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Julien Deswaef @xuv@mastodon.social

The logo contest is now closed, and the winning logo has been chosen. Thank you to all the participants!

More information here: github.com/dansup/pixelfed/iss

Je découvre via @gfrenoy une nouvelle instance belge au joli nom de babelut.be/

cc: @natacha @Olm_e

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Does anyone know how much tulip bulbs are in bitcoin these days?

I put on a tie as I was getting ready for work yesterday. My dogs thought a giant was coming to take me for a walk.

Hey les amis Bruxellois, vous avez entendu parlé de influencair.be/ ? Je pense à ceux dans des assos. Ca vaut le coup de participer, non?

I apologize to the people I follow . I tend to spend time in you timelines and boost posts a series of posts from a few days ago. I'm not trying to be spammy with mentions. I just like what you post here so I open one profile at a time and just start reading...

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The most beautiful code I have ever see. It modifies itself to spin a world globe: aem1k.com/world/

Woo! Talk accepted at DebConf! If you come to Hsinchu in July, we can talk about refactoring how fonts are packaged on Linux systems, and all the flexibility we could gain for application developers and end users if we restructure a few things. See you there!

Now, with a little more distance, I think the thing that bugged me about all the overnight "let's move our projects off of GitHub" reactions that occurred after Microsoft purchased the company is the fact that none of those people were shouting "let's move our projects off of GitHub" the day before the announcement. And that suggests that they misidentified what the actual problem is.

Anyone knows if it's possible in to filter out / block posts based on keywords or hashtags? Thx.

In , a twitter troll has been convicted for harassing a woman. This is great news. We need more of those.

It's also the site of a good Google Maps glitch: it mapped mid-demolition photographs onto a pre-demolition building shape and labeled it with post-demolition business names