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Julien Deswaef @xuv@mastodon.social

I don't understand these digital design agencies that win awards for big client websites they produce but that use for their own communication. ?


A Facebook group for quitting Facebook

An app for reminding you to spend less time on your phone

A Medium post about how everything should be decentralized

There is a Critical Cartography Brussels, aka Carto Club, is a forum space and mailinglist of an informal group of persons interested in opening the way and the aesthetic of mapping.

Some devs in my team drink this...

Ok, Smart.be qui sponsorise un evenement a NY. J'ai pas tout compris la. platform.coop/2017

And that's how a squirrel-proof bird feeder works

Could you make it as an driver? A well made based on real info and reports collected from drivers. Get in the driver seat: ig.ft.com/uber-game

OMG. Daniel Lara (Pepeland) will direct the next . This is awesome news. Daniel is a master at . cloud.blender.org/p/hero/blog/

Since I joined Mastodon I discovered that there are just days where I can’t stand social media, where I just need to abstain.

The thing is: here this is okay. On Twitter it never was.

And I love each and every user on this network for it.

Thank you ❤️

El Wikipedia e walon. El eciclopedeye k' est scrîte coperativmint.

366 days ago, @Gargron announced the birth of to the world with this post on : news.ycombinator.com/item?id=1

You have to go back 500 days to find another post on that mentioned a Mastodon: "Humans and Mastodons Coexisted in Florida, New Evidence Shows": nytimes.com/2016/05/14/science

I wonder if this is related? 🤔