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Ok, people interested in #twinecollab, the #twine-centric equivalent to #musiccollab I proposed! Maybe follow the tag (twinecollab) for further updates? I kind of really want to do this now. 😊

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Do you have byte-sized attention? Struggle to write longer fiction but excel at sound bites? Love creating science fiction based on real science? You should write for us! Once again, submissions to the Story Seed Vault are open until the 24th January!

#MicroFiction #tootfic #smallstories

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We're at 24 sign-ups for the #MusicCollab and I'm happy to say that there are people from a lot of different genres and musical backgrounds! If you are a musician of any kind and want to collaborate with another musical internet stranger, here's the sign-up link again:

#music #mastomusic #creativetoots

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Zorro: I will never tell you my phone unlock pattern!
[Cop draws a Z]
Z: Damn you!

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if i owned an Indian restaurant, it'd be called naan sequitur since the cuttlefish has a complex nervous system with highly developed neural organs that allow them to learn and remember

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I like the #idea to put a "Re:" in front of a #CW, when you answer someone's CWd posts. :)

it makes a difference for me if a dear friend talkes about [feeling shit] or it they just answer someone who [feels shit]. (also whether i will open that CW)

so I will try it out that way :)

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I think I'm getting the cold my mom had.

Except my mom lives on another continent and I only see her through Skype.

How good are computer viruses these days?

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Dear mastodon, if you would b so good could you help me find again the post about how weird it would be if penguins were the only birds, the lone last dinosaurs. It was very good & I want to boost it. Thank you xoxo

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“Why isn’t the new year on winter solstice?”

The answer, honestly, is that the Romans had no fucking idea how to run a calendar.

Why does Steam have to update itself every flipping day?

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huge inspiration these days cont'd:

these are people whose blogs/pages I read last week and made me feel like there are also people like me who think that there's a way to fight for the public access to art for any and everyone.

Gween Seemel

Kathryn Rose @artsyhonker

Paul Stacey's essay in Made with Creative Commons book:

Eylul Dogruel @eylul

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If you don't want to miss the release date of the #MusicCollab (because toots come and go quickly), you can sign up to get an email:

I promise I don't spam 🐋
If you haven't heard about it yet, some of us mastodon musicians banded together to create music in randomly assigned pairs and the results will be released very soon!

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when i was a very small child, whenever i saw something made of wood, y'know with like, wood grain & knots in it, they would always look like dogs to me, and i would always point at said wooden object, and ask my parents: "Why are there dogs?"

You know I was saying that Tracktion is good? It just crashed and it turns out autosave is disabled by default, so I lost the evening's weird noise twiddling. Buttocks.

people, I never got around to posting you my Bandcamp link. It's for my solo electronic stuff - music there is 12 years old, but my math-surf band was a little more recent.

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Alright, I've closed the name poll for the #MusicCollab. The project will be called .....


A Whale's Lantern!

Thank you to everyone who voted!
🐋 🎼

status: I made a lot of good strange noises, and I'm not allowing myself to play any games before I've at least put them online for @luka to inspect.