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Julien Deswaef @xuv

This is something to keep on the radar..e RT @podehaye: I have just asked Slack for access to my personal data, under Privacy Shield t.co/7SZoNmqgMw

Ca laisse rêveur : tu demandes à Google "why we should own our data" et il te corrige en "why we should own YOUR data"(sur Google.com et Google.fr) framapiaf.org/media/J80v7L_Ws9 framapiaf.org/media/P7qQ-a-Sng

Actually, someone already made the version of this . It's called holokit.io/

@frankiezafe Ce qui pratiquement le cas de tout VR headset...

.@nytimes uses tools such as @kaltura in their publishing pipeline + contributes code back to @amarasubs for captioning

.@jwplayer logs 6 Terabytes of data per day, gathered from their video player usage across their different clients.

Sorry. Correcting that last message about @nytimes. Got things mixed up.

"Australia on Friday proposed new laws to compel companies such as U.S. social media giant  and device manufacturer  to provide security agencies access to encrypted messages."

@tuxicoman Non, j'ai un lecteur de flux. Merci.

RT @wmmna: For my friends in Belgium who complain about 'ce pays de merde': BE among most committed to reducing inequality t.co/DgzyjsiU9q

RT @jcfierens: This Farm uses no soil and 95% less water t.co/q1PIDqH4LP

A great piece by Paolo Pedercini on . (CW: there is some crude images and opinions in this. Some ) molleindustria.org/StrangerPla