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I've read something about laziness being an ableist concept, but this blog post develops and articulates the powerful thesis behind that.

"When I don’t use the word “lazy,” I am more likely to notice the actual causes of someone avoiding responsibilities, and I am less likely to spend lots of emotional energy seething about how they or I are/am a bad horrible person who deserves to be hated forever."


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Job opportunity - web dev, Glos. UK Show more

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accoustic chainsaw - $50

hit me up if ur interested

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personal, hottest take, likely to hurt people's feelings if they come in unprepared Show more

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a part of my latest album release is the source code.

It consists of a single file (and a folder with samples).

First part sends the so-called "synth definition" to SC server.

Second part consist of short blocks of code that each can instantiate a "Synth" on the server with specific parameters (like sample number, gain, frequency etc) that "plays" the music.

code & instructions:
(or kamizdat.si/rls/kam030/antigon)



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holy shit i just registered mastod.online

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oh shit keyword filters just dropped on masto social

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I've wanted to join Mastodon.art for a while! Here's a lil intro post?

I'm a 3D/2D artist, and I moonlight doing comic books. I like uuuuh... dogs. And drawing elves and stuff. :v

#introduction #creativetoots

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y'all we did it! good job!

if you want to keep helping, purevolume, a music sharing site, is hilariously in nearly the same situation, and has also announced it'll shut down Very Soon. You can just set your VM to work on the ArchiveTeams Choice project and it will start working on that.

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Have you ever experienced the chance meeting of a dried sunflower and an owl's skull in the meat-safe?

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Antigone/Child album IS OUT!
+ music video + source code.

More than an hour of symphonic minimalist drone music, a glitched music video, and GPL'd #SuperCollider source you can play with and build upon.

everything is here in a #Patreon post: patreon.com/posts/19779446

:cc_cc: :cc_by: :cc_sa:

boosts much appreciated

#ArtWithOpenSource #OpenSourceMusic #LinuxAudio #music #drone #glitch #ambient

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I wish people would just be so delightfully surreal.

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Hospital security: unsupervised & unlocked computers sitting in an open hallway. Screens showed names + medical data of patients... yuck 😷 t.co/zjsNYwSJmE

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OpenMW: an open-source re-implementaiton of The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind.

The developers ask help plan OpenMW’s future!

The project is almost ready to become version 1.0.

OpenMW’s project leader Zini, with feedback from the project’s most active contributors, has produced the first draft of an enormous design document detailing the next steps.

Check it out via the link.

--> openmw.org/2018/plan-openmws-f
#OpenMW #Morrowind #gaming #development #GitLab #Zini #Linux #OpenSource #FreeSoftware

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“I left Mastodon 27 days ago”


A follow-up to the post I wrote when I first left Mastodon, to see what’s changed since and what hasn’t.


Are they offering to look after your furries or furies? Or Fury's reptiles? :thinkhappy: :thounking:

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The first rule about #DailySketchChallenge is: you DO talk about #DailySketchChallenge. A lot. You boost it. You toot about it. There's one starting tomorrow! #Art #MastoArt

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Hi, I'm Jess.

I'm struggling financially. My Medication costs increased 3x.

If you can support me a little, I make lots of stuff!
Games: sudojess.itch.io
Music: sudojessmusic.bandcamp.com
Photos: 500px.com/sudojess

Or you can support me directly: