencia.partidopirata.co

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