*slaps roof of random GitHub issue tracker*
This bad boy can fit so much hostility.
:flan_sad: :flan_tired:

this thing is a Kiosk K67 a super cute mass produced modular kiosk from yugoslavia to be used for small businesses and stuff, heres some more of them converted for different purposes

new, completely 🔆solar-powered🔆 website for Low-Tech Magazine!!


"How to Build a Low-tech Website?"

"Our new blog is designed to radically reduce the energy use associated with accessing our content."


We've posted the Radical Networks 2018 program + list of participants! radicalnetworks.org/program/

More additions are coming this week.

Get your tickets here: eventbrite.com/e/radical-netwo

RN is happening 19-21, October at Spektrum in Berlin. See you there!

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Ok, is coming soon. Last year, I barely made past a week. But this year I look forward to have some friends join the party. Might motivate me to do better. Who's up?

Just discovered via this page github.com/ForkAwesome/Fork-Aw that is powering 34 projects on .

Now I think I'm going to sweat next time we release an update.

We've also passed the 2M hit per month on the CDN. An that's crazy.

Can you believe it? I've finally put icons in use in my blog template. Basically, the whole reason I started this project 6 months ago. Glad it's finally there. p.xuv.be/

Free public transport launched successfully in Dunkirk - "And the initiative has already shown great success: bus journeys have increased by 50 % since the launch."

The B in Benoit B Mandelbrot stands for Benoit B Mandelbrot.

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Bon je crois que maintenant on peut mourir tranquilles: Ils ont inventé le Rubik's Cube qui se résout tout seul.


twot, verb: past tense of "toot". uncommon.

Présenter pratiquement le protocole Bonjour aux élèves pour qu'ils puissent chatter comme dans une entreprise, fait ! Ils ont utiliser Pidgin !

Pas besoin de serveur pour chatter 😋

My workplace is running a “mindfulness workshop” to help us deal with “stress and anxiety” and to help “improve productivity”, and achieve “a good work-life balance”.

I really really want to reply and ask if the workshop deals with how everyone is a casual/contract employee with constantly increasing workload and performance metrics and constant demands to be engaged 24/7 in an education sector increasingly under attack, but I look like a dickhead when I’m mad.

I'm in this italian restaurant and the owner obviously does not know how to spell wines.

'Demolishing Buenos Aires' Bot. Before-and-After images (in a thread) of old->new buildings in BA, Argentina. Demolish this for that?
Foto: 7/2008. Terreno de 333 m² (9,31 m x 35,77 m). Larralde, Crisologo Av. 2475, Saavedra.

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