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Julien Deswaef @xuv

Roh woaw, le quatuor à cordes qui joue le thème de Game of Thrones dans la station de metro de la ligne 6 à la 28ième rue, de bon matin, ça fout des frissons. #NYC

Aujourd'hui je voudrais rendre hommage aux victimes d'un crime odieux perpétré par les franquistes espagnols.

En effet, il y a 80 ans, le 26 avril 1937, les franquistes, aidés des fascistes italiens et des nazis, bombardaient les civils basques à Guernica.

Premier bombardement massif de civils, d'autres suivront jusqu'à aujourd’hui. Des milliers de morts.

La plupart des gens ici connaissent l’événement grâce à la célèbre toile de Picasso.

Au pays basque, ni oubli ni pardon.


@cphuntington97 indeed that's a nice feature I still need to try to use.

@zatnosk thanks for this detailed explanation. The "echo chamber" comment was a joke or tongue in cheek moment, if I can say it like this. I do not think people hosting their own instance are engaging nor are not councious of this.

@Fiona then I realize I don't really understand how federated timeline works :) I thought it was the public toots from anyone but that is at least followed by someone on your own instance.

@saper ah. Ok. Nice to know

To all the people that run their own #Mastodon instance with only one account, that means your account timeline is the same as your local timeline and federated timeline, amirite?

Talk about an echo chamber ;)

Shouldn't you at least invite your mother, neighbour or random stranger on it?

@bayartb L'éternel septembre est toujours d'actualité. J'ai vu passer des messages avec le tag #tootiquette ou #pouetiquette. C'est peut-être le moment de ré-essayer cette approche? Ça peut pas faire pire.

@sebsauvage wohaaa. T'es le vrai Seb Sauvage? Moulé à la louche depuis 1999? T'ain, si c'est vraiment toi, c'est coule de te voir ici et de te dire en face tout le respect que j'ai pour ton taf.

Hi mastoes, I am looking for a EN <> FR translator and corrector for small missions. Better if s-he accepts bitcoin payments!

Vu de Twitter, Mastodon ressemble un peu à la contre-soirée qui s'improvise dans la cuisine… obligé je m'incruste. (Où est le fromage ?)

@ossington now that I think of it, shouldn't we say "the too ivory rush" instead? ☺

@ossington haha. Indeed. That was like a month ago. Around april 1st. 😂

@ossington toot.me is also taken 😢 by some weird german packaging company. I imagine them looking at their analytics now and wondering where all these visits come from. :)

@raphaelbastide Inertia is the biggest force in this universe. Some are more influenced by it than others. We'll get there. )

Hearing this being played at @resonate_io #Belgrade during the introduction of Bogomir Doringer's talk captures your attention and sends a chill vibe into your bones. youtu.be/T3QHOpjWhF0

Bogomir says they were partying to electronic music during the bombing as a way to protest against the whole war and political discourse of that time.


To the clovis people on the #birdsite, pin your #Mastodon profile link on top of your bird profile. It helps others find where you are now. 🐘