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Julien Deswaef @xuv@mastodon.social

Le beau site pour avoir des beaux fond d'écrans minimalistes de qualité <3 wallpapers.strv.com/

@frankiezafe est en train de streamer un cours de en direct, pour ceux que ça intéresse: twitch.tv/frankiezafe?ignore_q

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Trying on atm the video chat with @frankiezafe
Riot is an amazing tool for teams. Really suggest everyone to move away from or other similar proprietary tools.

@xuv @aparrish I would say one that serves the needs of a reasonably large group of people and that has a successful strategy for economic self-preservation.

Unpopular opinion: the fact that Mastodon needs some explaining for new users to understand it is actually great and should not be "fixed".

It's a free and easy subject to engage a conversation between strangers, and a good way to demonstrate Mastodon greatest power: shout into the void asking for help, there's a good chance someone will actually answer.

Excellent video essay

Tweet from Sterling Crispin (@sterlingcrispin), at Nov 17, 22:32 - Great critique of Cory Archangels fundamentally misleading origin story of "super mario clouds" t.co/fS9OmW9d6n there's a place in the (art) world for poetry and bending of truth but as the saying goes "don't piss in my face and tell me it's raining"


40% of the population of does not have access to the Internet. So a group of people started building the infrastructure themselves.


The pressure to perform on social media is a real thing, and it's really messed up. The thing I will miss least about Twitter is my own tendency to become this kind of hyper-sanitized, bland, cheery, focus-group-tested version of myself. A brand, basically.

I took a screenshot of my Twitter profile for posterity. So long, birdsite! toot.cafe/media/UpriqHfpvqTkJF

I admit that the thing I'll miss most about Twitter is the built-in audience that comes from having a certain follower count in a certain network. I could be reasonable sure that any post I wrote about JavaScript would get at least a dozen or so retweets. ~75% of my blog hits would come from Twitter.

Then again, that fact kinda stifled my creativity. Every time I wrote a post, I would worry and worry about whether I had made a mistake, because I knew it would get automatic attention.

Sweet. Finally an alternative to the all too common

Tweet from Mikko Hypponen (@mikko), at Nov 17, 07:03 - We're happy to be part of Quad9. Set your DNS to t.co/czgFlHyO3e


Boston Dynamics is close to delivering the break dancing robots I never knew I always wanted.

What a wonderful time to be alive (for two or three years before ultimately they adapt this tech into weaponized murderbots)!

I think I'm going to start a weed delivery business card collection. This one describes a particular interesting modus operandi.


As @xuv also boosted my Darktable II image from LGM 2014, here he is at the social event as well (and being very gracious when some idiot with a giant beauty dish gets all up in your face).


"encreLibre is a small press, working toward simplifying the process of book creation and online publication while using an toolchain." encrelibre.com/