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hey guys im izzy im 19!
i like minecraft, computers, music, and girls! follow me for the worst fucking content you've seen in your life!

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if you like lemon demon / glass animals, u should give everything everything a listen!! they have that weird vibe too !! here's a playlist of my favs by them:

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berries isn't dead yall i just ate em. you'll get em back in uuuuuuhhh [checks watch] a few hours

PLEASe tell me how to mention all my followers im moving to berries !

hgbgb ill move to berries i guess cuz i wanted to do it a while ago before this all started happening. ill set it up later, life has been Hectic. i already made an acc a while ago @howdy

wait why are we leaving social I've been having family emergency shit going on ecks dee

CHECK ur makeup products for talc!

it's especially common in powdered products (blush, eyeshadow, powder)! it could contain asbestos, so it's best to stay away from all talc products!

im really disgusted about this whole baby powder thing hooooly shit

with the johnson & johnsons asbestos bullshit are we gonna get the fucking mesothelioma commercials again

i recognize a lesbian flag design when i see it bc they're all similar! many flags are fun!

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my hot take is that we don't need to decide on One lesbian flag bc they are almost all designed similarly (7 stripes w lighter stripe in the middle)

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new lesbian flag design is just a picture of my face


"smol pupper" is OUT. "liddol creacher" is IN.

boost if you are just a littol creachur........ U cannot change this

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