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puts 1.5bn users on a boat from Ireland to California • The Register - theregister.co.uk/2018/04/19/f

Make no mistake, the most important line in this article is: "It claims there is no tax implication to the move."

Hey , just wanted to inform you that some from weise7.org/ just landed . You might want to welcome them: @JulianOliver & @danjavasiliev

In my madness for mean averaging videos a while back, I remembered that I had collected all of the James Bond opening sequences with the gun barrel view.

Here's what they all look like mean-averaged together. :)

I've also included what each of the individual films openings look like as well.


Ok folks, @320x200 is in da house. And he is bringing a lot of lurkers with him post.lurk.org 😉
I count on the community to give them a warm welcome.

1. Load a location in street view
2. Unplug from the net
3. Move around

LB: I've switched to #forkawesome in my main free software project, and it's really neat!

(I switched because Fontawesome 5 looks very very meh unless you use the Pro part. I've got the Kickstarter license for that, but as you can't use it in free software … yeah.)

I just learned about #ForkAwesome. Coolest thing about it? Icons for our stuff!


There's an icon for #ActivityPub, the #InternetArchive, #Mastodon, #PeerTube, #XMPP (!!), and even #scuttlebutt!

If I have to use an icon font, it will probably be ForkAwesome, unless I can honestly convince folks to not use them. I will try really hard!

A Slashdot is complaining about news bots filling up with poorly made automated videos.

Dude, you have no idea what's coming.


This is a tough one, but somehow a nice example of some social media dynamics. If you are into Free/Libre software, respect of privacy and alternative solutions, your audience is probably where those things matter. Here is an example with @fdroidorg todon.nl/@paulfree14/998589141

Introducing FOSDEMx - fosdem.org/2018/news/2018-04-1

> FOSDEMx is a small scale spin-off of FOSDEM, combining a workshop track geared towards students and anyone interested in the topic, with a main track for a broader audience.

#FOSDEMx #FOSDEM #belgique #floss

Pendant un temps infini on a dit au graphiste en chef d’utiliser un contrôle de version comme git, et il nous a regardé de haut. Il stocke tout son travail sur un disque dur externe. Qui a cramé.
Joie simple et malsaine. (contexte : il et relou)