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@body @fireh9lly, I think you were looking for this.

If you type the Mozilla logo, "moz://a", into Firefox's URL bar, it takes you to the page about their logo design process. Nice Easter egg.

Energy drinks and milk are bad. Vegetables are good. Who said sourdough bread? That person is correct.

I don't toot much, but I read a lot here. I really value Mastodon for showing me the world from other viewpoints. So much of the web (like everything else) is dominated by straight white English-speaking men like me, and it's really boring. Thank you all, and keep being fabulous and colourful and strong and different. 🍍

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@cassolotl So now the classic Birdsite response "DELETE YOUR ACCOUNT" is available to us too. Everybody be nice.

@chr So the plural of MC should really be MsC, but you'd choose MC's over MCs? I think that just makes it more ambiguous, because it looks like either a possessive or an elided "is", and not a plural. Have you got an example where it works?

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is there a name for 'doo doo doo doo doodleyDOO... BOM' endings in songs? musicologists? TV Tropes?

@viciousviscosity For a British example, you realise how old HHGTG is when Ford Prefect pays for 12 pints of bitter and some peanuts with £5 and says "keep the change".

@fireh9lly Done. I think the 70s are finally cool, you know.

@weid Just saw this in my email. Sad - though I never really used , it looked nice. There isn't much space for monolithic social sites any more; no easy way to monetize them.

@starkatt @AmyDentata The base building seemed tacked-on and pointless in NMS. It had a conceptual purity when it was all about the journey. You couldn't hoard stuff, or build bases, you just had to keep moving on towards an impossible goal. If I were in charge, I'd have kept that feel, just improving the variety of the locations and adding some social features. And giant sauropods, naturally.

I played through Kentucky Route Zero over the last week. Really enjoyable, more an interactive story than a game. Like a cross between Lake Wobegon and House of Leaves, if that makes sense to anyone. Still available in the Humble Bundle for another day.

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@Inskora Is it the bear's jaw action? That's quite freaky.