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Preparate y agendalo porque este 1 y 2 de octubre vas a vivir de nuevo la experiencia más nerd de toda la región. Presencial en la ciudad de Buenos Aires y con stream.
Mark this in your calendar and get ready because october 1-2 in Buenos Aires you're going to live the nerdiest experience in the whole region! In person and with live stream. Remote entries welcome.

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Dear #demoscene friends! I have been anchordottet... ;)

The Demoscene #podcast "Zine" did a small episode with me right before easter. Thank you for this nice episode, Axel, Ziphoid, Shana and Lugooger of #zine and all the nice memories your brought back to me from the past... You made me remember all the weird stuff we did back in #8bit & #16bit days of 1980-2000 ;)


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